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====================================================== Pilot Data ====================================================== You may create your own pilot for use in the game.

Pilot data will be transfered during netplay, so your opponents do not need to have your pilot data. % Creation Create a folder in the pilot folder, and create the following: + pilot.txt Put the name of your pilot in this text. (24 letters max) + face.png Picture of the pilot This picture will be transferred during netplay, and other playe rs will see you as this pic. The size must be: width 200, height 150. Furthermore, it needs to be under 100 kb to be transferred durin g netplay. + 0.ogg - 9.ogg + 0.txt - 9.txt Pushing the number on the keyboard will play the ogg file and show the t ext. During netplay, the pilot picture along with the text will be transferre d. @ @ @ @ *Only the OGG format is supported. *Text is limited to 99 letters. *Shift+number allows you to message only your allies. *OGG files need to be under 50 kb to be transferred during netplay.

+ Other ogg files Certain actions trigger these files to played. @ @ @ @ Your opponents will not hear the voices during netplay. Below is the list of which files will be referenced and for what reason. atk1~5.ogg: s_atk1~5.ogg: dmg1~5.ogg: destroy1~5.ogg: Attacks Strong attacks Taking damage Destroying enemies

die1~5.ogg: Being destroyed rebirth1~5.ogg: Respawning wake1~5.ogg: Standing back up @ @ @ @*Only OGG format is supported. *Selection of 1-5 is random (will not play if there is no file). *Needs to be under 50kb to be transferred during netplay. % HEADS UP + OGG format sound files can be created with free applications on the web. @ + Large sound files may cause netplay to take longer starting the match.