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Core Rulebooks (6)

3.5 Core Rules (3)

Edit Player's Handbook 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide 3.5 Monster Manual 3.5


3.0 Core Rules (3)


Player's Handbook 3.0 Dungeon Master's Guide 3.0 Monster Manual 3.0 Edit Edit

Dungeons & Dragons Supplements (68)

3.5 Supplements (46)
City Design Cityscape Complete Adventurer Complete Arcane Complete Champion Complete Divine Complete Warrior Complete Psionic Complete Scoundrel Complete Warrior Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons Dragon Magic Drow of the Underdark Dungeon Master's Guide II Dungeon Suvival Guide Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies Dungeonscape Elder Evils Exemplars of Evil Expanded Psionics Handbook Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells Frostburn Heroes of Battle Heroes of Horror Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations Magic Item Compendium Magic of Incarnum Miniature's Handbook Monster Manual III Monster Manual IV Monster Manual V Edit

3.0 Supplements (22)

Category: Arms and Equipment Guide Book of Challenges Book of Exalted Deeds Book of Vile Darkness D&D Gazetteer Defenders of the Faith Deities and Demigods Enemies and Allies Epic Level Handbook Fiend Folio Ghostwalk Hero Builder's Guidebook Living Greyhawk Gazetteer Manual of the Planes Masters of the Wild Monster Manual II Oriental Adventures Psionics Handbook Savage Species Song and Silence Stronghold Builder's Guidebook Sword and Fist Tome and Blood

Planar Handbook Player's Handbook II Races of Destiny Races of Stone Races of the Dragon Races of the Wild Rules Compendium Sandstorm Spell Compendium Stormwrack Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords Tome of Magic Unearthed Arcana Weapons of Legacy Edit Edit

Forgotten Realms Supplements (20)

3.5 Forgotten Realms (13)

3.0 Forgotten Realms (7)

Champions of Ruin Champions of Valor City of Splendors: Waterdeep Dragons of Faern Lost Empires of Faern Mysteries of the Moonsea Player's Guide to Faern Power of Faern Races of Faern Serpent Kingdoms Shining South The Grand History of the Realms Underdark

Faiths and Pantheons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Lords of Darkness Magic of Faern Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faern Silver Marches The Complete Prestige-Classes Compendium Unapproachable East

Dragonlance Supplements (2)

Dragonlance Campaign Setting More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home


(See below for the rest of Dragonlance Published by Sovereign Press) Edit

Eberron Supplements (7)

City of Stormreach Eberron Campaign Setting Explorer's Handbook Five Nations Magic of Eberron Races of Eberron Sharn: City of Towers

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures - All settings (20)

Edit Bastion of Broken Souls Deep Horizon Heart of Nightfang Spire Fortress of the Yuan-Ti Lord of the Iron Fortress Red Hand of Doom The Forge of Fury The Secret of the Windswept Wall (pdf) The Speaker in Dreams The Standing Stone The Sunless Citadel Tomb of Horros War of Dragons (pdf) White Plume Mountain Revised (pdf) White Plume Mountain, Outside the Mountain (GH) Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (FR) City of the Spider Queen (FR) Sons of Gruumsh (FR) Tower of Twilight (FR) Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave (FR) Anauroch(FR) Anauroch; The Empire of Shade (FR) Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land (EB) Shadows of the Last War (EB) Whispers of the Vampire Blade (EB) Grasp of the Emerald Claw Edit

Diablo II (2)

Diablo II: Diablerie Diablo II: To Hell and Back Edit Edit

Other WotC (28)

Wheel of Time RPG (2)

Star Wars RPG (15)


The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game The Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon (Adventure) Edit

Call of Cthulhu RPG (1)

Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game Edit

D20 Modern RPG (10)

D20 Apocalypse

Coruscant and the Core Worlds Galactic Campaign Guide Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds Hero's Guide New Jedi Order Sourcebook Power of the Jedi Sourcebook Rebellion Era Sourcebook Secrets of Naboo Star Wars Arms and Equipment

D20 Critical Locations D20 Cyberscape D20 Future D20 Future Tech D20 Menace Manual D20 Modern Roleplaying Game D20 Past D20 Weapons Locker Urban Arcana

Guide Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Rulebook Star Wars Roleplaying Game Rulebook Tempest Feud (Adventure) Ultimate Adversaries Ultimate Alien Anthology

Alderac Entertainment Group (98)

Adventure Keep (36)

Edit Edit

Rokugan d20 (21)


SpyCraft (19)

Adventure I Rokugan Adventure II Complete Exotic Blood on White Petals Arms Guide Dead Man's Cove Creatures of Garadon Manor Rokugan Harbinger, The Fortunes and Winds Honor Among Thieves Hidden Emperor, the Ice Caves of Azinth, Magic of Rokugan The Secrets of the Crab Illusionist's Daughter, Secrets of the Crane The Secrets of the In Cold Blood Dragon Kin and Kinsmen Secrets of the Lion Lash of Malloc, The Secrets of the Mantis Last Defender, The Secrets of the Legacy of Madness Phoenix Lost King, The Secrets of the No Mercy Scorpion Princes, Thieves & Secrets of the Goblins Shadowlands Red Isle, The Secrets of the Servants of the Blood Unicorn Moon Way of the Daimyo Temple of the Eternal Way of the Ninja Flame, The Way of the Open Temple of the Iron Hand Codex Way of the Samurai Unspoken Shame Way of the Shugenja Wreck of the Way of the Thief Venerable Drake, The Generic d20 (20) Against the Barrow Stargate SG-1 (5) Edit King

Spycraft Spycraft 2.0 Spycraft: Battlegrounds Spycraft: World Militaries Spycraft: US Militaries Spycraft: Masterminds Spycraft: Agency Spycraft: Decade Book 1960 Spycraft: Faceman & Snoop Class Guide Spycraft: Fixer & Pointman Class Guide Spycraft: Soldier & Wheelman Class Guide Spycraft: Gentleman's Agreement ShadowForce Archer ShadowForce Archer: African Alliance ShadowForce Archer: The Shop ShadowForce Archer: European Commonwealth ShadowForce Archer: PanAsian Collective Shadowforce Archer: Archer Foundation Shadowforce Archer: Hand Of Glory Shadowforce Archer: Midnight Archipelago Edit

Bring Him Back Alive! Castle Zadrian Crypt of St. Bethesda, The Dawn of the Serpent Heart of Amun Khonshu, The Jerimond's Orb Kurishan's Garden Last Gods, The Murder of the Seven Points, The Out of Body, Out of Mind Sundered Faith Tomb of the Overseers

Dragons Dungeons Empire Evil Feats Gods Good Guilds Magic Mercenaries Monsters Relics River of Blood Secrets Toolbox Undead War Wilds World's Largest City World's Largest Dungeon Edit

Stargate SG-1 Stargate SG-1: Fantastic Frontiers Stargate SG-1: Living Gods Stargate SG-1: Friends and Foes Stargate SG-1: First Steps

Atlas Games (37)

Penumbra Sourcebooks (17)

Penumbra Adventures (11)

Beyond the Veil The Ebon Mirror In the Belly of the Beast The Last Dance Lean and Hungry Maiden Voyage Splintered Peace The Tide of Years Thieves in the Forest Three Days to Kill Unhallowed Halls Edit


Backdrops Crime and Punishment Dynasties and Demagogues En Route En Route II: By Land or by Sea En Route III: The Road Less Traveled Fantasy Bestiary Love and War Occult Lore Sacred Ground Sacred Ground II Seven Cities Seven Civilizations Seven Serpents Seven Strongholds Touched by the Gods Uncommon Character Edit

Coriolis Adventures (4)

Ascension of the Magdalene (with Unknown Armies stats) Black Monks of Glastonbury (with Ars Magica stats) Burning Shaolin (with Feng Shui stats) Last Hero in Scandinavia (with Rune stats) Edit

Northern Crown (2)

Nyambe (3)

Northern Crown: New World Adventures Northern Crown: Gazetteer


Nyambe: African Adventures Ancestral Vault Dire Spirits (adventure)

Avalanche Press (18)

Viking Age Noble Knights: A Guide To Knightly Orders Celtic Age: Guide To Celtic Fairies I Mordred: Fall & Rise Of Camelot Noble Steeds: A Guide To Horses Celtic Age Jade and Steel All for One and One for All Ragnarok! Tales of the Norse Gods Edit

Aztecs: Empire Of The Dying Sun Endless Sands Nile Empire War in Heliopolis Doom of Odin Twilight of Atlantis Last Days of Constantinople Greenland Saga: The Lost Norse Colony Black Flags: Piracy in the Caribbean Vlad the Impaler: Blood Prince of Wallachia

BadAxe Games (8)

Grim Tales Grim Tales: Slavelords of Cydonia The Book of Unusual Treasures Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves Heroes of High Favor: Halflings Heroes of High Favor: Elves Heroes of High Favor: Half-Orcs Trailblazer: New Horizons in 3.5 Roleplaying Edit

Bard's Productions (1)

Epic Tales, Volume 1: Race for Retribution Edit

Bastion Press (21)

3.5 Products (8)
Edit Arms & Armor 3.5 Allies & Adversaries Friends & Familiars Into the Black Into the Blue Into the Green Out for Blood Torn Asunder Edit

3.0 Products (10)

Airships Arms & Armor Alchemy & Herbalists Doom Striders Faeries Guildcraft Spells & Magic Minions Pale Designs Villians Edit

Oathbound Products (5)


Oathbound: Domains of the Forge Oathbound: Arena Oathbound: Wrack & Ruin Oathbound: The Plains of Penance Oathbound: Mysteries of Arena

Bottled Imp Games (3)

Lords of the Night: Vampires Lords of the Night: Zombies Lords of the Night: Liches Edit Edit

Chaosium (4)

Worlds of the Eternal Champion (2)

Dragon Lords of Melnibone Slaves of Fate Edit

Call of Cthulhu d20 (2)

d20 Call of Cthulhu Gamesmasters Pack HP Lovecraft's Arkham Edit

Columbia Games (3)

Nasty, Brutish, and Short: The Orcs of Harn Trobridge Inn Evael: Kingdom of the Elves Edit Edit

DarkFuries Publishing (7)

Masterwork Maps (3)
Temples & Shrines Inns & Taverns Buckbray Tower Edit Edit

Urban Designs(2)

New Glory Naval Base (d20 Modern) Black Knight Casino(d20 Modern/Spycraft 2.0 Edit

Aether & Flux(1) Fantastic Fortresses (1)

Castles & Keeps Edit Aether & Flux

Dog House Rules (1)

Sidewinder: Recoiled

Eternity Publishing (2)


Immortal's Handbook: Epic Bestiary vol 1 Immortal's Handbook: Ascension (pdf??) Edit

Expeditious Retreat Press (9)

A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe Second Edition A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture A Magical Society: Beast Builder A Magical Society: Silk Road Monster Geographica: Underground Monster Geographica: Marsh and Aquatic Monster Geographica: Forest Monster Geographica: Hill and Mountain

Fantasy Flight Games (78)

Legends & Lairs Hardcovers (12)
Edit Sorcery & Steam Cityworks Darkness & Dread Wildscape Portals & Planes Dungeoncraft Monsters Handbook Traps & Treachery Traps & Treachery II Spells & Spellcraft Seafarer's Handbook Mythic Races Edit

Edit Edit

DragonStar (6)

StarFarer's Handbook Guide to the Galaxy Imperial Supply Player's Companion Galactic Races Smuggler's Run Edit

Midnight (14)

Path of... (4)

Path of Magic Path of Faith Path of Shadow Path of the Sword

Legends & Lairs Softcovers (8)

Edit Elemental Lore Giant Lore Twisted Lore Necromantic Lore Draconic Lore School of Evocation School of Illusion Mastercraft Anthology Edit

Midnight Campaign Setting Midnight 2nd Edition Against the Shadow Crown of Shadow Minions of the Shadow City of Shadow Sorcery and Shadow Under the Shadow Forge of Shadow Fury of Shadow Steel and Shadow Heart of Shadow Star and Shadow Hammer and Shadow Edit

Dawnforge (4)

Dawnforge Dawnforge: Crucible of Legends - Essential Collection Age of Legend Path of Legend Edit

Horizon RPGs (5) Instant Adventures (24)

The Hidden Vault Darkwood's Secret Raid on Tonwell The Fifth Sepulcher Olenar's Heartstone Raven Min The Broken Plain The Dragon's Wish The Tuggarth Gauntlet Lost Hunt The Dark Tribe Redline Grimm Virtual Spellslinger Mechamorphosis

Call of Cthulhu d20 (1)



The Black Stairs Voyage to Storm Isle The Thief's Gold Sign of the Skull The Wreyland Serpent Steam Dragon's Revenge The Sewer Fiend Darwell's Tower Daggers at Midnight Froderick's Tomb Spawn of Shurpanakha The Weeping Tree The Punishing Passage Edit

Fiery Dragon Productions (14)

d20 Adventures (8)
Edit Beyond All Reason Giant's Skull, The Nature's Fury NeMoren's Vault Of Sound Mind Queen of Lies Silver Summoning, The To Stand on Hallowed Ground / Swords Against Deception Edit

d20 Counter Collections (1)

Edit Counter Collection I: The Usual Suspects

Arcana Unearthed material (5)

Battle Box: Arcana Evolved Circle of Rites (pdf) Counter Collection IV: World of the Diamond Throne Counter Collection: Arcana Evolved Plague of Dreams Edit

Game Mechanics, The (7)

D20 Modern (3)
Edit Modern Player's Companion Martial Arts System Modern Magic Edit

General D20 (4)

Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves Thieves' Quarter Artifacts of the Ages: Rings

Temple Quarter Edit Edit The Complete Guides (11) Edit

Goodman Games (80)

Dungeon Crawl Classics (40)
DCC 0 - Legends are Made, Not Born DCC 1 - Idylls of the Rat King DCC 2 - The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho DCC 3 - The Mysterious Tower DCC 4 - Bloody Jack's Gold DCC 5 - Aerie of the Crow God DCC 6 - Temple of the Dragon Cult DCC 7 - The Secret of Smuggler's Cove DCC 8 - Mysteries of the Drow DCC 9 - Dungeon Geomorphs DCC 10 - The Sunless Garden DCC 11 - The Dragonfiend Pact DCC 12 - The Blackguard's Revenge DCC 12.5 - Iron Crypt of the Heretics DCC 13 - Crypt of the Devil Lich DCC 14 - Dungeon Interludes DCC 15 - Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen DCC 16 - Curse of the Emerald Cobra DCC 17 - Legacy of the Savage Kings DCC 18 - Citadel of the Demon Prince DCC 19 - The Volcano Caves DCC 20 - Shadows in Freeport DCC 21 - Assault on Stormbringer Castle DCC 22 - The Stormbringer Juggernaut DCC 23 - The Sunken Ziggurat DCC 24 - Legend of the Ripper DCC 25 - The Dread Crypt of Srihoz DCC 26 - The Scaly God DCC 27 - Revenge of the Rat King DCC 28 - Into the Wilds

Complete Guide to Beholders Complete Guide to Doppelgangers Complete Guide to Dragonkin Complete Guide to Drow Complete Guide to Fey Complete Guide to Liches Complete Guide to Rakshasas Complete Guide to Treants Complete Guide to Vampires Complete Guide to Wererats Complete Guide to Werewolves Edit

Misc d20 (9)

Aerial Adventure Guide: Sky Captain's Handbook Demon Hunter's Handbook Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes Song of the Blade Lethal Legacies: Traps of the World Before Morningstar Campaign Setting Power Gamer's 3.5 Warrior Strategy Guide Power Gamer's 3.5 Wizard Strategy Guide Underdark Adventure Guide Book of Templates Deluxe Edition Edit

DragonMech (6)

DragonMech RPG DragonMech: Mech Manual DragonMech: Second Age of Walkers DragonMech: The Shardsfall Quest DragonMech: Steam Warriors DragonMech: The Last City Edit

Etherscope (2)

Etherscope The Great Metropolis Edit

Dave Arneson's Blackmoor (4)

Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Campaign Setting The Redwood Scar

DCC 29 - The Adventure Begins The Wizards Cabal DCC 30 - Vault of the Dragon Kings The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor DCC 31 - The Transmuter's Last Broncosaurus Rex (5) Edit Touch Broncosaurus Rex Core Rulebook DCC 32 - The Golden Palace of Cretasus Adventure Guide Zahadran Dinosaurs That Never Were DCC 33 - Belly of the Great Beast The Complete Guide to Velociraptors DCC 34 - Cage of Delirium The Complete Guide to T-Rex DCC 35 - Gazetteer of the Known Realms The Wanderers Guild (3) Edit DCC 36 - Talons of the Horned King Monsters of the Endless Dark DCC 37 - The Slithering Overlord Monsters of the Boundless Blue DCC 38 - Escape from the Forest of Primeval Groves Lanterns Edit

Green Ronin (73)

General d20 (4)
Edit Character Record Folio Pocket Grimoire Arcane (3.0) Pocket Grimoire Divine (3.0) Pocket Magica (3.0)

Races of Reknown(9) Modern D20 General(2)

Edit Edit

Hammer & Helm Ultramodern Firearms Wrath & Rage Modern GMs Screen Plot & Poison Mutants and Masterminds Bastards & Bloodlines (13) Edit Fang & Fury Mutants and Masterminds Bow & Blade Freeport: Adventures (7) 1st Edition Aasimar & Tiefling Edit Mutants and Masterminds Corwyl: Village of the Death in Freeport 2nd Edition Wood Elves Terror in Freeport Freedom City, 1st Edition Dezzavold: Fortress of Maddness in Freeport Freedom City, 2nd Edition the Drow Freeport Trilogy (3.5, Lockdown Master Class(8) Edit collection) Gimmick's Guide to Hell in Freeport Shaman's Handbook Gadgets Black Sails over Assassin's Handbook Noir Freeport Witch's Handbook Nocturnals: A midnight Tales of Freeport Avatar's Handbook companion Freeport: Sourcebooks Unholy Warrior's Foes of Freedom Handbook Mutants and Masterminds (3) Edit Noble's Handbook Character Record Folio Freeport: City of Psychic's Handbook Crooks! Adventure Cavalier's Handbook Mutants and Masterminds Denizens of Freeport Annual #1 Creatures of Freeport Mythic Vistas (11) Time of Crisis Edit Arcana(3) Edit True20/Blue Rose (2) Edit Skull & Bones Arcana: Societies of Testament: Blue Rose: The

Magic Secret College of Necromancy The Book of the Righteous

Monster Compendiums (not listed elsewhere) (5)

Edit Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts(3.0) Legions of Hell(3.0) Armies of the Abyss(3.0) The Book of Fiends (3.5) Monsters of the Mind

Roleplaying in the Roleplaying Game of Biblical Era Romantic Fantasy Mindshadows Blue Rose Companion Medieval Player's Thieves' World (3) Edit Manual Thieves' World Player SpirosBlaak Handbook The Trojan War Murder at the Vulgar Red Star Campaign Unicorn Setting Shadowspawn's Guide to Egyptian Adventures: Sanctuary Hamunaptra Sidewinder: Recoiled Black Company Campaign Setting Eternal Rome

Advanced Rulebooks (3)

Edit Advanced Gamemaster's Guide Advanced Player's Manual Advanced Bestiary Edit Red or White The Succubus Bride A Thief's Tale

Guildhouse Games (7)

Dark and Stormy Night A Green Place to Die A Mage's Tale The Plague of Nyrathoth

Human Head Studios (1)

Redhurst: Academy of Magic Edit


Kenzer Co. (36)


Kingdoms of Kalamar Supplements(15) Kingdoms of Kalamar Core(5)

Edit Atlas, Kingdoms of Kalamar Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene Dungeon Master's Shield Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Blood and Shadows: The Dark Elves of Tellene By the Sword: Dueling in Realms of Fantasy City Map Folio Friend and Foe: The Elves and Bugbears

Villain Design Handbook

Kingdoms of Kalamar Adventures(15)

Edit Aldriv's Revenge Black as the Brightest Flame Coin's End Deathright Fate of Heroes Forging Darkness Midnight's Terror Lands of Mystery Root of all Evil Perils of Pekal Siren's Prize Stand and Deliver

of Tellene Friend and Foe: The Gnomes and Kobolds of Tellene Fury in the Wastelands: The Orcs of Tellene Geanavue: Stones of Peace Good and Gear Loona, Port of Intrigue Player Character Record Book Player's Primer Strength and Honor: The Mighty Hobgoblins of Tellene Secrets of the Alubelok Coast Stealth and Style Trove of Treasure Maps

Kingdoms of Kalamar Living(1)

Edit Pekal Gazetteer Edit Edit

Malhavoc Press (35)

Eldritch Might & More (10)

Other Sourcebooks(5)


Book of Eldritch Might Anger of Angels Book of Eldritch Might II: Songs and Beyond Countless Doorways Souls of Power Chaositech Book of Eldritch Might III: The Nexus Monte Cook Presents: The Year's Best Book of Hallowed Might d20 2004 Book of Hallowed Might II: Portents and Skreyn's Register: The Bonds of Magic Visions Arcana Unearthed/Evolved (8) Edit Book of Iron Might, The Diamond Throne, The Book of Rougish Luck, The DM's Screen and Player's Guide Complete Book of Eldritch Might, The Legacy of the Dragon Book of Experimental Might Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved Book of Experimental Might II: Bloody, Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed Bold, and Resolute Mystic Secrets Event Books(3) Edit Ruins of Intrigue Cry Havoc Transcendence Requiem For a God Iron Heroes (4) Edit When the Sky Falls Monty Cook Presents: The Iron Heroes Psionics Books(3) Edit Bestiary If Thoughts Could Kill Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics Monte Cook Presents: Mastering Iron

Mindscapes Edit

d20 Adventures(2)
Banewarrens, The Demon God's Fane

Heroes Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes To Duel With Dragons

Mongoose Publishing (152)

Quintessential Series (35)
Edit Quintessential Barbarian Quintessential Barbarian II Quintessential Bard Quintessential Bard II Quintessential Chaos Mage Quintessential Cleric Quintessential Cleric II Quintessential Druid Quintessential Druid II Quintessential Drow Quintessential Dwarf Quintessential Dwarf II Quintessential Elf Quintessential Elf II Quintessential Fighter Quintessential Fighter II Quintessential Gnome Quintessential Half-Orc Quintessential Halfling Quintessential Human Quintessential Monk Quintessential Monk II Quintessential Paladin Quintessential Paladin II Quintessential Psion Quintessential Psychic Warrior Quintessential Ranger Quintessential Ranger II Quintessential Rogue Quintessential Rogue II Quintessential Samurai Quintessential Sorcerer Quintessential Witch Quintessential Wizard Quintessential Wizard II Edit

Edit Edit

Ultimate Series (10)

Ultimate Equipment Guide Ultimate Equipment Guide II Ultimate Game Designer's Companion Ultimate Prestige Classes Ultimate Prestige Classes II Ultimate Character Concepts Ultimate Divine Spells Ultimate Magic Items Ultimate Monster Vol 1 Ultimate NPCs Edit

Classic Play (10)

Book of Dragons Book of Encounters & Lairs Book of Strongholds & Dynasties Book of Adventuring Book of the Sea Book of the Planes Book of Hell Book of Immortals Heroes of Fantasy The Tome of Drow Lore Edit

Encyclopaedia Arcane (23)

Power Classes (9)

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chaos Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane: Enchantment Encyclopaedia Arcane: Star Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane: Illusionism Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs Encyclopaedia Arcane: Battle Magic Encyclopaedia Divine: Shamanism Encyclopaedia Divine: Fey Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane: Elementalism Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy Encyclopaedia Arcane: Abjuration Encyclopaedia Arcane: Components & Foci Encyclopaedia Arcane: Sovereign Magic

Assassin Gladiator Exorcist Noble Knight Artificer Hedge Wizard Explorer Fool Edit

Slayer's Guides (21)

The Slayer's Guide to Amazons The Slayer's Guide to Duergar The Slayer's Guide to Yuan-Ti The Slayer's Guide to Orcs Lone Wolf (4) Edit The Slayer's Guide to Dragons The Slayer's Guide to Titans Lone Wolf RPG The Slayer's Guide to Harpies Magic of Magnamund The Slayer's Guide to Kobolds The Darklands The Slayer's Guide to Derro Dawn of Destruction The Slayer's Guide to Goblins Conan (20) Edit The Slayer's Guide to Game Conan RPG Masters Conan RPG - Atlantean Edition The Slayer's Guide to Giants Conan RPG - Pocket Edition The Slayer's Guide to Demons The Road of Kings The Slayer's Guide to Elementals The Scrolls of Skelos The Slayer's Guide to Ogres The Black Stones of Kovag-Re The Slayer's Guide to Lizardfolk The Pirate Isles The Slayer's Guide to Scorpionfolk The Coming of Hanuman The Slayer's Guide to Minotaurs Across Thunder River The Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins The Free Companies The Slayer's Guide Compendium I Shadizar - City of the Wicked Armageddon 2089 (7) Edit Aquilonia Armageddon 2089 RPG Messantia - City of Riches The High Frontier Hyboria's Fiercest - Barbarians, Borderers and The Soldier's Companion Nom War Machines of 2089 Tales of the Black Kingdom Behind Enemy Lines: Kazakhstan Hyboria's Finest - Nobles, Scholars and Earth: 2089 Soldiers Armoured Companies Tower of the Elephant Heretics of Tarantia Starship Troopers (7) Edit Hyboria's Fallen - Pirates,Thieves and StarShip Troopers RPG Temptresses StarShip Troopers RPG Pocket Conan and the Lurking Terror of Nahab Edition

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Crossbreeding Encyclopaedia Arcane: Dragon Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane: Divination Encyclopaedia Arcane: Conjuration Encyclopaedia Arcane: Blood Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane: Tomes & Libraries Encyclopaedia Psionica: World Shapers Encyclopaedia Arcane: Magic Item Creation Encyclopaedia Arcane: Compendium Encyclopaedia Arcane: Drow Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane: Demonology Encyclopaedia Arcane: Familiars Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy Beyond The Grave

Blaze of Glory 1: Alamo Bay The Selvachi Incident Boot Camp The United Citizens' Federation The Arachnid Empire

Expert Player's Guides (1)


Renegade Wizard's Spellbook Edit

Infernum (3)

Book of the Damned Book of the Tormentor Book of the Conquerer Edit

The Drow War (3)

Book One - The Gathering Storm Book Two - The Dying Light Book Three - The Darkest Hour Edit

Monkeygod Enterprises (22)

Adventures (20)
Edit All the King's Men At the Edge of Dreams Black Ice Well Cataclysm on Cloudholme The Dancing Hut Hellstone Deep The Hero Snare The Jade Magi Sewer Crawl The Last Initiate The Magic Dump The Mask of Marruk The Maze of Screaming Silence

Race to the Yellow Lotus The Ruins of Rackfall The Scourge of Raftport Shadows under Thessalaine Song of Storms Sword of Justice Treasures of Elbard Tsar Rising Edit

Sourcebooks (2)

From Stone to Steel Frost and Fur

Necromancer Games (45)

Generic d20 (Sword&Sorcery)(31)
Aberrations Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia The Bonegarden The Book of Taverns Chaos Rising The Crucible of Freya Dead Man's Chest Demons and Devils Eldritch Sorcery Glades of Death The Grey Citadel The Hall of the Rainbow Mage A Lamentation of Thieves

Edit Edit Generic d20 (Kenzer&Co) (4) The Coils of Set Diamond Fortress The Doom of Listonshire A Family Affair Edit

Generic d20 (Troll Lord Games) (6)

Edit The Crystal Skull Fane of the Witch King The Lost City of Barakus The Mother of All Encounter Tables Vampires and Liches Vindication

The Maze of Zayene 1: Prisoners of the Judges Guild (4) Edit Maze The Caverns of Thracia The Maze of Zayene 2: Dimensions of The City State of the Invincible Flight Overlord The Maze of Zayene 3: Tower Chaos Player's Guide to the Wilderlands Morrick Mansion Wilderlands of High Fantasy (Boxed Necropolis Set) Raise the Dead Rappan Athuk 1: The Dungeon of Graves Rappan Athuk 2: The Middle Levels Rappan Athuk 3: The Lower Levels The Siege of Durgam's Folly The Tomb of Abysthor The Tome of Horrors The Tome of Horrors II The Tome of Horrors III Trouble at Durbenford The Vault of Larin Karr What Evil Lurks The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps Rappan Athuk Reloaded Edit

Paizo Publishing (4)

Dragon Magazine Dungeon Magazine Dungeons & Dragons: The Dragon Compendium, Volume 1 Dungeons & Dragons: The Shackled City Adventure Path Edit

Paradigm Concepts (23)

Arcanis (14)
Edit Codex Arcanis Player's Guide to Arcanis Legacy of Damnation City of Secrets Coryani Chronicles: In The Shadow Of The Devil Spear of the Lohgin Bloody Sands of Sicaris Swords of Coryan Blood Reign of Nishanpur Theocracy of Canceri Psionics Unbound Codex Arcanis 3.5 Forged in Magic: Revised and

General d20 (7)


Forged in Magic Slaves of the Moon: The Essential Guide to Lycanthropes Unveiled Masters: The Essential Guide To Mind Flayers Eldest Sons: Essential Guide To Elves Lords of the Peaks: The Essential Guide to Giants Spell Decks: Mysteries of the Arcane Spell Decks: Songs of the Wild Edit

Licensed Products (2)

Legend of the Five Rings: Bloodspeakers Spycraft: Most Wanted

Expanded Year of Ill Harvest Edit

Pelgrane Press (2)

The Dying Earth (1)
Edit The Primer of Practical Magic Edit

General d20 (1)

The Book of Unremitting Horror Edit

QuikLink, Inc. (6)

T20 Lite The Traveller's Handbook - Traveller for the d20 System Yiarn Caardee Vehicle Catalog Gateway to Destiny - The Gateway Domain Sourcebook Traveller20 Referee's Screen Personal Weapons of Charted Space Edit

S. T. Cooley Publishing (9)

Arcane Arsenal: Buildup Spells Arcane Arsenal: Jet Spells Buy the Numbers Divine Arsenal: Banner Spells Divine Arsenal: Baton Spells The Enchiridion of Elided Enduements of the Expanse The Enchiridion of Mystic Music The Enchiridion of Treasures and Objects d'Art Trouble in River City Edit

Skirmisher Publishing (7)

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars: Shadows of a Dying World Experts v.3.5 Noble Wild Nuisances Nuisances: Director's Cut Tests of Skill Warriors Edit Edit

Sovereign Press(28)
Dragonlance Various(17)
Age of Mortals Bestiary of Krynn Bestiary of Krynn Revised

Sovereign Stone (11)


Bestiary of Loerem Campaign Sourcebook (HC) Campaign Sourcebook (SC)

Dragons of Krynn Dragons of Autumn Dragons of Spring Dragons of Winter Key of Destiny: Campaign Volume I Knightly Orders of Ansalon Lost Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home Price of Courage Races of Ansalon Towers of High Sorcery War of the Lance Spectre of Sorrows: Campaign Volume II Holy Orders of the Stars Legends of the Twins Edit

Codex Mysterium Elves Escape Into Darkness Kingoms of the Sword & Stars Marauders of the Wolf The Dwarves Old Vinnengael, City of Sorrows Sanctuary The Taan

Stanton Industries (1)

The Void

Sword and Sorcery Studios (78)

Scarred Lands: Creature Books(6)
Creature Collection(3.0) Creature Collection II (3.0) Creature Collection III (3.5) Creature Collection Revised (3.5) Vigil Watch: Warrens of the Ratmen Vigil Watch: Secrets of the Asaathi Edit


Warcraft: The RPG(6)


Warcraft: the RPG Magic & Mayhem Lands of Conflict Shadosw & Light Manual of Monsters Alliance & Horde Compendium Edit

Scarred Lands: Campaign Setting World of Warcraft(5) Hardbounds(4)

Edit Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Termana The Divine and the Defeated Strange Lands: Lost Tribes of the Scarred Lands Edit World of Warcraft RPG Alliance Player's Guide Horde Player's Guide Lands of Mystery More Magic & Mayhem

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