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Ian Escamilla Mrs. Tyree English III Per, 1 14 December 2013 John Proctor, the Good Man John Proctor, a character featured in the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, is the tragic hero of the story. John has the qualities of a good Christian man putting his family first, upholding a good image within the village and a generally hard working and respectable man. However John has a deep secret, a flaw: he lusts. John has fallen victim to this deadly sin and lusted for Abigail Williams causing him to become unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth but he overcomes his demons and redeems himself. John lives up to his good name by performing good deeds around the village and being a good Christian. Proctor was a farmer in his middle thirties . . . respected and even feared in Salem (144). John is well known in the village for being an honest dependable man. To add, John is a family man who loves his wife and kids and would do anything for them. I nailed the roof upon the church, I hung the door (Act II Line 527 528) John has built the church that rests in his town showing his dedication and love for the faith. John has gone above and beyond in showing the qualities of a good man. John is highly appreciated in the town for what he has done and due to his status in the town no one would ever suspect John of any sin at all. John Proctor has made a terrible mistake by giving in to his temptation and has committed adultery with Abigail Williams; therefore he must now confess in court what he has done to save his townspeople. You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet! (Act I Line 472). Although John feels extremely guilty of his sins and is a first offender

there is no excuse for a crime like this. Johns sins will come back to haunt him as Abigail is going mad falsely accusing many of witchcraft to fulfill her plan to rid of Elizabeth Proctor and take her place as Johns wife. I have known her, sir. I have known her (Act I Line 472). John was forced to confess his sins to the Governor Danforth in order to save his wife and others from hanging. Having confessed to lechery John is set to hang and is thrown in jail. John Proctors good name has been tainted with this crime and he has lost the respect of many in the town. John awaits the date of hanging in his cell contemplating life and death and is highly concerned of his wife. John is presented an offer from Governor Danforth which is: to confess to the devils work or hang. You will not use me! It is no part of salvation that you should use me! (Act IV Line 700-701). John refuses to lie and live a soulless life. Instead John accepts his fate and is on his way to hang. Elizabeth Proctor is nothing but proud of her husband He have his goodness now. (Act IV Line 783). Elizabeth understands what her husband has to do, redeem himself and regain his goodness. Although she is greatly saddened by the idea of her husband dying she knows he couldnt lie and feed the hysteria of the Witch Trials. John Proctor was not a perfect man but he was an honest man. John was always regretful of his sins. John had the bravery to confess his sins in order to save his wife and friends. He could not live with himself knowing he lied and sold his soul. We learn from John Proctor the qualities of a good Christian man, to be resentful of sins, and to be nothing but honorable and respectable.