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Sheer Heart Attack to A Night at the Opera (19741976) Sheer Heart Attack to a night at the opera is a album by the

English fameous rock band Queen.Queen is a fameous band which is very popular from the 60s. Freddie Merrcury has a perfect voice,and very powerful music, he writes very beautiful lyrics. They became very popular with the hit Bohemian Rhapsrody. This is fantastic with a lot of catchy tunes. This album was at the top 3 of the music charts for the month. RATING- Five stars

Name: St. Petka Type: Carneval Location : Church St.Petka

When it takes place: 22 august Activities:

Woodstock takes place in a farm in USA. Queen,The Beatles,Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones in the 60s were top bends. On MTV there is a variety of music. He has theatre performances. In Skopje there is a camp in tents. He has caravans. In the bazaar there are stalls selling food. The ticket costs 100$ At Pelister:Vardar the admission is free. The money which are raised will be donated to Red Cross. There are charities shops In Bitola. The prices were raised. They raised their dog to have good maners. He is rasing money Raise your hand here.