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Quebecs Charter of Values

By Chloe Knowles

The Parti Quebcois has put a bill out in Quebec about that if you are employed by the government that you will not be allowed to wear any religious items or symbols while working. The bill will establish a duty of neutrality and reserve for all state personnel (including statefunded education and health care workers). Limit the wearing of "conspicuous" religious symbols for said personnel. Make it mandatory to have ones face uncovered when providing or receiving a state service. These are things that will be in place if the bill is passed. There are many groups that agree with this and support this. But there are also many groups that disagree with this law, and if this law is put in place they will leave Quebec. Some people say that some religions are getting special privileges because of there religion. Like one time, a boy wanted to bring his ceremonial knife to school. So the school district went to court. The supreme court of Canada won the case and the boy was allowed to bring the knife to school. This knife was considered a weapon, but some people think that is considered a special privilege. A lady was wearing a Niqabs and she was an eye witness for a trial. She was asked take the Niqab off so if she was laying the lawyer would be able to see. She when to court and she won and did not have to take it off. Lots of people think that is special privileges. Quebecers do not want to give up there culture and they think people should adapt and blend in, because they are a minority country of French speakers. Lots of people have been growing up with these rituals. They will not give it up because it has been in there family for generation. They say if this rule is put into place that they will not give up there rituals and they will leave Quebec if they have to. They also said that they would be offended if they do not take down the Jesus on the cross in the House of Commons. They think this is unfair. I am in the middle because I think that if you are interfering with other people and there equality, safety and/or human rights, its not right. I also think that this charter is also interfering with human right of having the freedom of religion and if they dont get rid of everything then this would be considered rude and disrespectful to other people and there religions. If people would have to take a skull cap of then someone else would have to take a little cross necklace off. This also shows that we are support to be a multi-cultural country and this goes against that a lot.