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Internet Resources Prepared by: _____________________Matthew Lyell__________________________ Content Area: ______________________________________________ Social Studies Web Site URL http://www.classdojo.

com/ Site Name Class Dojo Description Significant Features Helps teachers improve the behaviour of Real Time behavior updates their students by givings students and parentsthat go to parents; live behaviour reports Simple data entry Provides teachers with technology training in Software training; Helping order to better help them teach their students meet common core standards; campus-wide tech support A physical and online library resource Help students with research Provides students and teachers with study guides to further their knowledge Best Use Teacher resource; Parent Resource; Student resource Teacher Resource not a good resource for parents or students Teacher and Student resource


Atomic Learning


Library of Congress


The Oyez Project

A database of on major consitutional cases Virrual reality tour of the heard by the supreme court, with multimedia Supreme Court Building; resources Authoritative source for recorded audio in Court Online games to help students further their Two online games: One based understanding of the American Revolution and on the American Revolution, the other based on the Civil War

Teacher and Student resource


Mission U.S.

Teacher and Student resource


American History Demographic Chart Book A demographic history of the U.S. dating back Maps, population growth to 1970 information, ethinicity, age, and education aof people across U.S. history History Pin Thought provoking pictures throughout history The Ablity to "Pin" pictures you designed to provoke classroom discussion like; Acces to interesting pictures from throughout history Showcases historical artifacts from all over the world. Articles written for students on major historical figures and themes Translates words or phrases into Egyptian Hieroglyphics Sources about women in world history Virtual tools of European Museums Easy to understand articles; aritcles organized by country Allows students to see words or phrases in hieroglyphics Over 200 primary sources; Case studies, photographs, and commentaries about women in history

Teacher and Student resource


Teacher and Student resource


European Virtual Museum

Teacher and Student resource Teacher and Student resource Teacher and Student resource Teacher and Student resource


Spartacus Educational


Online Hieroglyphics Translator


Women in World History


History World

Informational narratives and 10,000 events in Histories, Quizzes, Timelines; a searchable database good starting place for research projects Videos from the history channel on a variety Videos organized by category, of topics Historical games, news articles A collection of historical documents in law diplomacy Documents from 4,000 B.C to present

Teacher and Student resource


History Channel Online

Teacher and Student resource Teacher and Student resource Teacher and Student resource


The Avalon Project


Playing History

A data base of all of the online history games Search through databases for history games, review games, learn history through games Free history documentaries Documentaries from sources like National Geographic and PBS; Documentaries that cover a variety of subjects


Snag Learning

Teacher and Student resource


Bridging World History

26 thematic world history units including audio, Lesson plans, Video Series, images, and maps Professional Development Helps people understand which candidate most Provides questions relating to lines up with their political views certain issues to establish your political beliefs, matches you with a candidate An extension of google maps that allows you to Create maps with markers that add animations to maps move, add images and text, appears like a video

Primarily Teacher resource Teacher and Student resource


Project Vote



Primarily used by students


X Timeline

Allows students to create interactive timelines

Create timelines using photo and videos, share them with other students or teacher

Teacher and Student resource

https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ CIA Factbook

Provides information on transnational issues Information on the geography, Teacher and Student communications, economy, resource history, and people for 267 countries Search engine for scholarly literature Search through articles, court Teacher and Student opinions, university libraries, and more resource


Google Scholar



Upload a picture of a historical figure and thenHave fun with students while getting Teacher and Student record audio to make them talk. them to learn about historical figures resource The leading database of movies Ability to search for historical movies Teacher and Student by topic resource Teacher and Student resource





Teachers are able to gain feedback from Simple apps designed to engage students through their phones or computers students and help teachers; Allows teachers to gather meaningful data