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Biology CPII Semester 1 Project

Topic: Biomes
Purpose: To research a specific biome and to present that information in a poster
Due Date: NLT 30 November 2009

My biome is _____________________________________________________________

Research should include definitions of ecology, niche, population, species, decomposer,

heterotrophe, & autotrophe. Research your biome to find the following:
a) 5 plant species (including both angiosperms & gymnosperms)
b) 10 animal species (representing Classes: Aves; Reptilia; Mammalia; &
Amphibia, Phyla: Arthropoda & Mollusca
c) 2 representatives of Kingdom Fungi
d) What percentage of the Earth is covered by this particular biome?
e) What a typical food web looks like in this particular biome
f) What problems exist with this particular biome (ie, pollution, introduced
species, loss of area, etc)
g) Bonus : include any bryophyte &/or lichen species from your biome, define
those terms as well; include anything really interesting/weird about your biome
h) Research must include at least 5 sources consisting of at least 2 texts. Keep
notes as you research your biome. A proper bibliography is required.
Once all the information is obtained, a poster should be made to present this data. The
poster color and presentation format is up to the student. However, the biome name
should be boldly presented at the top and pictures and text should be included so that any
viewer can understand the ecology of the biome. The poster should be neatly done and
clearly presented. The student’s name/period #/date should be clearly placed on the
BACK of the poster. In addition, a bibliography, in proper format, must be done and
affixed to the back of the poster as well.

Any questions should be directed to the instructor who will be happy to be of assistance.

Grading Rubric: Total 300 points

Poster done to specifications: 25
Poster has proper title: 10
All terms defined: 35
Plant species included: 25
Animal species included: 50
Fungi species included: 20
Food web included: 50
Bibliography: 50
Biome problems addressed: 25
Poster WOW factor, cohesively constructed 10
Bonus points: up to 15