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The purpose of this document is to formalize the training, evaluating & assigning procedures for ACAC games through a coordinated effort between ACAC, ABOA & its Local Assigning Boards. The policies of ABOA & the current ABOA/ACAC contract will apply.


1. New Officials

Any nominee for inclusion to an ACAC assigning board should have attended one of the following ASAA provincials in the last 3 years: 4A Boys, 4A Girls, 3A Boys, 3A Girls. The evaluator(s) at the provincial championship should include in their report to the ABOA Evaluation Chair the names of any officials who have the potential to referee at the ACAC level. This information should not be included on the individual’s post tournament evaluation.

The nominee should then be evaluated at an ACAC preseason game, tournament or equivalent exhibition game by a qualified provincial evaluator or designate.

2. Continuing Officials

An approved ACAC official must attend an ABOA approved clinic or camp once every two years. It is the responsibility of the local board to track this process & include only those

names on their ACAC list that have met this requirement.

An approved ACAC official must score a minimum of 80% on the CABO exam or it’s provincial equivalent in the current year of officiating. The exam should be consistent with the rule set used by the ACAC for the current year. The exam will be written under the guidelines set by ABOA.


By September 15, each ACAC Assigning Board will compile & submit to ABOA a list of officials for the current season who are eligible & being considered to referee ACAC games.

The total number of officials on the list should reflect the maximum number of officials needed on the busiest single day of the ACAC regular season in their assigning area plus the following additions. A number of ACAC officials equal to the number of CIS members from the local board as well as a small number of replacement officials in case officials are unavailable on any given night. For example in the Southern Alberta Board (SABOA) there are 6 CIS officials & two ACAC venues (LCC & MHC) to assign. Therefore the greatest number of officials needed would be 18. 6 CIS officials plus 12 needed for both ACAC venues. Allowing for officials who might be unavailable at the rate of 1 official per ACAC venue the total for SABOA should not exceed 20. Assigning Boards that need to exceed their number must include an explanation with their list. An additional 5 alternates can be included & assigned when necessary however they are not guaranteed any games.

The final proposed list of officials will be submitted to ABOA 7 days after the last available preseason exhibition games. This list will be distributed by the Assigning Board to all approved ACAC officials along with any other pertinent ACAC policies.


Each board that has ACAC assignment responsibilities on behalf of ABOA will designate an individual to make these assignments. The designated Assignor will submit the names of the officials assigned to all ACAC games to ABOA on a monthly basis.

1. Regular Season

For regular season games the policy of assigning the “best available” officials to all games is the expectation of both ABOA and ACAC. In rare cases, the specific needs of the local board may allow for an adjustment in the assignments. If there are few or no local assignment needs, then it is unacceptable to have “the best available officials” sitting idle when there are ACAC games being played.

2. Playoffs

a. First Rounds It is expected that the ACAC Assigning Board has worked in concert with their ABOA Evaluation Committee member(s) throughout the season & has provided supplemental information to them about their officials' performance through ongoing communication channels. As soon as ACAC announces the first round playoff hosts, the ABOA Evaluation Committee member(s) will consult with the ABOA Evaluation Chair and select a list of officials using the “best available” criteria. This list will be presented to the designated assignor who will assign the games. b. Final Fours Any official appointed to attend their respective CCAA National Championship for the current season will be included in the Final Four selections. The remainder of the officials will be selected & assigned by the ABOA Evaluation Chair & their Committee. The ABOA Evaluation Chair will designate an Assignor/ Evaluator for each Final Four.


ABOA will appoint a provincial evaluator(s) for the ACAC games in each Assigning Board to be part of the ABOA Evaluation Committee. The evaluator(s) should observe and critique every ACAC official who works a schedule of 7 regular season games or less at least once and twice if 8 games or more. It is understood that not all regular season games can be evaluated.

Officials who have applied for a CCAA or CIS National Championship should be evaluated at least once in addition to the above policy.

The ABOA Evaluation Chair will coordinate the reporting procedures necessary to make informed recommendations for both provincial and national considerations. Provincial evaluators will be compensated $25 for the first evaluation given to each official during the regular season. After an official has been evaluated once no further payments will be made to any evaluator on behalf of that official for the remainder of the regular season, unless it is for the purposes of selecting National Appointments. Using SABOA as an example with a possible 20 ACAC officials and having reported on each of them during the course of the season, ABOA will compensate the evaluator(s) with an honorarium of $500. ABOA will issue this after the season. It is the responsibility of this evaluator(s) to pay any other individuals who may have been involved in their evaluation process. Assigning Boards are asked to consider additional compensation to the evaluator(s) for the educational & leadership benefits derived from their time & efforts.