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Via Pacifico Massimi, 2

I-63100, Ascoli Piceno, Italy

H +39 333 8555912
Carlo Luzi T +39 0736 253794
B info@carloluzi.com
Résumé, December 2009 z http://carloluzi.com

2005–2009 MSc Degree in Computer Science, University of Camerino, full mark and honour.
2001–2005 BSc Degree in Computer Science, University of Camerino, full mark and honour.

2009 – ongoing EDP System Operator, Gruppo Gabrielli, Ascoli Piceno.
2009 – ongoing Teacher, ITSAS "G. Mazzocchi", Ascoli Piceno.
Teaching Assistant of Computer Science Laboratory
2008 Teaching Assistant, ITIS "E. Fermi", Ascoli Piceno.
E-Learning Technology Consultant
2007–2008 Network Administrator, University of Camerino, Ascoli Piceno.
2007 Teacher, ITIS "E. Fermi", Ascoli Piceno.
Teaching Assistant of Systems Laboratory
2006–2007 Network Administrator, IPSIA "G. Sacconi", Ascoli Piceno.
2006 IT Consultant, ITAS "C. Ulpiani", Ascoli Piceno.
Reorganizer of administrative network
2004 IT Consultant, ITIS "E. Fermi", Ascoli Piceno.
Informatization of administrative procedures

Italian Native Speaker
English Good Reading: Proficient (C1). Writing and Spoken interaction: Independent (B1)

Computer skills
Know Java, Python, C, C++, SQL, PHP, Application Eclipse, EMF, openArchitectureWare,
Languages Bash, Schema XML, XQuery, XPath, and Apache, MySQL, Xen, VMWare
BPEL, WSDL. Framework Server, GAMS, Lindo, LATEX.
Configuration Network services, traffic control firewall, transparent proxy and content filtering, virtu-
and alization, network domain, interoperable solution, distribuited installation, GNU/Linux
Administration distributions (CentOS, SLES, Slackware, Ubuntu).

Driving license Category B
Awards Alma BEST 2006 Edition Winner