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Navamsa chart Is a very important chart in vedic astrology. It is a chart of marriage,spouse, luck after marriage and qualities of wife.

It represents the 9th house of mainbirth chart and this house deals with overall luck in life, religious bend, one's lifephilosophy, long distance travels, spiritualism.Therefore this chart becomes very vital to study carefully after the main birth chart.Following are the main points which one have to look while studying navamsa chart.1. Look at the atmakaraka placement in D9 chart. Atmakaraka planet is the planet whichholds highest degree in the main birth chart. If the atmakaraka is exalted, in its ownsign or in friends sign then very good. Generally big people or celebrity have theatmakaraka either vargottama or in very good position in D9 chart.2. Look at the 9th house in D9 chart and the Lord of the 9th house. It shows luck intothe marriage and religious bent of wife. If both are good than marriage will bring you much luck.3. Venus is the natural karaka for marriage, both for men and women. So the position ofVenus in D9 chart becomes very important as it becomes the soul of D9 chart. Look atthe position of Venus in Navamasa chart ie D9 chart.4. And lastly look at the placement of amatyakaraka in Navamasa chart. Amatyakaraka isa planet holding the second highest degree in the main birth chart.First see the above 4 points while studying Navamasa chart and then look at everythingelse. These are the basic and most important points to look for. If all the above fourplanets are in good position than superb. Your marriage will bring much luck in yourlife and you can become famous and rich.Good luck. Aashay Shroff.
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NAVMASA KUNDALI Ratings: (0)|Views: 250|Likes: 2 Published by jovialpearl See More NAVMASA KUNDALI Navmasa Kundali or Navmasa Chart or Navmasa Chakram refers to the 9th divisional chart .Navmasa Kundali isconsideredas back bone of Lagan kundali . It is also known as DharmasaKundali because in Lagan kundali the 9th house is considered as house of spirituality ( Dharma )& since the Navmasa Kundali is the 9th divisional chart it is also called as Dharmasa. To judgethe planetary strength of a person's kundali it is very important to study both the Lagan Kundali& Navmasa Kundali . If a Lagan Kundali is strong but the Navmasa kundali is weak than theLagan kundali will not live up .It is very simple to construct kundali with the help of computer however construction of Navmasa Kundali manually is a

complicated task & need lot of mathematical calculations .Below I havediscussedthe procedure of construction of Navmasa Kundali manually . A) FINDING THE ASCENDANT OF NAVMASA KUNDALI : Ascendant means the Rashi of the first house . The ascendant of Navmasa Kundali may or maynot be same as that of Lagan Kundali . To find out the Ascendant of Navmasa Kundali you needto divide each Rashi into 9 divisions & each rashi is of 30 * . The whole Zodiac is of 360* &there are 12 Rashis ( signs ) therefore 108 divisions each of 3.33 * . However some astrologerstake it as 3.20* but my exprience say 3.33 * is much accurate . Below I have divided each Rashiinto 9 equal divisions & than each division of 3.33 * coresponds to a Rashi (sign) . For examplethe first 0.00 to 3.33* divsion of Aries sign coresponds to Areis sign then theseconddivisionwhich is from 3.33 * to 6.66 * coresponds to Taurus sign . 9 DIVISIONS OF SIGNS :1) ARIES 1) Aries2) Taurus3) Gemini4) 9.99 .13.32 Cancer5) 13.32..16.65 Leo6) 16.65..19.98 Virgo7) 19.98 .23.31 Libra8) Scorpio9) Sagittarius 2) TAURUS 10) Capricorn11) Aquarius12) Pisces13) 9.99 .13.32 Aries14) 13.32..16.65 Taurus15) 16.65..19.98 Gemini You're reading a free preview. Pages 2 to 5 are not shown in this preview.

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