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Chapter 26 - WWII

Section 3 War in Europe and North Africa

Allies Fight Back

Aid Europe first, while still aiding China against Japan Buildup of troops in Great Britain to invade France

Assault on German forces in North Africa

U-boat attacks
Sonar used to find and destroy

Halting German Advance

North Africa
Suez Canal

Battle of El Alamein
British forces stopped German forces
Surrendered (N.A. under Allies control)

Back to Europe (Italy)

Invaded Sicily Mussolini surrendered (Not Hitler though)

German & Soviets battling on Eastern front. Hold onto Stalingrad at all costs Harsh weather
Hitler didnt care.

Thousands of Germans froze or starved to death German commander, against Hitler, surrendered

Soviet Union regained control

D-Day Invasion
Planning the largest sea-to-land invasion ever. Germans expected an attack of France
Packed up the coastline

American, British and Canadian troops invaded France JUNE 6, 1944

D-DAY (Designated day) 6,000 ships 11,000 planes 156,000 men

PAGE 819
Read last 2 paragraphs.

Open your book to page 818 Find Sicily Imagine that you are a U.S. Military officer serving in the army just before the Allied invasion of Europe began. Prepare a letter to your military superior recommending that the allied invasion begin in Sicily, rather than anywhere along the Atlantic coast. You must use the map and geographic features to back up your plan.