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Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy

College Preparatory Academy Parents: As scholars begin the transition to college from the CPA, it is important that they are exposed to several career opportunities. As part of the CPA Exhibition, which scholars are currently completing, the opportunity exists for each scholar to job shadow a person in a field of interest to him or her. During the job shadow, the scholar will interview his or her mentor for the day and make observations about the work environment in order to learn more about the prospective career. Each scholar is expected to dress in a manner consistent with the expectations of the CPA and behave in a manner that bestows pride upon the CPA, its staff and its scholars. In order to proceed with a job shadow, the student must take the initiative to complete the action steps listed in the pages that follow. Once the submission has been fully reviewed and the scholar has received final approval from the Director of College Transitions, then he or she may proceed with the visit. Please note that all documentation, following the job shadow, must be received by Mr. Taylor upon the scholars return to school in order for him or her to receive credit and to be given an excused absence. If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Taylor at 501-420-4375 or by email at mitaylor@lighthouse-academies.org. Best,

Mr. Taylor Director of College Transitions JLCS-College Prep Academy

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy

Student Responsibilities
Prior to the visit: 1. Discuss job shadowing with your parent(s)/guardian 2. Select a job site that matches your desired and researched career 3. Contact the job site (at least one week prior to the visit) a. Introduce yourself b. Explain your purpose c. Gather details below Contact person's name: _________________________________________ Business location: ______________________________________________ Appropriate dress/type shoes needed: ______________________________ Meeting place: ________________________________________________ Arrival date: __________Arrival time: ________ Departure time: ________ Lunch arrangements - Carry a lunch or bring money ($ __________, if necessary) 4. Arrange transportation with parent/guardian 5. Obtain the Job Shadowing Request Form, gather teacher signatures and complete classroom assignments 6. Turn in the Job Shadowing Request (containing ALL teachers signatures) and Permission Form at least one week prior to the date of the observation (job shadow) with a parent or guardians signature to the DCT (Mr. Taylor) 7. Receive approval from the DCT (the form will be returned to the scholar within 2 days) 8. Research information about the job shadow 9. Confirm the appointment two days before the scheduled visit with the mentor at the site During the visit: ___ 1 Show up on time. Report back to school if the job shadow finished before the end of the school day. ___ 2 Be courteous and remember to thank the individuals who work with you. After the visit: ___ 1 Return the Verification Form and the Interview and Observation worksheets to Mr. Taylor, the DCT. ___ 2 Write a personal note of thanks to the employer. Submit it to your ELA teacher for review before mailing. ___ 3 Share what was learned with someone in your Advisory.

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy

The Interview Name__________________________________ Ask the mentor whom you shadow if it would be possible for you to conduct a brief 7-10 minute interview. While you may ask all of the following questions, please understand that the mentor does not have to answer any question he or she wishes not to answer. Name and occupation of the person interviewed:

Where did you attend college?

What was your major? How did it prepare you for this job?

What other jobs or careers are related to this one?

In what ways do you practice self-direction and self-management at work?

How does critical thinking look on this job?

Why is active community membership important?

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy

Observation Form What do you see?

What do you hear?

How do you feel?

What tools or resources are available for you to touch and use?

Other thoughts

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy

Permission Form and Verification Sheet Name of Mentor (person job shadowed): ______________________________ Site of Observation (where job shadowing occurs): ______________________ Name of Scholar: _________________________ Date: _________________ The scholar listed above has my permission to job shadow the mentor who is also listed above on ___/___/_____. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of my child while he or she is not at school. I also understand that the child will be returned to school if the job shadow does not last the duration of the school day. _____ _____ I give permission to my child and will provide him or her with transportation to and from the site. I do not give permission to my child and/or will not provide him or her with transportation to and from the site.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mentor Verification Form I affirm that the scholar whose name is listed below mentored me, _____________________, at the job site and for the duration listed below. Job Site: ______________________________ Date of Observation: ___/___/_____ Start Time: ____________________ Stop Time: ____________________ Name of Scholar: ______________________________ Signature of Student ___________________ Date ___________ Signature of Mentor ___________________ Date ___________ Thank you very much, mentors!

Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy

Name of Scholar__________________________________________ Location of Job Shadow______________________________________ Name of Mentor______________________________________ Date of Job Shadow_________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________ DCTs Signature_________________Date________________ Assignments by Period/Teachers Signature* A1 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ A2 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ A3 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ A4 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ B1 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ B2 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ B3 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________ B4 Assignment:____________________Signature:_________________
*Teachers: By signing, you are acknowledging that the student has been provided with the assignments that he or she will need to complete as make-up work prior to the job shadow date listed above.