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Does carbon addition to soil counteract disturbance-promoted alien plant invasions?

Author(s): Rashid, I (Rashid, Irfan) ; Reshi, ZA (Reshi, Zafar A.)

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Source: TROPICAL ECOLOGY Volume: 51 Issue: 2 Special Issue: SI Pages: 339-345 Published: WIN 2010 Times Cited: 3 (from Web of Science) Cited References: 39 [ view related records ] Citation Map

Abstract: Addition of carbon to the soil promotes microbial immobilization of plant-available nutrients, and is being considered as a method to counter alien plant invasions, particularly in disturbed habitats. In the present study the response of three confamilial alien invasive species, Anthemis cotula, Conyza canadensis, and Galinsoga parviflora, to independent and interactive effects of soil tillage (soil disturbance) and sawdust incorporation into soil (carbon addition) was investigated in terms of plant density, height, number of capitula per plant, and root, shoot and whole-plant dry mass. These attributes were favourably promoted by soil disturbance, particularly in Anthemis cotula and Conyza canadensis, but the magnitude of increase in different traits was highly species-specific. Addition of sawdust significantly reduced disturbance-mediated increase in most of the investigated traits. Despite differences in response of alien invasive species to soil manipulations, carbon addition could be used as a countermeasure to effectively combat some alien plant invasions. Accession Number: WOS:000278451600005 Document Type: Article Language: English Author Keywords: Alien invasive species; Kashmir Himalaya; sawdust; soil carbon addition; soil disturbance KeyWords Plus: TALLGRASS PRAIRIE RESTORATION; MIXED-GRASS PRAIRIE; NITROGEN AVAILABILITY; NATIVE GRASSES; EXOTIC PLANTS; COMMUNITIES; GROWTH; WEEDS; MINERALIZATION; INVASIBILITY Reprint Address: Reshi, ZA (reprint author), Univ Kashmir, Dept Bot, Srinagar 190006, Jammu & Kashmir, India. Addresses: 1. Univ Kashmir, Dept Bot, Srinagar 190006, Jammu & Kashmir, India E-mail Address: zreshi@yahoo.com Publisher: INT SOC TROPICAL ECOLOGY, DEPT BOTANY BENERAS HINDU UNIV, VARANASI 221 005, INDIA Web of Science Categories: Ecology Research Areas: Environmental Sciences & Ecology IDS Number: 606TT ISSN: 0564-3295