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Business Communication 2.


Year Size #of Industry Business Nationality

COMPANY Est. (Large, Medium, Employees Line (s)
Philips 1891 Large 180,535 healthcare 3 Netherlands
, lifestyle

HP 1939 Large 321,000 Home and 6 USA


AMD 1969 Large 16,719 Chipset 3 USA

Business Communication 2.0/Winter09/COMPANY DATA MATRIX (page 2/3)

Major Major Past Current Future

COMPANY Services Products Achievements Projects Goals

Sense and Healthcare, Philips invents Seeking a Enrich People's

Philips simplicity lighting the compact symbiosis of Lives.
audio tape people,
cassette in 1963 vehicles and
and sets a nature.
global standard
for tape
recording that
has never been
altered since.

HP business Printers & Created the HP HP is focused Find the

& IT imaging, 9100A which on three technology tools
services computers was first in technology and services you
products. world tablet shifts that have need
Calc. the power to
transform our
lives and
AMD Network Architecture AMD and ATI AMD AMD strive to
service Processor joined forces in dedication to serve the needs
a transaction environmental of customers
that combines stewardship through
AMD’s influences our innovative
technology products, technologies
leadership in operations, that break new
microprocessor and ground, such as
s with ATI’s employees. accelerated
strengths in computing.
chipsets and
Business Communication 2.0/Winter09/COMPANY DATA MATRIX (page 3/3)

COMPANY Why I think this company is “great”

Philips As a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, Philips integrates

technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on fundamental
customer insights and the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”.

HP HP is committed to being a leader global citizenship. I think that global citizenship

is good business. HP embrace their responsibility to society by being an economic,
intellectual and social asset to each country and community in which they operate.

AMD AMD Green is our integrated environmental, health and safety stewardship
commitment that encompasses AMD products, operations and employees. It is our
commitment to customers, partners, communities and employees to pursue
performance-per-watt leadership, energy efficiency, and environmental
responsibility in our products and operations.