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Su Jok Therapy

A Lions Club of Mumbai Su Jok Presentation.


Acupressure & Acupuncture

Are very Good Systems of Treatment
BUT - There are over 900 Points spread All

over body Treatment requires real good Pressure Treatment at wrong Point can be Harmful

Acupressure Points

150 Points in

Acupressure are often used by Therapist

Takes 25 to 30 days to

Difficult to treat ladies in


What is Reflexology?
It is Simple

Easy to Apply

But, One has to remember the Points for

each and every part of the body.

Reflexology Points

Reflexology Points

Su Jok literally means hands and feet.

Su= Hand Jok=Foot

Korean Language

Su Jok Therapy
Its basic premise is that the human body was

created in such a way that it is capable of self cure.

It is an ancient oriental philosophy that has its

origins in the Vedas, although it has been rediscovered by Professor Park Jae Woo of South Korea

Professor Park Jae Woo Authorizing Lion Luthria G B to Teaching Su Jok Therapy

Advantages of Su Jok - 1
Su Jok is completely safe and non-invasive
It is inexpensive and makes use of commonly

available materials Its results, especially in the area of pain relief, are instantaneous It is extremely easy to learn even a child can become a master in minutes

Advantages of Su Jok - 2
Su Jok can treat a wide variety of disorders

acute or chronic Su Jok can be used as a complementary therapy with any other form of conventional or alternative medicine It is accessible to all Rich, Poor, Literate or Illiterate

Uses of Su Jok
It can cure chronic disorders such as Asthma,

Diabetes, Arthritis, Stress, Depression, etc.

It is an extremely effective first aid or

emergency treatment

Su Jok is Useful for Treatment of:

Allergy Anemia Appendicitis Arthritis Asthma Cataract Fainting Gastric / Stomach Pain Heart Attack Insomnia

Low / High B.P.

Constipation Cough & Cold Diabetes

Mental Depression Knee Pain / Joint Pain Slip Disc / Backache

Dysentery Ear pain / Pus

Toothache Sinus

Su Jok is Useful for Treatment of: Continued

Skin Problems Swelling Tonsillitis Urinary Bladder Stone Ladies Problems like; Menses / Leucorrhea / Menopause Excess Bleeding Difficult Labour Pimples

Exceptions & Limitations

Su Jok also has limitations.

Birth Defects
Polio Severe Neurological Problems Serious Mental Disorders Schizophrenia

How Su Jok Works

Similarity of segments in hands and feet to the body

How Su Jok Works

Likeness of the Thumb to the Head


Life Line

Hand & Foot as Replica of Body

Yin & Yang Theory

Ying Yang borders theory

Hand Yin Side


Yang Side Kidney


Tools and Techniques

Once you have located the

corresponding point you need to stimulate it using any of the following objects.
Blunt Pencil Ball Pen without Refill Match Stick Hair Pin Twig of a tree


Apply Light Pressure on the Point and Turn Clockwise & Anti Clock Wise with

Some other tools for stimulation

Massage Rings

By Moving it Up & Down

Knee Pain

Golf Elbow / Tennis Elbow

Solar Plexus Check up

Solar Plexus Correction Treatment


Do not give stimulation to weak persons During Periods or Pregnant Ladies Starved Patients, Tired Dont give strong stimulation to Brain area Dont give treatment to those who are afraid of treatment Patients showing signs of fainting, palpitation Sweating STOP TREATMENT AND Press Corresponding areas of Brain, Heart, kidney Likely Reactions: Running Nose, Temperature, Cough, Quantity of Stools.

Some other tools for stimulation

Thumb Pads

Some other tools for stimulation

Metal stars

Rollers Electro Vibro Stimulator Hand exercisers

Metal Stars

Star Magnets

Miscellaneous Magnets
Bar Magnets Ring Magnets

Boyle Magnets

Diabetic Exerciser

Seed Therapy
Seeds are natural stimulators of the correspondence points. Exchange of energy between seed and point of correspondence Mung and other whole beans, pepper, dried peas, Kidney beans, Apple / Grape seeds etc. can be used

SEEDS used in Su Jok Therapy

Methi Fenugreek
Black Pepper

Green Peas

Kidney Beans RAJMA

Green Gram MUNG

Red Seeds, Heart Shape

Seed Therapy

Similarity of the shape of certain seeds to that of internal organs



Backache Treatment

Neck Pain

Treatment With Stimulator

Shoulder Pain

Nails & Organs

Nails & Organs 2

Color Effect on Body

Energy Points

Su Jok Helps in Head Injury!

Accident on High Way

Bleeding not stopping

No Surgical Suture

Facility Available How will You stop Bleeding? Answer Tie a thread on any Thumb as shown by Arrow.

High Blood Pressure




Gastric Problems

Su Jok can be learnt on Internet

Log on to;

www.lionsclubsujok.org Email. Any Pain Problem info@lionsclubsujok.org