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Case Study Analyses


/34 points Workshop II

1. What are the factors or aspects that you, as a teacher, can control in relation with the physical environment of the classroom? Why? Name at least four. (8 points) 2. What do you think are the best seating arrangements for the following situations? Explain why. (12 points) a. You are going to start with a new content in a class of forty students. b. The students are going to listen to a recording. c. You want to do a game in teams with a class of thirty students. d. A class of thirty five students is doing a project designing a brochure to advertise a new resort. e. You want students to discuss a topic in a class of fifteen people. f. You have some reading tasks in a class of ten students.

3. What are the errors the teacher makes, in terms of creating a positive learning environment, in the film Freedom Writers? How does she overcome them to foster students motivation and learning? Explain. (8 points) 4. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Give reasons. (6 points)

Classes where students sit in straight rows are old fashioned and stop people learning.