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Continuous Inspection
Fight back the 7 deadly sins of the developer !

Olivier Gaudin olivier.gaudin@sonarsource.com @gaudol

Back in old times

Industrialisation has entered the game...

Project under version control Project under continuous integration Technical and functional tracea ilit!

"hat is the mission of toda!#s developer $

%ustaina le development

&'lmost( Ever!thing is maintenance )

Creation of an application

*aintenance of an application

+othing is more important than code

But source code is nothing alone

Old times are over

%oft,are factories evolve

*akefile /I 0 Emacs %C*

Issue Tracker Continuous Integration

I-E .efactoring 1nit Tests

Continuous Inspection

"hat is 2ualit! $

Awell-writtenprogramisaprogram wherethecostofimplementingafeature isconstantthroughouttheprogram'slifetime.


The end does not justif! the means

Doingtheright software

Doingthe software right

3o, to measure 2ualit! $

The technical de t

The 6 deadl! sins $

'pplied to source code

-uplications Bad distri ution of comple4it! %paghetti -esign 5ack of unit tests +o coding standards Potential ugs +ot enough or too man! comments


Technical Debt

The mission of %onar

Augment everybody's capability to reduce, reuse and recycle source code

%onar in num ers

:8;99< ?99< :99< ;9 7$8999

do,nloads per month &=99 in >99?( su scri ers to user mailing list su scri ers to dev mailing list plugins in the open source forge instances in the ,orld


%onar is onl! a tool )

"hat should happen in case ne, defects are added $ 3o,8 ,hen and ,ho should make 2ualit! standards evolve $ 3o, to train ne, joiners $ 'n! measure reported must e anal!sed

The @A-one8 -one8 -one8 -oneAB

-eveloped Tested 'pproved


! the @AProduct


debt under control

Give Ceed ack on the %essions

Duestions E 'ns,ers

Thank Fou )
httpG00,,,.sonarsource.org httpG00,,,.sonarsource.com @%onar%ource