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Candidates from abroad for the principal subject drums jazz will be selected beforehand by means of a recording of three

pieces to be sent in by the candidate. The candidate is free in his choice of the pieces. If the candidate's playing on the recording does not match the required level, the candidate will not be invited to the entrance e amination. !.". !obody will be admitted on the basis of the recording only, and being invited to the entrance e am does not mean the candidate is admitted to the school. #uring the entrance e amination the candidate is tested for$ 1. Playing skill a. The committee will choose two pieces from three pieces prepared by the candidate in which the candidate shows the committee both command of the instrument and musical understanding, preferably in various styles such as jazz, latin or fusion. b. %laying & vue of a short little drum etude at the level of 'itchell %eters' Intermediate Snare Drum Studies no. 14. The committee reserves the right to interrupt the candidate's playing as according to the committee, he(she has supplied enough information )because of the limited time of *+ minutes,. Therefore it is important for the candidate to show his(her s-ills as quic-ly as possible$ not too many and(or too long solos of fellow players, no unnecessary repetitions. 2. Hearing, tempo/timing and reading skills This may consist of$ . playing by ear an un-nown, simple piece, without any previous information . playing of some rhythms at a given tempo )clic-trac-, . playing & vue of some rhythms for percussion. In these rhythms some rudiments have been incorporated. . playing a simple 'play along' of / bars, including written part The committee supplements the e amination with some e ercises which must show the candidate's s-ills which have not been sufficiently disclosed up till then. 3. Assessment The possibilities to follow a principal subject study will be discussed by the committee. Important issues for the assessment are$ 0. musicality and hearing 1. feeling for rhythm and tempo *. affinity with the instrument and the musical styles that are connected with this instrument but besides these also$ 2. technique and tone quality 3. reading of rhythms