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[version history] SHE WOULD GIVE HIM HER HAND, BUT NEVER HER HEART Beth Armitage had

the life she wanted. Her work as a teacher gave her the independence she always sought and a life free from the shackles of matrimony. Yet after a harrowing meeting with the Duke of Belcraven, Beth found herself caught in a we of aristocratic power! and engaged to marry his rakish heir, "ucien de #au$, %ar&uess of Arden' (he was determined to despise her etrothed ut when Arden decided to seduce her she needed all of her strength to keep from surrendering her heart. HE WOULD MARRY, BUT NEVER LOVE )orced into marriage with it commoner to secure his inheritance, "ord Arden despised the coy luestocking who would share his ed. )urious at her defiance and her challenges to his authority, he resolved to control her. But soon her wit and her charms threatened his very will!and his heart... An Unwilling Bride Jo Beverle !EBRA BOO"S *ensington +u lishing ,orp. http-..www./e ra ooks.com ,opyright notice #on$en$% & ' ( ) * + , - . &/ && &' &( &) &* &+ &, &- &. '/ '& '' '( #012$er One contents 0 ne$t