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Extracts of text from KP Reader II, Fundamental Principles

of Astrology, by Sothida Mannan, Jyothish Marthand Prof.

late K.S Krishnamurti .
Difficult Questions Answered !
Please note that nearly 99 % of the text is taken as it is. At some
places, a group of sentences is moved or edited (without
changing the meaning) to suit the questions. The composition of
the questions is done by me.
Compiled by : Vishram Deshpande
Is astrology a science?
Astrology is a Science. Birth and Death, pleasure or pain, gain or loss, health
and wealth are all enjoyed or experienced according to the divine plan. The
only scientific and correct method of knowing the Divine plan is by applying
the principles of Astrology.
Is there any limitation to astrology?
For every science, there is a limitation. That is why researches are being
made to improve the existing ones and to supplement also. Efforts are being
made to near perfection.
Say people suffering from Typhoid are admitted in a hospital; to all of them
widal test was positive. The doctor administers mostly the same medicine.
Say, one aged 24 and the other30 die, the third had a relapse whereas
others recovered. What do you say? Doctor same - science same - disease
same- medicine same.
Is it possible to know from a birth chart whether it belongs
to a boy or a girl?
No. Predictions in natal charts are given taking the moment of birth. This
moment is never changeable. It is only one moment. Suppose a boy is born.
He, after some time becomes female. How can one say from the chart it
belongs to a boy or a girl, as the moment of birth and hence the horoscope
remains the same?
What is meaning of astrology?
The true meaning of Astrology is the "message of stars. BY using the salient
principles of astrology depending on position of the planets ascertained
astronomically one can forecast events for the benefit of all and as such it is
a useful science for interpreting nature.
The whole world is running according to a well defined plan. Nothing
happens by chance. Astrology does not permit to classify anything as an
accident, as it explains the cause and effect of events. The divine plan is well
arranged. It is timed with amazing precision.
Why many astrologers fail consistently?
How do you classify them as Astrologers ? Because they know the spelling of
Sun and Moon; or, they continue to call themselves as old, veteran
Astrologers, in spite of their miserable failures? If you approach such people,
you will lose faith and you will call it as pseudo science.
If one wants to become a good astrologer, in addition to astrological studies,
must have knowledge of astronomy. He must be good in maths. He must
have good vocabulary & must be blessed by God with helping intuition
How old is astrology?
The history of astrology begins with creation itself. Sage Garga says that the
science was propounded by the Creator Himself and that Brahma handed it
down to him at the time of creation. From Garga, other sages got it and it
got was spread all over. It appears to be co-evolved with that of the Earth.
Why should we take help of astrology?
It is observed that every person has his or her share of trials and tribulations
in life. If there is assuredly on science that lifts the load off your mind and
enables you to face the future with confidence and hope, it is Astrology.
The knowledge of the future prompts one to render help to those who are in
need, banish evil thoughts from the mind and make efforts to lead a simple,
honest and bias life. The saying "Do your duty with sincerity and leave the
result to god holds out a more forceful appeal. Astrology proves that
success or failure depends on our previous Karma, sufferings are due to sins
committed previously and this thought helps us to be good to society,
repeatedly saying "It is probably because of some sin committed by me
previous birth I suffer now, let me not do harm in this life at least to
Can we change our future by making external efforts?
No. The science of astrology alone explains why everyone has some worry or
other and also why there are so much of inequalities in life and offers mental
solace. The fundamental basis of astrology is Karma and re-incarnation.
The whole world is a huge theatre. The cinema of life goes on forever. Every
individual is an actor. The past, the present and the future are already fixed
in the role of the films. The future will be shown in the same order without
any alterations and we enjoy or suffer as time passes on without any
modifications. The role of film is already taken according to the Karma done
by us in the previous birth and the story is the result in this birth and it
cannot be changed.
Can the things happen by chance or by accident?
No. Under the law of Karma there is nothing as a chance or an accident. The
so called chances and accidents are really the products of some definite
causes which we may not be aware of beforehand. That which appears to be
accidental or providential to a non astrological mind is a natural and
inevitable incident to an astrologer. Hence, chances, luck of misfortune are
governed absolutely by law of Causation or Karma.
The science of astrology alone explains why everyone has some worry or
other and also why there is so much of inequalities in life and offers mental
solace. The fundamental basis of astrology is Karma and re-incarnation.
Is the God partial or unjust?
God is neither partial nor unjust and everything happens according to ones
action in the previous birth. Man is completely a puppet in the hands of
certain higher agencies. Karma and re-incarnation are like a seed growing
into a tree which bears fruits yielding seeds which in turn produce more
trees. The seed is the Karma. The growth of the tree is life.
What is Destiny?
Destiny is the inevitable and unavoidable occurrence of events in ones life
which is not under the control of person, but is directed by the Almighty
according to His Original Judgment, passed on the consideration of the
Karma done by the person in the previous birth, which is known only to His
Almighty. It can be predicted by a wise astrologer. The belief that one can
modify or nullify the results of Destiny by exercising his will is not correct.
Therefore one should be prepared for the worst in spite of all possible efforts
made to hoodwink Destiny.
One should not forget that Karma of the previous birth & Shanti or no Shanti
in this birth results is final Destiny which is the impartial judgment of the
God, which was already, once for all, decided at the timer of birth. This is
called as "that which is written on the head. God writes on the head only
once. He doesnt alter now & then, as & when a Shanti is done.
Can committing suicide bypass problems in our life?
No. One may try to commit suicide yet he will survive if this is not indicated
by his birth chart.
What can we say to God after getting punished even after
not doing any sin?
"Oh Lord! Nothing is in my hands, all happens according to your decree. In
this birth, to the best of my knowledge, I have not even dreamt of any evil
to anybody nor committed any sin at all. Even then, if I am punished now,
for no fault of mine, I realize & declare that this is only due to the Karma I
might have done in the previous birth
What is performing a Shanti?
A Shanti may be compared to taking prophylactic vaccine against cholera,
typhoid or having revaccination against small pox. Such a preventive
measure gives confidence & immunity.
God is merciful, yet He is all attentive to His duty in administering justice.
He is fully aware of the Karma which one has done in previous birth, the
Shanti or virtuous deed one will do in this birth & His impartial judgment is
the result which will enjoy. God knows what Shanti one will do, how far it
would mitigate & what the result would be.
Ones Destiny may force him to do Shanti & give complete protection by
removing the anticipated evil or only to an insignificant extent or it may
prevent one from performing any Shanti at all.
Is it correct to suggest any Shanti?
Yes, doing or not doing any Shanti is also indicated in the horoscope. The
variety of Shanti which one may be advised to do depends upon the planets
rule his time & also the nature of the results which the native desires to
What are the main types of Karma & how do they react on
doing a Shanti in this birth?
Karmas can be divided broadly into three kinds. 1) Dhruda Karma, 2)
Dhruda Adhruda Karma, 3) Adhruda Karma
By Dhruda Karma, it is meant that one has committed an inexcusable
mistake or crime in the previous birth, like murder, denying food and shelter
to the invalid old parents, cheating the minor brothers during partition,
denying the wages to the poor class of helpless servants, cheating gratitude
etc. Such malefactors, ungrateful children, dishonest brothers, mighty
masters and cheats may do any amount of Shanti they cannot ward off the
malefic results to the desired extent as the crime is serious and unpardoned
though the negligible extent, it will be reduced, as no action will go to waste
and every action has its own result.
Dhruda Karma people have to accept the punishment, undergo the trial and
patiently endure the penalty. In such cases, whether they pray to God or
they perform any Shanti, they should be consequences of the previous
Karma with practically no appreciable modification because of the Shanti
Dhruda Adhruda Karma means that one would have committed excusable
mistake in the previous birth. It is just like ignorant person having
purchased a ticket to Mumbai getting into Calcutta Mail. The inspector finds
out the mistake and points it to him. The passenger pleads ignorance and
prays for excuse. The examiner leaves him without any punishment. In such
persons horoscopes, either the Lagna or Moon or Dasanatha or Bhukthinatha
will receive favourable aspects from either Jupiter or Lord of 9 or both. Here
the crime committed is so simple that he can be excused on his humble
Adhruda Karma means that one would have committed a crime which may
be negligible. It might have ended only in evil thought. It is like one having
evil thought of stealing something but not committing the theft. In such
persons horoscope Guru or Lord of 9 will be in Lagna or conjoined with moon
or Dasanatha or Bhukthinatha. Such people will enjoy life though they do
not perform any Shanti, nor pay nor donate for good cause in this birth.
What is the relation between going to holy places & having
a good luck?
The native will have a good luck whether the native words off the evil by
such pilgrimage or not & also that the native will visit, to wipe off the malefic
effects & receive the blessings of God in shape of some good luck, whether
an astrologer advises or not.
Who can learn astrology ?
Following are the situations in birth charts which can make a good
astrologer. (edited without changing the meanings)
1 Moon & Satern in 1,3,9 or 10
2 Uranus has a special attraction to astrology. Success or failure depends on
the other aspects which Uranus receives.
3 Good aspects between Mercury Jupiter & Uranus can give good skill in
4 Mars good aspects with above can give argumentative faculty, the desire
to succeed in the material field.
5 Harmonious aspects between Mercury & Moon van make a good
6 Good aspects between Saturn & Mercury give concentration & depth of
7 Venus & Uranus conjoined together can give desire to learn astrology.
8 Good aspects to Jupiter from other planets allows one to pray God & can
have divine grace & intuition.
9 Moon in cancer & having good aspects with Saturn, Mercury or Uranus can
make a good astrologer.
10 Taking birth in the years Prabhava & Kalayukhthi makes a person
proficient in astrology.
11 Venus & Mercury together in 2
or 3
12 Mercury located in 1,4,5,7,9,10 or 11
13 Gemini Lagna & exalted Jupiter
14 Lord of 2
house having good strength.
There few more planetary situations not mentioned in KP Readers but are
found to be very much useful for becoming an astrologer.
1 Sun - Uranus conjunction or other good aspects.
2 Sun - Neptune good aspects.
3 Moon - Neptune good aspects
4 Moon - Neptune conjunction receiving good aspects from Mercury or
5 Moon - Uranus good aspects
6 Jupiter - Neptune good aspects & receiving good aspects from Mercury or