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Lesson Plan

Course: ELA Topic: Act IV Teacher's Name: Miss Klobuchar Grade: 11th Unit: "Macbeth" Time: 61 minutes

Rationale: This lesson will be the continuation of reading the pla together in class! "tudents will be as#ed to follow along in their te$tboo#s while the teacher pla s an audio %ersion of the pla ! The students will be listening to the pla toda to get the benefit of hearing how the language should reall sound& if a real actor were performing it! Though there has been some reading aloud in class for this pla & toda the goal is for the students to hear how the words are supposed to sound when read b a professional! There will& of course& be literar anal sis and discussion that will be prompted b the teacher during the listening! This is important for students to stud & because the themes seen in Macbeth transcend time! Ambition& greed& fate& and freewill are all things that students will see now in their e%er da li%es! Though these themes are presented differentl in the pla & students can still learn from the actions the characters commit! 'ommon 'ore "tandards( ''""!ELA)Literac !*L!11)1+!+ ,etermine two or more themes or central ideas of a te$t and anal -e their de%elopment o%er the course of the te$t& including how the interact and build on one another to produce a comple$ account. pro%ide an ob/ecti%e summar of the te$t! ''""!ELA)Literac !*L!11)1+!0 ,etermine the meaning of words and phrases as the are used in the te$t& including figurati%e and connotati%e meanings. anal -e the impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone& including words with multiple meanings or language that is particularl fresh& engaging& or beautiful! 1Include "ha#espeare as well as other authors!2 Objectives: 3pon completion of this lesson& students will be able to( 1!2 Anal -e and understand the ma/or plot points in Macbeth. +!2 Ma#e predictions about what will come ne$t in a piece of literature! 4!2 ,etermine the meanings of phrases and words in a "ha#espeare te$t! Materials: Macbeth te$t 15lencoe 6oo#2 Audio ', Entr and E$it slips Procedure: Anticipator "et 172 "tudents will be gi%en an entr card upon arri%al to class! The entr card will as# them to thin# about the theme of Ambition in Macbeth& and gi%e some e$amples of how we ha%e seen Ambition so far! Acti%it 8ne 1012 The teacher will gi%e a brief o%er%iew of the happenings in Act III 1which was read esterda 2! The teacher will also let students #now which comprehension 9uestions the students will need to complete for Act IV!

These are used to ma#e sure the students are remembering their reading! "tudents will be instructed to open up their boo#s to Act VI& and the teacher will begin the audio ',! The teacher will pause the audio at %arious points to tal# about the literature!

Acti%it Two 11+2 "tudents will find an e$it slip for toda :s class on the bac# of the entr card the recei%ed at the beginning! This e$it slip as#s them to ma#e predictions based on the e%ents that occurred in Act IV& and thin# about what we will see happen in Act V! ssi!nments and Reminders: The homewor# for this lesson would be the comprehension 9uestions gi%en at the beginning of the hour! ssessment: The teacher will informall assess the students: understanding during the lesson b as#ing 9uestions and interpreting their thin#ing and responses! The formal assessment will be the comprehension 9uestions 1which will be turned in ne$t wee# as a full pac#et2& and the entr ;e$it cards!