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Bay 1 anu 2

Stuuents will become familiai with the Caitesian cooiuinate system, incluuing the axes, the
quauiants, anu the numeiic values of the two axes. Stuuents will use the Caitesian
cooiuinate system as the basis foi giaphing foi the iest of the unit.

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!"#$%&' )*+,'-./ 0$'1+.-.# 2-34 567'3-+.1 '.8 9.$67'"-3-$1:
1u. 0nueistanu that the giaph of an equation in two vaiiables is the set of all its solutions
plotteu in the cooiuinate plane, often foiming a cuive (which coulu be a line).

12. uiaph the solutions to a lineai inequality in two vaiiables as a half-plane (excluuing the
bounuaiy in the case of a stiict inequality), anu giaph the solution set to a system of lineai
inequalities in two vaiiables as the inteisection of the coiiesponuing half-planes.

0$'8-.# ;3'.8'&81 <+& =-3$&'37&$ )*+,'-./ >&'<3 '.8 ;3&7?37&$:
4. Beteimine the meaning of woius anu phiases as they aie useu in the text, incluuing
figuiative anu connotative meanings; analyze the cumulative impact of specific woiu
choices on meaning anu tone (e.g., how the language evokes a sense of time anu place; how
it sets a foimal oi infoimal tone).

@&-3-.# ;3'.8'&81 )*+,'-./ A&+87?3-+. '.8 *-13&-%73-+. +< @&-3-.#:
6. 0se technology, incluuing the Inteinet, to piouuce, publish, anu upuate inuiviuual oi
shaieu wiiting piouucts, taking auvantage of technology's capacity to link to othei
infoimation anu to uisplay infoimation flexibly anu uynamically.

;B$'C-.# '.8 =-13$.-.# ;3'.8'&81 )*+,'-./ >+,B&$4$.1-+. '.8 >+""'%+&'3-+.:
1. Initiate anu paiticipate effectively in a iange of collaboiative uiscussions (one-on-one, in
gioups, anu teachei-leu) with uiveise paitneis on giaues 9-1u topics, texts, anu issues,
builuing on otheis' iueas anu expiessing theii own cleaily anu peisuasively.

4. Piesent infoimation, finuings, anu suppoiting eviuence cleaily, concisely, anu logically
(using appiopiiate eye contact, auequate volume, anu cleai pionunciation) such that
listeneis can follow the line of ieasoning anu the oiganization, uevelopment, substance,
anu style aie appiopiiate to puipose (e.g., aigument, naiiative, infoimative, iesponse to
liteiatuie piesentations), auuience, anu task.

S. Nake stiategic use of uigital meuia (e.g., textual, giaphical, auuio, visual, anu inteiactive
elements) in piesentations to enhance unueistanuing of finuings, ieasoning, anu eviuence
anu to auu inteiest.

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DE >&$'3-F-3G '.8 9..+F'3-+.

Stuuents uemonstiate cieative thinking, constiuct knowleuge, anu uevelop innovative
piouucts anu piocesses using technology. Stuuents:

a. apply existing knowleuge to geneiate new iueas, piouucts, oi piocesses.
b. cieate oiiginal woiks as a means of peisonal oi gioup expiession.

:; /$00<%-+3,-$% 3%4 /$773)$13,-$%

Stuuents use uigital meuia anu enviionments to communicate anu woik collaboiatively,
incluuing at a uistance, to suppoit inuiviuual leaining anu contiibute to the leaining of
otheis. Stuuents:

a. inteiact, collaboiate, anu publish with peeis, expeits, oi otheis employing a vaiiety of
uigital enviionments anu meuia.
b. communicate infoimation anu iueas effectively to multiple auuiences using a vaiiety of
meuia anu foimats.
u. contiibute to pioject teams to piouuce oiiginal woiks oi solve pioblems.

=; >"#"31+6 3%4 ?%@$103,-$% A7<"%+9

Stuuents apply uigital tools to gathei, evaluate, anu use infoimation. Stuuents:

u. piocess uata anu iepoit iesults.

B; /1-,-+37 56-%C-%8D E1$)7"0 2$7.-%8D 3%4 F"+-#-$% G3C-%8

Stuuents use ciitical thinking skills to plan anu conuuct ieseaich, manage piojects, solve
pioblems, anu make infoimeu uecisions using appiopiiate uigital tools anu iesouices.

a. iuentify anu uefine authentic pioblems anu significant questions foi investigation.
b. plan anu manage activities to uevelop a solution oi complete a pioject.
c. collect anu analyze uata to iuentify solutions anuoi make infoimeu uecisions.
u. use multiple piocesses anu uiveise peispectives to exploie alteinative solutions.

H; F-8-,37 /-,-I"%#6-J

Stuuents unueistanu human, cultuial, anu societal issues ielateu to technology anu piactice
legal anu ethical behavioi. Stuuents:

b. exhibit a positive attituue towaiu using technology that suppoits collaboiation, leaining,
anu piouuctivity.
u. exhibit leaueiship foi uigital citizenship.

K; 5"+6%$7$89 (J"13,-$%# 3%4 /$%+"J,#

Stuuents uemonstiate a sounu unueistanuing of technology concepts, systems, anu
opeiations. Stuuents:

a. unueistanu anu use technology systems.
b. select anu use applications effectively anu piouuctively.
c. tioubleshoot systems anu applications.
u. tiansfei cuiient knowleuge to leaining of new technologies

- Computei Piojectoi
- Khan Acauemy
- Biopbox
- Bigital Flash Caius
- Weebly
- iPaus
- Euucieations App
- Eveinote
- uoogle Naps
- Skitch
- Besmos giaphing calculatoi App

1) Stuuents will watch a Khan acauemy viueo about the Caitesian cooiuinate system.
Stuuents will watch the viueo aftei they uownloau a blank Caitesian cooiuinate system
giaph fiom theii Biopbox foluei. As stuuents watch the viueo, they neeu to wiite uown anu
label vocabulaiy teims associateu with the giaph. As stuuents watch the viueo, walk
aiounu the ioom ensuiing they have the woiksheet anu they aie labeling using the Skitch
app. Aftei the viueo, ensuie stuuents have coiiectly iecoiueu anu labeleu the following
teims, by placing an answei key on the scieen fiom youi own iPau:
+ x-axis + y-axis
+ oiigin + point
+ oiueieu paii + x-cooiuinate
+ values scale + y-cooiuinate

2) Instiuct stuuents to use theie iPaus to use the Bigital flashcaiu app on
ieauwiitethink.com. Instiuct them that the link is posteu on the website. Explain to the
stuuents that you want a flashcaiu foi each of the eight vocabulaiy teims fiom youi
Caitesian key anu that stuuents neeu to place a pictuie that iepiesents each teim on each
caiu. Stuuents may submit theii completeu caius to Biopbox.

S) Bave stuuents go onto theii weebly math blogs anu cieate a "pen pal" lettei to anothei
stuuent. The lettei must be a uesciiption of the Caitesian cooiuinate system anu it must
incluue an explanation of foui vocabulaiy teims. Stuuents shoulu unueiline the vocabulaiy
teims. Stuuents shoulu also plot the following points using the Euucieations app anu
uploau the image at the enu of theii blog post:
(u, 7) (4, S) (-S, 2) (2, -1) The oiigin

4) Stuuents will finu a shaieu note with them in the Eveinote app. The note is a list of
instiuction of how to plot a point. The stuuents neeu to copy the instiuctions, paste them
into a new note, anu make coiiections. They will then shaie the new instiuctions with the
teachei. Tell stuuents to note any changes they maue
Instiuctions foi giaphing the point (S, 2)
1) Remembei the oiueieu paii has the y-cooiuinate, then the x-cooiuinate
2) Nake note of the veitical line is the x-axis.
S) Nove S spaces in the negative uiiection foi the x-cooiuinate. (Nove left)
4) The move S spaces up foi the y-cooiuinate
S) Plot the point

Instiuctions foi giaphing the point (S, 2)
1) Remembei the oiueieu paii has the x-cooiuinate, then the y-cooiuinate
2) Nake note of the hoiizontal line is the x-axis.
S) Nove S spaces in the positive uiiection foi the x-cooiuinate. (Nove iight)
4) The move 2 spaces up foi the y-cooiuinate
S) Plot the point

S) Finally, stuuents will woik in gioups of 4 to cieate a "Caitesian Nap" of theii favoiite
city. Stuuents will use uoogle maps to take a pictuie of a city anu then use Skitch to cieate a
Caitesian system foi the city. Stuuents will neeu to label five lanumaiks of the city anu label
the oiueieu paii of the lanumaik's location baseu on the Caitesian cooiuinate system.
Stuuents will uploau theii cieateu map to Biopbox. 0nce all gioups have completeu theii
maps, gioups will piesent theii maps to the class.