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' = 2609 DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO T.B.C. : P-DTQ-J-HEM ‘Test Booklet Series Serial No. +709 (FOR VISUALLY CHALLENGED CANDIDATES ONLY) TEST BOOKLET GEOLOGY Time Allowed : Two Hours and Twenty Minutes (including Extra Time) Maximum Marks :°300 1 2 INSTRUCTIONS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE EXAMINATION, YOU SHOULD CHECK THAT THIS TEST BOOKLET DOES NOT HAVE ANY UNPRINTED OR TORN OR. MISSING PAGES OR ITEMS, ETC. IF SO, GET IT REPLACED BY A COMPLETE TEST BOOKLET. ENCODE CLEARLY THE TEST BOOKLET SERIES X OR Y AS THE CASE MAY BE IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE IN THE ANSWER SHEET. ‘You have to enter’ your Roll Number on the Test Booklet in the Box provided alongside. DO NOT write anything else on the Test Booklet. * ‘This Test Booklet contains 120 items (questions). Each item is printed both in Hindi and English. Each item comprises four responses (answers). You will select the response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet. In case you feel that there is more than one correct response, mark the response which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE response for cach item. You have to mark all your responses ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet provided. See directions in the Answer, Sheet. . All items carry equal marks. Before you proceed to mark in the Answer Sheet the response to various items in the Test Booklet, you have to fill in some particulars in the Answer Sheet as per instructions sent to you with your Admission Certificate, After you have completed filling in all your responses on the Answer Sheet and the examination has concluded, you should hand over to the Invigilator only the Answer Sheet, You are permitted to take away with you the Test Booklet. Sheets for rough work are appended in the Test Booklet at the end. Penalty for wrong Answers THERE WILL BE PENALTY FOR WRONG ANSWERS MARKED BY A CANDIDATE IN THE OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTION PAPERS. (@__ There are four alternatives for the answer to every question. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate, one-third (0-33) of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. (ii) Tf candidate gives more than one answer, it will be treated as a wrong answer even if one of the given answers happens to be correct and there will be same penalty as above to that question. If a question is left blank i.c., no answer is‘given by the candidate, there will'be no penalty for that question. DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO care &: agai) ar fet STA ga Gera fret go K oT eI 1. What are Tektites ? (@) Glassy meteorites (b)_ Sedimentary rocks (©) Igneous rocks (@) Tectonically deformed rocks 2. Which one of the following observation supports the Big Bang theory ? (a) Recession of galaxies (b) Expansion of galaxies (©) Recession and Expansion of gala- xies (@) Stagnation of galaxies 3. Which one of the following radioactive isotope method is not suitable for dating the Precambrian rocks ? @) lc (’) Rb/Sr method © Sm/Nd method (a) U-Pb method 4. Which one of the following represents composition of the sioney-Iron meteo- rites? : (a) Nickel, Iron and Suiphates (b) Nickel, Iron and Phosphates (©) Nickel, Iron and Silicates (@)_ Nickel, Iron and Carbonates P-DTQ.J-HFM - X 5. Which one of the following pairs makes the bulk composition of the sun ? (a) Hydrogen and hydrogen (b) Hydrogen and helium (©) Hydrogen and argon (d) Helium and argon 6. Which one of the following minerals, can be used for determining the age of the Vindhyan sandstone ? (a) Pitch blende - (>) Monazite (©) Glauconite (a) Timenite 7. Which one of the following is related to the development of rugged topography of midoceanic ridges ? (a) Fast spreading rate (b) ‘Intermediate spreading rate (©) Slow'spreading rate (d) Uncértain spreading rate 8. Which one “of the following is the correct sequence of events in the Wilsonian cycle ? (a) Breakup of continents ~ Seafloor spreading — Subduction collision (b) Seafloor spreading - Breakup of continents ~ Subduction collision (©) Breakup of continents - Subduction collision — Seafloor spreading (4) Subduction collision —_ Seafloor spreading — Breakup of continents 1, baer a G? @) arta seafis (b) saeret tet () aria tet (@) Retin: Prefer ste 2. farafafea ¥ & ata ar ow Ber ferry Rrara ar aria eat & 7 (a) Farfeehrat ar ferret (bo) Herfeshrat ar rarer (©) Aafeehat ar aferercor wet recor (a) Narfestrat ar sarferter 3, ficaftiea # & ate a ow Mati amenfie ffi, Morand ah arafiratem & fir sagen wai 2 va) eC (oy Rbisr Fa (©) Sm/Nd fafr (@) U-Pb ffir 4, rafafed 4 & str ar oa, anftracte weanfiig ner a frehtr wear &? (@) fia, ate cd ache « () fra, ate GS wtehe (©) Freer, ate oF feere (@) fam, ae oF ara 5. frafefac #8 ate at ow gm, af wag daar at sara & ? (@) BRR GH Bg (by eragiort ua ehferae (co) BRR we steht (@) Bf oF ati frafafed # & ata at we afta, feat arent arg ater ny sees far Sr Bama B ? @ fre (b) Hare () whan @) were 7. firafefara Ht & ate ar UH, FET ETT eeu & orem eaerp fa & Rare @ alftre ze? . (a) as Pree a (b) Temq Rear et (0) ae Preaeer a (a) afiftaa freer a 8. frafafad #8 ate ar os, frort—aa ¥ aenrait ar wet agar @ 7 (a) ered ar aren Sat — wy aT fearon — worse aaez (b) FR eRe Fea — aerate eT aeRT BT — HarSTTT THT (©) Feat an seer eet - saeRT avez — ay apnea reer (d) WaeR Ae - ayR se ‘fara ~ revere ar sie eA X - P-DTQ-J-HFM