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Lesson 4 PRACTICE EXERCISE 1. The automatic transmission is coupled to the engine through a. an overrunning clutch. b. a torque converter. c.

a planetary gearset. 2. The multiple-disk clutch is used to a. engage the automatic transmission. b. lock planetary gearset elements. c. cushion the torque converter. 3. The automatic transmission shifts gears by locking and releasing a. planetary gearsets. b. multiple-disk clutches. c. brake bands. 4. The shifting pattern of the transmission is controlled by the a. shift lever. b. regulator valve. c. hydraulic system. 5. The center of all shift control is the a. valve body. b. modulator valve. c. shift tower.


Lesson 4 ANSWERS TO PRACTICE EXERCISE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. b b a c a (page 63) (page 64) (page 64) (page 79) (page 89)