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Arnold Salas

311 Hampton Street OBJECTIVE

To utilize my skills in identifying, developing, and implementing instruction strategies, instructional software, and technology devices that support the advancement of teaching and learning in traditional and blended classroom environments.

Salinas, CA 93906

(831) 809-2470

CSUMB, Seaside, CA September 201 ! Prese"t I"str#$ti%"a& Te$'"%&%(ist Consult with faculty about teaching and learning goals for courses and help faculty choose and implement the instructional and classroom technologi8es best suited to meet the identified needs and goals. Develop pro ect plans for implementing a range of instructional technologies in a course. !valuate new and emerging technologies and their ability to meet both teaching and learning needs. Design and develop multimedia materials and simulations that align with learning goals. Develop and deliver documentation, workshops, and other faculty development strategies to encourage the integration of technology, information literacy, and spatial literacy across the curriculum. "lan, organize, and lead workshops for students on various technologies. Collaborate with faculty to develop course assessments to evaluate pedagogical effectiveness and student learning outcomes of instructional technologies. Combine learning theory, design practices, and technologies to assist in the creation of effective teaching and learning spaces, both physical and virtual, for the college. #ork as a team member supporting the group, department, and college and provide the services needed. $ther duties assigned by supervisor.


Applications !%perience creating innovative learning solutions for face to face and blended teaching and learning environments. &nowledge of instructional design theory and assessment techni'ues. (trong technical abilities enabling the implementation of the re'uirements. !%perience connecting instructional technology to student learning goals. $ngoing engagement with current and emerging instructional technologies. !%cellent interpersonal, oral, written, and web)based communication *bility to solve problems creatively and to work independently and as part of a team. *bility to work collegially with a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and visitors on a daily basis.

Ca&i.%r"ia State U"i/ersit0 M%"tere0 Ba0 +achelors of (cience in Telecommunications, ,ultimedia, and *pplied Computing ) ,ay -../ 1art"e&& C%&&e(e *ssociate of *rts Degree