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Innovations in ow cytometry and cell imaging

Muse Cell Analyzer

Sophisticated ow cytometry and cell analysis made simple

Laser based uorescence (green 532nm, 20mW laser) 2 channels of detection (yellow and red) Optimized turn-key assays and protocols 17 assays (30 assays by end of 2013) Minimal gating requirements NO compensation required Touchscreen technology

guava easyCyte Flow Cytometers

Attainable ow cytometry, insightful results
Single or dual laser models (blue 488nm, red 640nm) 5-8 parameters (3-6 channels of simultaneous detection) 96-wellplate or single-tube sample handling No sheath uid (patented microcapillary technology) Small footprint saves valuable lab space

FlowSight Cytometer
Flow cytometry with vision
Fluorescent images of every cell at 20X magnication Gating without the guesswork Quantitative imaging allows for common imaging applications Up to 4 lasers (488nm, 405nm, 561nm, 642nm) Up to 12 channels of simultaneous detection

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