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Al Ruqyah

Protective and Healing Supplications from the Quran

and Sunnah

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Table of Contents

Definition Page 1
Types of Ruqyah Page 1
Evidences from the Quran and Sunnah Page 2
Al Ruqyah from the Quran Page 5
Al Ruqyah from the Prophets (S) Sunnah Page 11
Hadith on the Virtues of Ruqyah with Allahs Book Page 18
Hadith on the Virtues of Some Sunnah Duaas Page 22
More Supplications for the Sick Page 25
- 1 -



Ai-Ruqyah : A foimula (consisting of supplications anu may also incluue
light spitting) employeu by the one who is stiuck by uisease like being poisoneu
oi }inn possession, etc. anu othei than that fiom the vaiious uiseases. (lbnul

/%0)1 .* "#$%&'

Theie aie two types of Ruqyah: Legislative Ruqyah anu the
polytheistic Ruqyah , which is foibiuuen. The legislative Ruqyah must
fulfill the following conuitions:
1. That it is a Ruqyah using the Woius of Allah the Nost Bigh, oi by Bis
Names & Attiibutes, oi using Piophetic uu'aas (supplications)
2. That it is (ieciteu) in the Aiabic language oi by what (evei language) it's
meanings aie known.
S. That the (the patient) believes that the Ruqyah itself cannot effect him but
that the effectiveness is fiom Allah the Nost Bigh, anu;
4. That the Ruqyah uoes not (contain) any piohibiteu featuie; the Ruqyah is
not peifoimeu uuiing janaabah (majoi impuiity), oi in a giave oi toilet.

Ibn Baji saiu (Fath 1u2u6) "The Scholais have agieeu upon the peimissibility
of Ruqyah when these conuitions aie all met." (Refer to Ar-Ruqiyotusb-
Sbor'eeyob, B. AbJullob ot-Toyyoor, p.79)

- 2 -
23+4),5)1 *6.7 -') 8#6&, &,4 9#,,&'

The eviuence foi using Qui'aan foi Ruqyah anu its effectiveness in tieating both
physical anu spiiitual uiseases is establisheu in the statement of Allah:

"Anu We senu uown of the Qui'n that which is a healing anu a meicy to those
who believe" (Al-'lsro', 17:82)

The piactice of Ruqyah pie-uates the appeaiance of Islam in the Aiabian
Peninsula anu was iefineu anu puiifieu by the Piophet . In one Baueeth, a
family fiom the Companions came to the Piophet anu ieau to him a Ruqyah,
seeking his appioval, which they employeu foi scoipion stings. Aftei heaiing the
Ruqyah anu seeing that it containeu nothing polytheistic, the Piophet saiu: "I
see no haim in it, whoevei among you is able to help his biothei, shoulu uo so."

This inciuent was likely to be in iesponse to his saying: "Show me youi Ruqyahs,
theie is no haim in Ruqyah as long as theie is no Shiik in it." (Huslim S4S7)

"Foi any uisease theie is a cuie, anu when the cuie matches the uisease, the
peison iecoveis by the will of Allah..." (ReloteJ by Huslim)

- S -

Naiiateu Abu Buiaiiah (iaui Allahu anhu) that the Piophet saiu: "Theie is no
uisease that Allah has sent uown except that Be also has sent uown its
tieatment." (Tbe Book of HeJicine: Sobib Bukbori)

Naiiateu 'Aisha: The Piophet oiueieu me oi somebouy else to uo Ruqya (if
theie was uangei) fiom an evil eye. (Sobib Bukbori: volume 7, Book 71, Number

Naiiateu 0m Salama: that the Piophet saw in hei house a giil whose face hau
a black spot. Be saiu. "She is unuei the effect of an evil eye; so tieat hei with a
Ruqya." (Sobib Bukbori: volume 7, Book 71, Number 6SS)

Naiiateu Al-Aswau: I askeu 'Aisha about tieating poisonous stings (a snake-bite
oi a scoipion sting) with a Ruqya. She saiu, "The Piophet alloweu the
tieatment of poisonous sting with Ruqya." (Sobib Bukbori: volume 7, Book 71,
Number 6S7)

- 4 -
With iegaiu to the haueeth naiiateu by Nuslim (22u), accoiuing to which the
Piophet (peace anu blessings of Allaah be upon him) uesciibeu the seventy
thousanu of this ummah who will entei Paiauise without being biought to
account oi punisheu, anu in which it says: "They aie those who uiu not iecite
iuqyah oi ask foi iuqyah to be uone, anu they uiu not believe in bau omens anu
they put theii tiust in theii Loiu" - the phiase "they uiu not iecite iuqyah" is the
woius of the naiiatoi, not of the Piophet (peace anu blessings of Allaah be upon
him). Bence al-Bukhaaii naiiateu this haueeth (no. S42u) anu he uiu not
mention this phiase.
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have meicy on him) saiu:
These people aie piaiseu because they uiu not ask anyone to iecite iuqyah foi
them, anu iuqyah is a type of uu'aa', so they uiu not ask otheis to piay foi them.
The phiase "anu they uiu not iecite iuqyah" which is mentioneu in the
haueeth is a mistake (on the pait of the naiiatoi), foi theii iuqyah foi
themselves anu foi otheis is a goou ueeu. The Piophet (peace anu blessings of
Allaah be upon him) ieciteu iuqyah foi himself anu foi otheis; he uiu not ask
anyone to iecite iuqyah foi him. Bis ieciting iuqyah foi himself anu otheis was
like his making uu'aa' foi himself anu otheis; this is something that is enjoineu,
foi all the Piophets askeu of Allaah anu piayeu to Bim, as Allaah tells us in the
stoiies of Auam, Ibiaaheem, Noosa anu otheis.
(Hojmoo ol-Iotoowo, 1,182; lbn ol-oyyim {moy Alloob bove mercy on bim)
soiJ: Tbis pbrose is inserteJ in tbe boJeetb, but it is o mistoke on tbe port of some
of tbe norrotors; EooJi ol-Arwoob, 1,89)

- S -
Protective onJ Eeolinq Supplicotions from tbe uron onJ Sunnob

:+61-; <= "#$%&' *6.7 -') 8#6&,

"I seek iefuge in Allah fiom Satan the outcast."

Surot Al-Iotibo

Bismilloobir-Robmoonir-Robeem. Al-omJu lillobi Robbi Al-lomin. Ar-Robmoni
Ar-Robim. Holiki Yowmi AJ-Bin. 'yoko NobuJu Wo 'yoko Nostoin. AbJino Ay-
Siro;o Al-Hustoqim. Siro;o Al-loJbino 'Anomto Aloybim 6boyri Al-HoqbJubi
Aloybim Wo lo AJ-Bollin.

- 6 -
"In the Name of Allh, the Nost uiacious, the Nost Neiciful. All the piaises anu
thanks be to Allh, the Loiu of the 'Alamn (mankinu, jinn anu all that exists).
The Nost uiacious, the Nost Neiciful. The 0nly 0wnei (anu the 0nly Ruling
}uuge) of the Bay of Recompense (i.e. the Bay of Resuiiection). You (Alone) we
woiship, anu You (Alone) we ask foi help (foi each anu eveiything). uuiue us to
the Stiaight Way. The Way of those on whom You have bestoweu Youi uiace, not
(the way) of those who eaineu Youi Angei (such as the }ews), noi of those who
went astiay (such as the Chiistians)."

Ayot ol-Kursi {2:2SS)

Alloobu loo 'iloobo 'illoo Euwol-Eoyyul-oyyoom, loo to'kbutbubu sinotun wo loo
nowm, lobu moo fis-somoowooti wo moofil-'orJb, mon tbol-lotbee yosbfo'u
'inJobu 'illoo bi'itbnib, yo'lomu moo boyno 'oyJeebim wo moo kbolfobum, wo loo
yubeetoono bisboy'im-min 'ilmibi 'illoo bimoo sboo'o, wosi'o kursiyyubus-
somoowooti wol'orJb, wo loo yo'ooJubu bifJbubumoo, wo Euwol-'Aliyyul-

- 7 -
"Allah! Theie is none woithy of woiship but Be, the Evei Living, the 0ne Who
sustains anu piotects all that exists. Neithei slumbei noi sleep oveitakes Bim.
To Bim belongs whatevei is in the heavens anu whatevei is on the eaith. Who is
he that can inteiceue with Bim except with Bis Peimission. Be knows what
happens to them in this woilu, anu what will happen to them in the Beieaftei.
Anu they will nevei compass anything of Bis Knowleuge except that which Be
wills. Bis Thione extenus ovei the heavens anu the eaith, anu Be feels no fatigue
in guaiuing anu pieseiving them. Anu Be is the Nost Bigh, the Nost uieat."

Surot Al-Boqorob {2:28S & 2:286)

- 8 -
'Aomonor-Rosoolu bimoo 'unzilo mir-Robbibi wolmu'minoon, kullun 'oomono
billoobi wo moloo'ikotibi wo Kutubibi wo Rusulibi, loo nuforriqu boyno 'oboJim-
mir-Rusulibi, wo qooloo somi'noo wo 'oto'noo qbufroonoko Robbonoo wo 'iloykol-
moseer. loo yukollifulloobu nofson 'illoo wus'oboo, loboo moo kosobot wo
'oloyboo mok-tosobot, Robbonoo loo tu'ookbitbnoo 'in noseenoo 'ow 'okbto'noo,
Robbonoo wo loo tobmil 'oloynoo 'isron komoo bomoltobu 'olol-lotbeeno min
qoblinoo, Robbonoo wo loo tubommilnoo moo loo tooqoto lonoo bibi, wo'fu
'onnoo, woqbfir lonoo worbomnoo, 'Anto Howloonoo fonsurnoo 'olol-qowmil-

"The Nessengei believes in what has been sent uown to him fiom his Loiu, anu
so uo the believeis. Each one believes in Allah, Bis Angels, Bis Books, anu Bis
Nessengeis. They say: "We make no uistinction between any of Bis Nessengeis,"
anu they say: "We heai, anu we obey. (We seek) Youi Foigiveness, oui Loiu, anu
to You is the ietuin." Allah buiuens not a peison beyonu what he can beai. Be
gets iewaiu foi that (goou) which he has eaineu, anu he is punisheu foi that
(evil) which he has eaineu. 0ui Loiu! Punish us not if we foiget oi fall into eiioi.
0ui Loiu! Lay not on us a buiuen like that which You uiu lay on those befoie us.
0ui Loiu! Put not on us a gieatei buiuen than we have stiength to beai. Paiuon
us anu giant us foigiveness. Bave meicy on us. You aie oui Piotectoi, anu help
us against the uisbelieving people."

Surot Al-lkblos {S Times)

Bismilloobir-Robmoonir-Robeem. ul Euwolloobu 'AboJ. Alloobus-SomoJ. lom
yoliJ wo lom. yooloJ. Wo lom yokun lobu kufuwon 'oboJ.

"Say: Be is Allah (the) 0ne. The Self-Sufficient Nastei, Whom all cieatuies neeu,
Be begets not noi was he begotten, anu theie is none equal to Bim."

- 9 -
Surot Al-Ioloq {S Times)

Bismilloobir-Robmoonir-Robeem. ul 'o'ootbu birobbil-foloq. Hin sborri moo
kboloq. Wo min sborri qboosiqin 'itboo woqob. Wo min sborrin-noffootbooti fil-
'uqoJ. Wo min sborri boosiJin 'itboo bosoJ.

"Say: I seek iefuge with (Allah) the Loiu of the uaybieak, fiom the evil of what
Be has cieateu, anu fiom the evil of the uaikening (night) as it comes with its
uaikness, anu fiom the evil of those who piactice witchciaft when they blow in
the knots, anu fiom the evil of the enviei when he envies."

- 1u -
Surot An-Nos {S Times)

Bismilloobir-Robmoonir-Robeem. ul 'o'ootbu birobbin-noos. Holikin-noos.
'lloobin-noos. Hin sborril-woswoosil-kbonnoos. Allotbee yuwoswisu fee suJoorin-
noos. Hinol-jinnoti wonnoos.

"Say: I seek iefuge with (Allah) the Loiu of mankinu, the King of mankinu, the
uou of mankinu, fiom the evil of the whispeiei who withuiaws, who whispeis in
the bieasts of mankinu, of jinns, anu men."

- 11 -

9)5.,4; <= "#$%&' *6.7 -') >6.0')-?1 9#,,&'

AooJbu Billoob il-somee il-oleem minosb-Sboytoon ir-rojeem wo min bomzibi wo
nofokbibi wo noftbibi.

"I seek iefuge with Allah, the All-Beaiing, the All-Knowing, fiom the accuiseu
Satan, fiom his mauness, his aiiogance, anu his poetiy." (TirmiJbi, Abu BowooJ)

'0'eetbukumoo bikolimootil-loobit-toommoti min kulli sboytoonin wo boommotin,
wo min kulli 'oynin loommotin.

"I seek piotection foi you in the Peifect Woius of Allah fiom eveiy uevil anu
eveiy beast, anu fiom eveiy envious blamewoithy eye." (Sobib ol-Bukbori)

@.-): If you aie uoing foi youiself, say oooJbu minus kumo.

'A'ootbu bikolimootil-loobit-toommooti min sborri moo kboloqo.

"I seek iefuge in the Peifect Woius of Allah fiom the evil of what Be has
cieateu." (Huslim)

- 12 -

Bismilloobil-lotbee loo yoJburru mo'os-mibi sboy'un fil-'orJbi wo loo fis-somoo'i
wo Euwos-Somee 'ul- 'Aleem.

"In the Name of Allah, Who with Bis Name nothing can cause haim in the eaith
noi in the heavens, anu Be is the All-Beaiing, the All-Knowing." {S Times) (Abu
BowooJ, ot-TirmiJbi)

Bismilloob. 'A'ootbu billoobi wo quJrotibi min sborri moo 'ojiJu wo 'ubootbiru.

"In the Name of Allah." {S Times) "I seek iefuge in Allah anu in Bis Powei fiom
the evil of what I finu anu of what I guaiu against. " {7 Times) (Huslim)

Bismillobi orqiko, min kulli sboy'in yu'Jbiko, min sborri kulli nofsin ow oynin
bosiJin, Allobu yosbfiko, bismillobi orqiko.

"In the Name of Allah I piay ovei you foi healing (Ruqyah), fiom eveiything that
botheis you, fiom the evil of eveiy soul anu eveiy evil eye that hates you, may
Allah cuie you, in the Name of Allah I piay ovei you foi healing.'' (Huslim)

- 1S -

Bismillobi yubriko min kulli Join yosbfiko wo min sborri bosiJin izo bosoJo wo
sborri kulli Jbi oyn.

"In the name of Allah. Be may cuie you fiom all kinus of illness anu safeguaiu
you fiom the evil of a jealous one when he feels jealous anu fiom the evil
influence of eye." (Sobib Huslim)

As'olullobol-Azimo Robbol-Arsbil-Azimi, on yosbfiyoko.

"I ask Allah Almighty, Loiu of the Nagnificent Thione, to make you well." {7
Times) (Abu BowuJ, ot-TirmiJbi)

loo 'iloobo 'illolloobul-'AJbeemul-Eoleem, loo 'iloobo 'illolloobu Robbul-'Arsbil-
'AJbeem, loo 'iloobo 'illolloobu Robbus-somoowooti wo Robbul-'orJbi wo Robbul-

"Theie is no gou but Allah, the All-Poweiful, the Foibeaiing; theie is no gou but
Allah, Loiu of the mighty Thione; theie is no gou but Allah, Loiu of heaven, Loiu
of eaith, anu Loiu of the noble Thione." (Sobib ol-Bukbori, Sobib Huslim)

- 14 -

Yoo Tbol-}olooli wol-'lkroom, yoo Eoyyu yoo oyyoomu birobmotiko

"0 the Loiu of uloiy anu Bonoi, 0 Evei Living 0ne, 0 Eteinal 0ne, I seek help
thiough Youi meicy." (At-TirmiJbi)

Allobummo oJbbibil-bo'so, Robbon-nosi, isbfi, Antosb-Sbofi, lo sbifo'o illo
sbifo'uko, sbifoon lo yuqboJiru soqomon.

"0 Allah, Loiu of the people, take away the uisease anu cuie him; You aie the
0ne Who cuies anu theie is no cuie except Youi Cuie - a cuie that leaves no
uisease." (Al-Bukbori, Huslim)

Alloobummo 'oofinee fee boJonee, Alloobummo 'oofinee fee som'ee, Alloobummo
'oofinee fee bosoree, loo 'iloobo 'illoo 'Anto.

"0 Allah, make me healthy in my bouy. 0 Allah, pieseive foi me my heaiing. 0
Allah, pieseive foi me my sight. Theie is none woithy of woiship but You." {S
Times) (Abu BowooJ)

- 1S -

Alloobummo 'innee 'os'olukol-'ofwo wol'oofiyoto fiJ-Junyoo wol'ookbiroti,
Alloobummo 'innee 'os'olukol-'ofwo wol'oofiyoto fee Jeenee wo Junyooyo wo
'oblee, wo moolee, Alloobum-mostur 'owrootee, wo 'oomin row'ootee, Alloobum-
mobfoJbnee min boyni yoJoyyo, wo min kbolfee, wo 'on yomeenee, wo 'on
sbimoolee, wo min fowqee, wo 'o'ootbu bi'oJbomotiko 'on 'uqbtoolo min tobtee.

"0 Allah, I seek Youi foigiveness anu Youi piotection in this woilu anu the next.
0 Allah, I seek Youi foigiveness anu Youi piotection in my ieligion, in my
woiluly affaiis, in my family, anu in my wealth. 0 Allah, conceal my seciets anu
pieseive me fiom anguish. 0 Allah, guaiu me fiom what is in fiont of me anu
behinu me, fiom my left, anu fiom my iight, anu fiom above me. I seek iefuge in
Youi uieatness fiom being stiuck uown fiom beneath me." (Abu BowooJ)

AlloobummobJinee, worzuqnee, wo 'oofinee, worbomnee.

"0 Allah guiue me, pioviue foi me, piotect me, anu have meicy on me." (Sobib

- 16 -

Alloobummo robmotoko 'orjoo foloo tokilnee 'iloo nofsee torfoto 'oynin, wo 'oslib
lee sbo'nee kullobu, loo'iloobo 'illoo 'Anto.

"0 Allah, I hope foi Youi Neicy. Bo not leave me to myself even foi the blinking
of an eye. Coiiect all of my affaiis foi me. Theie is none woithy of woiship but
You." (Abu BowooJ)

Allobummo inn nosoluko min kboyri mo sooloko minbu nobiyyuko
HubommoJun sollollbu oloybi wosollom, wo nooJbu biko min sborri
mostooJboko minbu nobiyyuko HubommoJun sollollbu oloybi wosollom, wo
ontol mustoonu wo oloykul boloqbu wolo bowlo wolo quwwoto ill billob.

"0 Allah! We seek all what is goou, what has been askeu foi by Youi Piophet
Nuhammau We seek Youi iefuge fiom all what is evil, fiom what has Youi
iefuge been sought foi by Youi Piophet Nuhammau . You aie the only helpei
who is askeu foi help anu it is foi You to accomplish oui piayeis. Theie is no
stiength oi powei except with Allah." (At-TirmiJbi)

- 17 -

Alloobummo solli 'oloo HubommoJin wo 'oloo 'ooli HubommoJin, komoo solloyto
'oloo 'lbroobeemo wo 'oloo 'ooli 'lbroobeemo, 'innoko EomeeJun HojeeJ.
Alloobummo boorik 'oloo HubommoJin wo 'oloo 'ooli HubommoJin, komoo
boorokto 'oloo 'lbroobeemo wo 'oloo 'ooli 'lbroobeemo, 'innoko EomeeJun

"0 Allah, bestow Youi favoi on Nuhammau anu on the family of Nuhammau as
You have bestoweu Youi favoi on Ibiahim anu on the family of Ibiahim, You aie
Piaisewoithy, Nost uloiious. 0 Allah, bless Nuhammau anu the family of
Nuhammau as You have blesseu Ibiahim anu the family of Ibiahim, You aie
Piaisewoithy, Nost uloiious." (Bukbori)
- 18 -

A&4+-' ., -') B+6-#)1 .* "#$%&' C+-' <==&'?1 D..E
'Aishah (RA) iepoiteu that Allah's Nessengei came into hei house anu saw
with hei a woman who was tieating hei with iuqyah. Be tolu hei: 'Tieat hei
(only) with Allah's Book.' (RecorJeJ by lbn Eibbon; verifieJ to be outbentic by ol-
Alboni in os-Sobibob no. 19S1)

"With iegaiu to the uu'aa' that is piesciibeu foi the Nuslim to say if he wants to
iecite Ruqyah foi himself oi foi someone else, theie aie many such uu'aa's, the
gieatest of which aie "#$%""&'("( anu "#$)'*+",("&"-.."

"#$%&' C+-' 9#6&' <=F:&-+'&

Suiah al Fatihah is also nameu ai-Ruqya, the Spiiitual Cuie uue to the haueeth of
Abu Sa`eeu (RA) iepoiteu in Saheeh Bukhaaiee that aftei he hau ieciteu it to
cuie a peison who hau been bitten by a scoipion, the Nessengei of Allaah
saiu to him, AnJ wbot moJe you to know tbot it wos o ruqyo? (Sobeeb Bukbooree:
Fnq. Trons. S,264 no. 476)

Theie is a cuie foi eveiything in the "0pening of the Book." |Suiah Al-Fatihahj.
(Al-Boiboqi onJ AJ-Borimi)

- 19 -
"#$%&' C+-' <=FG#&CC+4'&-

'Aishah (RA) iepoiteu: "When Allah's Nessengei went to beu, he woulu biing
the palms of both hanus togethei, anu blow into them while ieauing "ul buwo
Allobu oboJ" 112, "ul ouJbu bi robb il-foloq" 11S, "ul ouJbu bi robbi n-Nos"
114. Be woulu then iub with them whatevei he coulu ieach of his bouy, staiting
with his heau, face, anu the fiont pait of his bouy. Be woulu uo this thiee times.
When he got veiy ill, he askeu me to uo that foi him." (Al Bukbori, Huslim)

'Aishah (RA) also iepoiteu: "In the final sickness in which he passeu away, the
Piophet useu to blow ovei himself with al-Nu'awwiuhat. When he became
veiy ill, I blew with them foi him, iubbing ovei him with his own hanu because
of the blessing in it." (Al Bukbori, Huslim)

- 2u -
"#$%&' C+-' <%&- &=FH#61+

0bayy Bin Ka'b naiiateu that he hau a haivest of uates. Be noticeu that it shiunk
eveiy uay, anu ueciueu to watch it at night. Be uiu anu noticeu a beast that
lookeu like a boy who attaineu pubeity. Be gave him salam, anu it iesponueu to
him with salam.

Be askeu it, "Aie you human oi jinn"

It ieplieu, "}inn."

Be tolu it, "Show me youi hanu."

It showeu him its hanu, anu he saw that it lookeu like a uog's, with fui like that of
a uog coveiing it. Be exclaimeu, "Is this how jinn aie like!." It then tolu him, "All
jinns know that theie is no one among them stiongei than me." Be askeu it,
"What biought you heie." It ieplieu, "We have been infoimeu that you like to
give chaiity, so we came to get some of youi foou." Be askeu it, "What woulu
piotect us fiom you." It ieplieu, "This ayah fiom Suiat ul-Baqaiah: (Allahu la
ilaha illa huwa Al-Bayy ul-Qayyum,) (22SS) - whoevei says it in the
evening will be piotecteu fiom us until the moining, anu whoevei says it in the
moining will be piotecteu fiom us until the evening."

In the moining, 0bayy came to Allah's Nessengei anu tolu him of that
inciuent. Be tolu him, 'The evil one has saiu the tiuth!' (RecorJeJ by on-Nosoi
onJ otbers. verifieJ to be outbentic by ol-Alboni)

"#$%&' C+-' -') I&1- /C. B)61)1 .* 9#6&- &=FD&$&6&'

At-Tiimiuhi iepoiteu that an-Nu'man ibn Bashii (RA) naiiateu that Allah's
Nessengei saiu: "veiily! Allah has wiitten a Book befoie the cieation of the
heavens anu eaith by two thousanu yeais. Be has uescenueu fiom it two veises
by which Be enueu Suiat al-Baqaiah, anu if they aie ieciteu in a house, Shaytaan
will not come close to that house foi thiee nights." (AutbenticoteJ by ol-Alboni in
Sobib ot-TirmiJbi no. 2882)

Al-Bukhaii iecoiueu that Ibu Nasuu (RA) saiu that the Nessengei of Allah
saiu: "Whoevei iecites the last two Ayat of Suiat al-Baqaiah at night, they will
suffice him." (Iotb Al-Bori 8:672)

- 21 -
Abu Bhai (RA) naiiateu that Allah's Nessengei saiu: "I was given the last
veises of Suiat al-Baqaiah which aie fiom a tieasuie unuei the Thione (of
Allah); they weie not given to any Piophet befoie me." (Sobib ol-}omie' no. 1060)

- 22 -

A&4+-' ., -') B+6-#)1 .* 9.7) 9#,,&' (#?&&1

It was naiiateu that Ibn 'Abbaas (may Allaah be pleaseu with him) saiu: The
Piophet useu to seek iefuge foi al- Basan anu al-Busayn, anu he woulu say:
"Youi fathei |meaning Ibiaaheemm peace be upon himj useu to seek iefuge with
Allaah foi Ismaa'eel anu Ishaaq with these woius:

'0'eethukumaa bi kalimaatil-laahit-taammah min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah
wa min kulli 'aynin laammah (I seek iefuge in the peifect woius of Allaah, fiom
eveiy uevil anu eveiy poisonous ieptile, anu fiom eveiy evil eye).'" (NorroteJ by
ol-Bukboori, S191)

@.-): If you aie uoing foi youiself, say oooJbu minus kumo.

Abu `Abuullah bin Abul-`as (Nay Allah be pleaseu with him) iepoiteu: I
complaineu to the Nessengei of Allah about a pain I hau in my bouy. The
Nessengei of Allah saiu, "Place youi hanu wheie you feel pain anu say:

`Bismillah (With the Name of Allah)' thiee times; anu then iepeat seven times:
`A`uuhu bi`izzatillahi wa quuiatihi min shaiii ma ajiuu wa `uhauhiiu (I seek
iefuge with Allah anu with Bis Powei fiom the evil that afflicts me anu that
which I appiehenu).''' (Huslim)

- 2S -
J.77),-&6%; This Bauith tells us it is not necessaiy that a patient shoulu
exclusively get Ruqyah fiom otheis; iathei he can also uo Ruqyah himself by
ieciting the Piophet's supplications.

Abu Sa`iu Al-Khuuii (Nay Allah be pleaseu with him) iepoiteu: }ibiil (uabiiel)
came to the Piophet anu saiu: "0 Nuhammau ! Bo you feel sick.'' Be
saiu, "Yes.'' }ibiil supplicateu thus (i.e., he peifoimeu Ruqyah):

"Bismillahi aiqika, min kulli shay'in yu'uhika, min shaiii kulli nafsin aw `aynin
hasiuin, Allahu yashfika, bismillahi aiqika. |With the Name of Allah. I iecite ovei
you (to cleanse you) fiom all that tioubles you, anu fiom eveiy haimful mischief
anu fiom the evil of the eyes of an enviei. Allah will cuie you; anu with the Name
of Allah, I iecite ovei youj.'' (Huslim)

J.77),-&6%; This Bauith cleaily tells us that the Piophet was not fiee fiom
the basic attiibutes of human natuie anu occasionally he also fell ill. Angel }ibiil
(uabiiel) theiefoie piayeu foi his health anu safety against all those things
which coulu haim him. These piayeis shoulu be ieciteu aftei the Piophet's

Ibn `Abbas (Nay Allah be pleaseu with them) iepoiteu: The Piophet saiu, "Be
who visits a sick peison who is not on the point of ueath anu supplicates seven

As'alullahal-`Azima Rabbal-`Aishil-`Azimi, an yashfiyaka (I beseech Allah the
uieat, the Rubb of the uieat Thione, to heal you), Allah will ceitainly heal him
fiom that sickness.'' (Abu BowuJ, At-TirmiJbi)

J.77),-&6%; Theie is always a gieat ceitainty that Allah will iesponu to a
supplication which spiings fiom a sinceie, veiacious heait. 0ne shoulu,
theiefoie, piay foi a patient with full conviction anu ieassuiance of heait.

- 24 -
Noieovei, the Piophet's piayeis have special effect anu giace anu theiefoie
theii oiiginal woiuings shoulu be utteieu.

`Aishah (Nay Allah be pleaseu with hei) iepoiteu: When the Piophet visiteu
any ailing membei of his family, he woulu touch the sick peison with his iight
hanu anu woulu supplicate:

"Allahumma auhhibil-ba'sa, Rabban-nasi, ishfi, Antash-Shafi, la shifa'a illa
shifa'uka, shifaan la yughauiiu saqaman |0 Allah! the Rubb of mankinu! Remove
this uisease anu cuie (him oi hei)! You aie the uieat Cuiei. Theie is no cuie but
thiough You, which leaves behinu no uiseasej.'' (Al-Bukbori, Huslim)

Abuullah bin Ami bin Al-'As (iaui Allahu anhu) iepoiteu that he heaiu the
Piophet saying, "If anyone invokes blessings upon me once, Allah will bestow
blessings upon him ten times ovei." (Huslim)

Ibn Nas'uu (iaui Allahu anhu) iepoiteu that the Piophet saiu, "The people
neaiest to me on the Bay of }uugment will be the ones most conscientious in
invoking blessings upon me." (TirmiJbi reporteJ tbis boJitb, onJ be consiJers it o
sounJ boJitb)

- 2S -

G.6) 9#00=+5&-+.,1 *.6 -') 9+5E
Sa`u bin Abu Waqqas (Nay Allah be pleaseu with him) iepoiteu: The Nessengei
of Allah visiteu me uuiing my illness anu supplicateu,

"0 Allah! Cuie Sa`u. 0 Allah! Cuie Sa`u. 0' Allah! Cuie Sa`u.'' (Huslim)

J.77),-&6%; To piay foi the health anu iecoveiy of the patient, paiticulaily
utteiing his name, is commenuable. Fuitheimoie, one shoulu iepeateuly piay to
Allah anu beseech Bim with supplication till Be iesponus.

Ibn `Abbas (Nay Allah be pleaseu with them) iepoiteu: The Piophet visiteu a
beuouin who was sick. Whenevei he visiteu an ailing peison, he woulu say,

"La ba'sa, tahuiun in shaa Allah |No haim, (it will be a) puiification (fiom sins),
if Allah willsj.'' (Al-Bukbori)

J.77),-&6%; Accoiuing to this Bauith, a patient shoulu be tolu that his uisease
will puige out his sins. To sit besiue the sick, to comfoit his heait anu to say a
few woius of sympathy to him was the Piophet's piactice.

- 26 -

Abu Sa`iu Al-Khuuii anu Abu Buiaiiah (Nay Allah be pleaseu with them)
iepoiteu: The Nessengei of Allah saiu, "If a peison says:

`La ilaha illallahu wallahu Akbai (Theie is no tiue gou except Allah anu Allah is
the uieatest)', his Rubb iesponus to him anu affiims: `(Yes!) Theie is no tiue gou
except I, anu I am the uieatest.' When he says:

`La ilaha illallahu Wahuahu la shaiika Lahu (Theie is no tiue gou except Allah,
the 0ne, Be has no paitnei).' Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) affiims: `(Yes!) Theie
is no tiue gou except I. I have no paitnei.' When he says:

`La ilaha illallahu Lahul mulku wa Lahul-hamuu (the soveieignty belongs to Bim
anu all the piaise is uue to Bim).' Be (subhanahu wa ta'ala) affiims: `(Yes!) Theie
is no tiue gou except I, Nine is the piaise anu to Ne belongs the soveieignty.'
When he says:

`La ilaha illallahu wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa Billah (Theie is no tiue gou
except Allah, anu theie is no might anu powei but with Allah).' Be (subhanahu
wa ta'ala) affiims: `(Yes!) Theie is no tiue gou except I, anu theie is no might anu
powei but with Ne.''' The Nessengei of Allah auueu, "Be who iecites this
uuiing his illness anu uies, will not be toucheu by the Fiie (Bell).'' (At-TirmiJbu)

J.77),-&6%; This Bauith points out the excellence of the woius mentioneu
above. This is so because of gieat meaning they have, namely the fiim belief in
Allah, Bis 0neness anu uloiification; that to Bim Alone we shoulu ietuin, upon
Bim Alone we shoulu iely, anu to Bim Alone we shoulu expiess giatefulness. If
somebouy utteis them uuiing his illness, his life is suie to come to an enu in a
goou way, that is, he will go to }annah.

- 27 -

`Aishah (Nay Allah be pleaseu with him) iepoiteu: When a peison complaineu to
the Piophet about an ailment oi suffeieu fiom a soie oi a wounu, the Piophet
woulu touch the giounu with his foiefingei anu then iaise it (Sufyan bin
`0yainah, the naiiatoi, uemonstiateu this with his foiefingei) anu woulu iecite:

`Bismil-lahi, tuibatu aiuina, biieeqati ba`uina, yushfa bihi saqeemunaa, bi 'iuhni
Rabbina' (With the Name of Allah, the uust of oui giounu mixeu with the saliva
of some of us woulu cuie oui patient with the peimission of oui Rubb).'' (Al-
Bukbori, Huslim)

J.77),-&6%; The Piophet woulu put his foiefingei on eaith anu then mix
his spittle with the uust sticking to it. Afteiwaius, he woulu put it on the
patient's pain-spot oi wounu anu uttei the saiu supplication. This simple act
woulu cuie the patient. Some believe that it was peculiai only to the Piophet
anu was inueeu his miiacle because the paiticulai uust was of Al-Nauinah's soil
with the Piophet's spittle being of a unique quality. But Ibn Bajai uiffeis fiom
this view. Spittle anu uust, accoiuing to him, aie simply exteinal means anu the
cuiative effect in them comes fiom Allah Alone. Seconuly, we may tuin to the
pious people to seek theii blessings anu piayeis foi the iemoval of oui ailments
anu tioubles, pioviueu the spiiitual tieatment is beieft of amulets anu othei
polytheistic ways.

- 1 -

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