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Ruth S.

Ammon School of Education

Department of Exercise Science, Health Studies Physical Education and Sports Management Ellen Kowalski, Ph.D Tel. (516)-877-4265 Fax. (516) 877-4258

April 4th, 2013

t h S . A m m o n c h o o l o f E d u c a t i o n e p a r t m e n t o f

Student Affairs Letter of Recommendation for: h u r in reference to: Senior Awards To Whom It May Concen: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for A phis i r Awar s in support of Sheldon Sucre. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sheldon as a physical education teacher education (PETE) undergraduate student, at Adelphi University, in the Department of Health Studies, Physical Education, and Human Performance Science. As an undergraduate, in my Curriculum and Teaching course, I have had the opportunity to observe Sheldon, and have found him to possess a high level of sincerity and devotion not only for his own academic preparation and success, but toward his classmates, and professional involvement in our field. Sheldon's ability to multi-task, organize, coordinate, and plan for student learning, in spite of him being a novice in the field, are a depiction of determination and success. Sheldon is an exceptional individual who takes his dedication to teaching and professionalism seriously. He is a highly motivated student who takes pride in his teaching, student engagement, planning, and learning. As I have had the opportunity to observe Sheldon, his ability to plan, teach, and engage his students that entirely encounter shines through his teaching. As a student his ability to reflect and use problem solving skills, whenever confronted with a challenge, were demonstrations of determination and resiliency, all qualities that one is encouraged to see in any future professional. Sheldon's levels of intensity and desire to achieve are qualities which have not only been recognized within the constructs of my classroom, but have been skills recognized by others, and are evident by the numerous awards and honors which he has received (e.g. NASPE 2012 Major of the year, Member of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society, and Dean's List for 2010-present, Student representative of AAHPERD/AAPAR Council of Aquatic Professionals section). Moreover, as a future professional Sheldon's independence and determination have provided me with the confidence and opportunity to work with him on professional presentations and a current grant project. In the Fall 2011 and the Fall of 2012 Sheldon presented a session entitled " Catch the Wave: Update Your Aquatic Safety Skills in CPR." for the New York State Association

x e r c i s e

for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NYSAHPERD) New York State Conference. Verona, NY. Also Sheldon will be presenting two other presentations at the 2012 NYSAHPERD Conference. Additionally, on the National level, Sheldon was elected as the student delegate for the 2012-2013 Council of Aquatic Professionals, AAPAR/AAPHERD. Sheldon even submitted a proposal to present at the 2013 EDA Convention in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Also, his dedication to service has also been forged under the same strength, all apparent in his professional involvement and leadership in a variety of areas (e.g. Membership in NYSAHPERD Future Professional section, Holding professional positions such as past secretary and Vice-President of the Adelphi University's Physical Education Majors Club, be being app i t NY AHPERDs Aquati s ti Pr si t). h has a s v u t r t w rk side by side with me for the past two years on a 21s t Century P.R.O.M.I.S.E Grant Project Guard: Make A Splash E.N.D.N .Y (End Needless D r o w n i n g New York), currently running in the afterschool program in a local High School. Sheldon's achievements, activities, awards and involvement are unparalleled, and having had the opportunity to make the acquaintance with this young man has been nothing less than inspiring. I am recomm i g h f r A phis i r Awar s I feel that he is an initiator of ideas and the embodiment of a young man that will be a force within our profession. As a future professional Sheldon demonstrates an ability to work with faculty, administrators, physical education professionals, and students, in an influential and respectful manner. He has a quiet confidence and attitude that will surely take him far in life and he will be an asset to any professional organization, team, and any school district that he encounters.


Angela Beale, Ph.D.

Angela Beale Assistant Professor Department of Health Studies, Physical Education, and Human Performance Science Adelphi University Garden City, New York 11530 Tel: 516-877-4292; beale@adelphi.edu