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Curriculum Vitae


Bloemfontein, 9323 Cell: +27(0)72 597 5810 Email: seville.seane@gmail.com LinkedIn Business Profile: za.linkedin.com/pub/seville-seane Who is who Southern Africa: Whoswho.co.za/seville-seane

5 years formal work experience, knowledge and practical skills as well as 12 years of community development (The last 5 years served concurrently). WORK EXPERIENCE & VOCATIONAL TRAINING Managing Director: Blossoming Destiny Holdings (PTY). LTD trading as Blossoming Destiny Business Coaching. A Human Capital Development company focused on staff and management training, motivational seminars, team building workshops, employee wellness workshops, youth development workshops and women empowerment as well as mass-media sub-directorate related to in-house digital photography for hosted events and celebrity bookings on request. From August 2012 - To date. 1) Responsibility for the daily administrative or operational duties of the business. Implementing its mission, vision, values and strategic direction. 2) Providing support, guidance and inspiration to the management and employees of small and medium sized businesses to maintain a better work-life balance through motivational and wellness workshops with the main aim of producing better results. 3) Developing customized workshops or programs informed by liaison with the businesses prior to the workshops and during the planning phase. 4) Maintaining after-sale dialogue and support with clients from diverse demographics or race, ethnicity, culture, language and socio economic status. 5) Building and maintaining an effective networking with leading institutions and experts in the field. 6) Dealing with the financial aspects of the business such as budgeting, tax returns and the payment of salaries and the payment of operational costs to service providers such as printers, graphic designers, equipment hiring organizations etc. 7) Organizing meetings with clients and doing multimedia presentations. 8) Promoting and marketing the business through flyers, do to do business visits, volunteering and using social networking. 9) Compiling written reports for clients, procuring resources used in workshops and making travel arrangements such as hotel bookings and flight bookings as well as other logistical arrangements. 10) Multitasking by creating image content including fashion, weddings, family, baby, funeral and events photographs on occasions there are minimal motivational bookings.

Assistant Director: Employee Wellness/ Quality of Work-life Department of Home Affairs, Head Office. From October 2009-July 2012.(2 years and 10 months). 1) Assisting in the development and roll-out of the employee wellness program rolled out throughout the nine provinces in partnership with Workforce Healthcare. 2) Attending inter-departmental meetings which were instrumental to the drafting of national strategic plan for HIV, STIs and TB as well as a high-level plenary meeting chaired by the deputy president and also attended by cabinet ministers and senior management of different departments. 3) Spear-heading the drafting of substance abuse policy for the department. 4) Providing care and support to DHA employees who have personal problems involving job, family, health, drug and alcohol abuse. 5) Maintaining the confidential employee wellness information in personnel files 6) Implementing facilitation skills and project management skills such as planning and organizing the induction of new staff. 7) Conducting research on various health and wellness aspects such as the development of wellness policies and programme benchmarks and best practice.

8) Compiling monthly reports, submissions and departmental health trends reports which outlined the dominant medical and psychological ailments that affected staff of home affairs throughout the country. 9) Monitoring the abuse of sick leave and intervening in cases of extreme abuse in liaison with the health risk management institution SOMA Initiative. 10) Facilitating training on EAP awareness to employees through various wellness initiatives and events such as wellness seminars, health screenings, health walks and sporting wellness events.

Office Administrator (part time, while completing thesis). Rhodes Student Counselling Centre, Grahamstown, SA. (2009) February 2009- May 2009, (4 months). 1) Responsibility of all the administrative responsibilities that facilitate the smooth running of the counselling center. 2) Attending to stakeholders though emails, phone calls and the mending of the reception office. 3) Booking the appointments of students who are clients of the Rhodes University Counseling Centre 4) Filing the patient files of students who have been consulted. 5) Responding to questions with regard to the counselling center and resolving complaints. 6) Communicating with intern psychologists and supervisors with regards to the case load of each. Intern Counselling Psychologist: Rhodes Student Counselling Centre, Grahamstown, SA. Rhodes Student Counselling Centre, Grahamstown, SA. (2009). From Jan 2008-Dec 2008. 1) Providing individual and group counselling for the students and stuff of Rhodes University. 2) Applying extensive knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for the diagnosis or treatment. Trained to distinguish all aspects of human behavior, performance, personality, interests, learning, and motivation through conducting psychometric assessments 3) Documenting therapy in accordance with policies and procedures regarding medical records as well as adhering to policies which ensure patient confidentiality. 4) Applying in-depth knowledge of crisis intervention techniques, stress tolerance and the ability to recognize situations requiring the creative application of technical skills such as assisting students with serious psychological emergencies such as suicide attempts and trauma. 5) Conducting interviews and psychological evaluation with clients and planning treatment practical. 6) Liaising closely with medical practitioners and psychiatrists regarding prescribing regimes. 7) Facilitating diverse workshops such as those for academic development and autism. 8) Administering various psychometric assessment tools such as: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV), Campbell Interest And Skill Survey (CISS) ,Self-Directed Search Questionnaire (SDS), Senior South African Individual Scale Revised (SSAIS-R), Basic Traits Inventory (BTI), Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT 4) HIV/AIDS counselor {Voluntary HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing (HCT)} -Rhodes Students Health Centre (The Sanatorium), (2008), Rhodes students and staff, in rotations of once a week. Reason of termination: end of internship. (Jan 2008-Dec 2008) 1) Offering pre and post counselling for HIV ensuring that students and staff are emotionally and psychologically ready to take the test as it is a highly stressful process. 2) Providing emotional support to the traumatic experience of hearing one is infected with HIV. 3) Offering ongoing support to students and staff who have tested positive for HIV and need further counseling as post counselling is only the introductory intervention. 4) Being part of the HIV awareness campaign of the university. 5) Providing information about HIV/AIDS testing to students and staff members at the Rhodes Students Health Centre (The Sanatorium), 6) Making effective referral for specialized care.

Subwarden/Hostel Caretaker Gavin Relly Postgraduate Village, Rhodes University (Jan 2008-Dec 2008 : after office hours and on weekends). 1) Assisting in the care and upkeep of the 44 bachelor roomed facility which mainly caters for South African, SADC and international honours, masters and PhD students. 2) Providing keys and directions to new tenants or external stakeholders who utilize the conference facilities. 3) Keeping back-up keys for tenats who lock themselves out at the onsite office. 4) Organizing social events such as braais, movies, team-buidling events and cultural events for culturally diverse tenants from South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and Colombia, 5) Handling complaints of tenatants such as noise, theft or malfunctioning of equipment from laundry machines, fridges,stoves television sets, hoveers and reporting them to maintenance and housekeeping services. 6) Holding meetings with the warden or hostel master regularly.

Trainee Counselling Psychologist -Rhodes Psychology Clinic, Grahamstown, SA. (2007). Reason of termination: end of training. (Jan 2007-Dec 2007) 1) 2) 3) 4) Vocational training in the framework of professional couselling Learning how to diagnose and the systematic treatment of psychological disorders Learning to effectively communicating medical information, test results, diagnoses. Vocational training in how to function well within multidisciplinary teams, capable of preparing patient records 5) Regular involvement with regards to advanced staff training and case conferences at the Fort England Psychiatric Hospital and the Rhodes Counselling Centre.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE: Possessing over 12 years of extensive experience in unpaid-volunteer work and community development since 2001 in diverse community initiatives: 1. Give It Your All (2013). A self-initiated project which entails volunteering in under-resourced and under-performing township schools, offering study and exam skills workshops. Lekhulong, Ikaelelo, Hodisa and Moemedi Schools reaching between over 800 matric pupils.: Liaison: Ms. Lebakeng-Ikaelelo,Mr. Kgabula, Lekhulong, Mrs Mokolopo-Hodisa, Mrs Moshounyane-Moemedi 2. Pastoral Counselling (2013). Thy Kingdom Ministries. Supervisor: Dr Reggie Mabuya. 3. Paul Kruger street outreach to substance abusers, Pretoria. (2011-2012). Self Initiated initiative. 4. Phelophepa Health Train (2009) -Transnet Foundation. Providing psychological services in rural South Africa. Supervisor: Xander Flemming-Counselling Psychologist. 5. Autism and Sexuality (2008). Supervisor: Jan Knoetze -Educational Psychologist (Rhodes). 6. Grahamstown Child Welfare (2008). Facilitating one case as part of the internship. Supervisor: Dr. Charles Young -Counselling Psychologist (Rhodes). 7. Spirals trust (2007): Victims of gender based violence and sexual assault. (Brief involvement). Jeffrey Yen -Community Psychologist (Rhodes). 8. Raphael House (2007): Offering support To HIV and AIDS Lay Counselors. Supervisor: Jeffrey Yen -Community Psychologist (Rhodes). 9. Amasango School (2007): Providing therapy and support to former street children as part of the professional training. Supervisor: Martin Donnelly -Clinical Psychologist (Rhodes). 10. Mangaung Schools, peer counselling and guidance. (2006).Supervisor: Florence MalefaneTadi (UFS) -Counselling Psychologist. 11. Motheo College, Tutoring. (2006). Supervisor: Dr. O. Jooste (UFS). 12. Care For The Caregivers, MUCPP Clinic Nurses, Bloemfontein. (2006). Supervisor: Dr. Naude-Counselling Psychologist (UFS). 13. Therapeutic House Riding for the mentally handicapped children from Lettie Fouche. (2005). Supervisor. Pravani Naidoo -Research Psychologist (UFS).


Phetoho Community Centre (2001-2006): Assisting with caring for underprivileged children from informal settlements around Bloemfontein. Supervisor: Mariette Boshoff, CRC Manager, Community Work, CRC. 15. Boikucho Old Age Home (2006): Brief vacation volunteer work and assisting a masters student with testing for the research with regards to the mental health of the aged. Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Walker -Clinical Psychologist (Rhodes). 16. Jean Webber House for the Physical Handicapped. (2006). Brief volunteer work during vacations. 17. Tshimologo Project for the Blind (2001). Supervisors: Mrs. Du Toit (Director-Tshimologo) and Yvette Schoeman (Arts, Grey College). Contacts of any supervisor or stakeholders are available upon request.

EDUCATIONAL HISTORY: GREY COLLEGE, BLOEMFONTEIN. MATRIC 2002 Afrikaans Second Language -B SYMBOL, English First Language C-SYMBOL, Geography HG D SYMBOL, Science/Physics HG D SYMBOL, Biology HGD SYMBOL, Mathematics SG- D SYMBOL

B.PSYCH/ EQUIVALENT TO AN HONOURS IN PSYCHOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF THE FREE STATE, 2003-2006 Concentrations: Psychology, Basic Counselling., 17 Distinctions over a four year period. Academic record available upon request as proof. Note: A two year masters degree programme in Couselling Psychology attended from 2007 -2008 at Rhodes University. Training and internship completed, but the final research project and dissertation of 2009 uncompleted due to lack of funding, financial difficulties and chronic illness at the time at the time, hence not graduating. The bursary only covered the four year honours equivalent degree. Supporting documents available as collateral upon request.

WORK ETHIC a) b) c) d) e) f) Management and Leadership Execution Service Delivery Innovation Financial Management People Management and Empowerment Honesty and integrity, Reliability, self-initiative and exceeding expectations.

WORKSHOPS ATTENDED a) South African National Aids Council (SANAC) Plenary committee chaired by Deputy President Kgalema Motlante, Southern Sun Hotel, Arcadia, Pretoria, 2012. b) United Nations entrepeurship workshop- Empretec, 2012, Centurion Lake Protea Hotel. c) Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) interdepartmental meetings on the management of TB and HIV- 2010-2012. Various venues. d) Advanced Powerpoint Excel workshop- Waltoo, Pretoria. e) Health Risk Management Workshop- Soma Initiative, Waltoo. Pretoria, 2011. f) Absenteeism Management Workshop, Waltoo. Pretoria, 2011. g) Tomorrows Leaders Conference, Sandton Convention Centre, 2011.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING THROUGH EXTENSIVE VIDEO TUTORIALS a) Digital photography with various cameras, home studio and softwares. b) Freelance photography for modeling, weddings, funerals, companies etc, such as Leased FM/SABC c) Professional Photo editing- Adobe photoshop CS6 software

d) Basic film-making and Video editing- Pinnacle Studio Advanced software e) Logo design, Magazine layouts and Graphic designing - Adobe photoshop CS6 software

LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: a) First Black Choir Captain: Grey College 2002 (Since 1855 when the school was established and 1994 when black students were integrated into the school.) b) Lead Vocalist: Bread of Life. (1998-2000) c) Lead Vocalist: Christian Revival Church, CRC (2001-2007) d) Student Representative: Trainee Psychologists 2007, Rhodes Psychology Clinic e) Racial Mediation and conflict management Committee: Cory House, 2008

EDUCATIONAL GRANTS: a) Grey Reunion, Grey College, (2001-2002). b) Free State Department of Education, (2003-2006).

OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS: a) Being interviewed as a guest speaker on Metro Fm which is the biggest urban radio station with a daily audience of 2.29 million adults per day (Superbrands , 2007). Topics: finding common ground in romantic relationships (July, 2007) and overcoming being a peoples pleaser (August, 2007) b) Being interviewed for team building on Succeed Magazine, which is the third largest entrepreneurial magazine in South Africa (BizCommunity, 2007) c) Performing at the South African Gala Dinner for Tebogo Mokgalakgadi, a para-athlete who won a gold medal at the Paralympics in Greece (2004). d) Composing and performing a song for the centenary celebrations of the University of the Free State. 2004. e) Winner of the Tahila Music Competition for the category of best music composition. 2002 f) Honours badge for music and for choir at Grey College, 2002. g) Elected as the first black Choir captain at Grey College in 2002. h) Composing a song for the Hansie Cronje memorial CD and performance at his funeral service live on SABC 2 at Grey College (2002) i) Attending the Robert Schumann Choir Festival in Zwikau (Germany), (2001) j) Gold certificates (A) and Double Gold (A++) certificates for music composition and singing at the Free State Eisteddfod. (1997, 1999 and 2001). A comprehensive verification of all the achievements is available upon request. MULTILINGUAL: Fluent in English, Setswana and English. A good conversational level and competency in Afrikaans, Sepedi, Xhosa, Zulu.

HOBBIES: Painting, photography, singing, songwriting, creative writing and gourmet cooking.

REFERENCES: Please note that all referees call the applicant with his nickname Tumi. 1) Advocate Constance Moetsi, Department of Home Affairs Director: Counter-corruption, +27(0)82-956-5696 2) Angie Diale, Wellness Specialist/ Counsellor/ TV Presenter (RELATE, Sabc 1) +27(0)72-138-4566 3) Zodwa Mzondo, Employee Wellness Specialist/Director in Mpumalanga Former Stakeholder and wellness service provider, Department of Home Affairs through Workforce Healthcare., +27(0)84-236-1794 4) Lorna Pilane, Principal Clinical Psychologist Pelonomi Hospital; +27(0)82-477-8666