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CANDI BAKER 4225 Duck Creek Way Ellenton Fl 34222 941-58 -8328 can!"#aker123$ya%oo&co' (ort)ol"o can!"#aker&*ee#ly&co' +B,EC-I.

E Highly motivated to launch nursing career; future goals include education leading to RN certification. Current on all immunizations (including tuberculosis and hepatitis B). ED/CA-I+N RN !tate College of "lorida pending CN# license CN# !arasota $%&' Cosmetology (icense )anatee *echnical +nstitute $%&& CA(ABI0I-IE1 Aca!e'"c #ack2roun!& ,-celled in science courses in high school. )ade the .ean/s (ist at !tate College of "lorida !pring $%&'. *raining in H+0 and current 1ith C2R card. 0ea!er3%"4& !erved as captain of cheer s3uad in high school and later became a cheer coach in $%%45$%&$. 6rganize volunteer efforts to raise money for pro7ects in school and community; )*+ Cancer !ociety and (a1ton Child 2ediatric Center. .onated time and s8ills to help the homeless and less fortunate by giving free baths and hair cuts at the fair ground in )anatee County. 1tron2 "nter4er3onal 3k"ll3& Cited for e-cellence in interpersonal communications team1or8 customer service fle-ibility and reliability. .emonstrated ability to interact 1ith customers from diverse cultures and bac8grounds. *ransformed 9difficult9 customers into loyal repeat guests by leveraging strengths in premium service delivery and ability to find 1in51in resolutions. A!'"n"3trat"on& .isplayed strong clinical s8ills in assessing vital signs. ,nsured the accurate timely flo1 of information by maintaining thorough patient records and updating healthcare team on patients: status. Complied 1ith H+2## standards in all documentation and interactions. #ssisted family member 1ith activities of daily living including helping 1ith meals transferring using assistance devices bathing dressing and grooming. 2erformed case 1or8 and billed insurance company at )anatee )emorial Hospital. Researched unfamiliar diagnosis. 5ealt%-care e64er"ence& 2erformed CN# duties in school and on family members such as monitored patient:s blood pressure heart rate fluid inta8e and output; chec8 for range of motion on all 7oints ensure 22, measures are follo1ed and sanitation standards are met. ;or8ed 1ith Hospital +npatient !ervice (H.+.!.) at )anatee )emorial Hospital as a case 1or8er to observe patient record and determine if patient 1as diagnosed 1ith a long term or short term disability. #ssisted patient 1ith applying for )edicaid or )edicare. ;or8ed as a hair stylist by apply health and sanitation standards. Co'4uter 3k"ll3& )! ,-cel )! ;ord )! 2o1er 2oint ,mail *e-ting *1itter; )! 6ffice efficient 1ith most computer programs; type '% ;2).

Candi Ba8er 2age $. A*ar!37Act"8"t"e39 )ember of !8ills <!# competed in competitions in entrepreneurship and cosmetology and completed at state levels 1ith silver metals for )anatee *echnical +nstitute. Recognized for employee of the month at .epartment Children and "amilies and #cumen !ales and )ar8eting for superior performance. Received 9e-emplary9 and 9e-ceeds e-pectations9 ratings on performance revie1s. ;on state competition for "antastic !am/s Work7.olunteer 5"3tory& Hair !tylist "antastic !am:s ,llenton "( =>&5?$=5$&$@ $%&&5$%&$ Case ;or8er Hospital +npatient !ervices Bradenton "( =>&5?>45A&&& $%%= #dministration #ssistance .epartment of Children and "amilies !arasota "( =>&5>>?5>$>A $%%?5$%%= !upervisor #cumen !ales and )ar8eting 6rmand Beach "( '@454'&5?4&4 $%%&5$%%4