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Washington: Post-Conference Form

Components 4b-4f
This portion of the form is to be completed by the teacher prior to the post conference. Additional information may be added by the administrator before, during, or after the post conference. 4b: Maintaining Accurate Records: Student portfolios- student chosen work Updated PMI information Current F & P levels recorded Current Math fact levels recorded Bee A reader log 4c: Communicating with Families Monthly Newsletters Conferences Daily behavior calendars Phone calls and parent meetings as necessary Assisting parents with more need, such as providing specific conferences to explain homework or grade expectations 4d: Participating in a Professional Community CFIP meetings POWER 2 team member External Observer for peers Olweus team member Literacy Vision Team leader Peer Observations 4e: Growing and Developing Professionally (see PD log on Weebly for more information) peer observations Classroom visit- Salem Avenue seeking SAS support with CCSS team planning implementing feedback from observations 4f: Demonstrating Professionalism seeks SAS support with locating resources collaborates with school support staff as necessary Contributes to staff discussions- SIT, CFIP serving students- providing homework for those interested and not counting it against them opportunities for all to be successful- small group, changing intervention as needed

4a: Reflecting on Teaching (Questions may guide your discussion)

This post conference form provides a structure for meaningful conversation. This portion of the form is intended to be completed during the post conference.

In general, how successful was the lesson? see post conference notes Did the students learn what you intended for them to learn? What is your evidence? see post conference notes If you have student artifacts available, what do those samples reveal about the students levels of engagement and understanding? see post conference notes Did you make any adjustments to this lesson during instruction? If so, why? Were these adjustments effective? see post conference notes If you had the opportunity to teach this lesson again to the same group of students, what would you do differently? see post conference notes

Electronic Signature
I acknowledge that I have reviewed all content within this form and confirm the information provided is correct: Yes No Provide full name here to indicate your electronic signature: Ashley Hobbs

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