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Walther MPL and MPK submachine guns (Germany)

Walther MPL submachine gun, left side view, with buttstock folded.

Walther MPL submachine gun, right side view, with buttstock in opened position.

Walther MPK submachine gun.

Walther MPL Caliber Weight unloaded Length Barrel length Rate of Fire Effective range Magazine capacity 9x19 mm Luger 3.0 kg 746 / 462 mm 260 mm 550 rounds/min 200 m 32 rounds Walther MPK 9x19 mm Luger 2.83 kg 659 / 381 mm 173 mm 550 rounds/min 100 m 32 rounds

Walther MP series of submachine guns included two similar weapons whichdiffered only in the length of the barrel - the Maschinen Pistole Lang(long submachine gun) or MPL in short, and Maschinen Pistole Kurz (short submachine gun) or MPK. Both weapons were developed during late 1950s and early1960s, and mass production commenced in 1963. Walther submachine guns were adopted by several German police departments; some export sales also were recorded, the most notable purchase being by Mexican Navy. The sales, however,were not sufficient enough to warrant further production, and manufacture obboth versions has ceased in 1983. Walther MPL and MPk submachine guns are blowback operated, selective fired weapons which fire from open bolt. The bolt is shaped like an inverted"L", with most of its mass being located above the barrel and in front of the breech face. The bolt rides on a single guide rod. The charging handle isa separate part which does not move when gun is fired. The receiver is made from steel stampings, with the trigger / magazine housing pivotally pinned to itsbase. The manual safety and fire mode selector are incorporated into one ambidextrous control, made in the form of lever, located on the grip behind the trigger.The shoulder stock is made from steel wire and folds to the right side of the gun.