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Narrative (Moment) Writing Rubric 5.W.

3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techniques descriptive details and clear event sequences. !as" #trong (M$) Refining (%$) Rudimentar& (W') #tudent!eacher ( have a moment that has a ( have a stor& but its purpose is 5.W.3a ( have a moment that has a purpose and is clearl& sho)n purpose and is starting to build. not clear. (establish through the narrative. a situation) ( used different narrative ( used narrative techniques but ( used fe) narrative techniques. 5.W.3b techniques to ma"e the stor& a variet& of )ell+chosen ones !he )riting does not have (narrative interesting bring characters to )ould add interest to the stor& enough details to clearl& technique life and help the reader and add life to the characters visuali*e the action and s) visuali*e important parts of the (more sho) not tell). characters. stor&. ,vents unfold naturall&- the plot ,vents unfold naturall&- but the ,vents move slo)l& out of is strong focuses on a "e& plot needs a tighter connection order or are hard to follo)there is a hint of the conflict 5.W.3c conflict problem or challenge to the conflict problem or to be resolved. challenge to be resolved. problem or challenge in the (sequence ( used appropriate transitions plot. of events) ( used different transitions to connect events and move the connect events and move the 'asic transitions connect parts narrative along. narrative along. of the narrative. ( used concrete )ords phrases ( used concrete )ords phrases details and sensor& language details and sensor& language in that give the )riting energ& and parts of the )riting. $arts of the 5.W.3d )riting are brought to life )ith ()ord brings the narrative to life. good )ord choice and other choice) parts are difficult to understand or visuali*e. !he conclusion ties all events !he conclusion )raps the ideas up and follo)s the events 5.W..e together )ith a satisf&ing or understandable solution to the presented. (conclusio situation problem or challenge. n) M& choice of )ords is limited to general functional or vague language- )ea" )ord choice dulls the )riting and clouds its meaning.

!he narrative has an ending but the reader is left )ith some questions about ho) the conflict problem or challenge is resolved.


#trong (M$) !as" 5.0.1 and ( consistentl& use correct 5.0.. spelling grammar and (grammar punctuations. M& narrative is capitali*atio eas& to read ad the )riting n spelling flo)s. 2t times ( m& tr& to and punctuation include more complex conventions. )

Refining (%$) Rudimentar& (W') ( have minimal errors )ith ( have man& errors )ith spelling grammar and spelling grammar and punctuations and the errors do punctuations that distract the not distract the reader. M& reader and ma"e m& narrative narrative is eas& to read. difficult to read.

#tudent !eacher