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Published by Express Publishing Liberty House, New Greenham Park, Newbury, Berkshire RG19 GHW Tel: (0084) 1635 817 363 - Fax: (0044) 1635 817 463, ‘e-mail: nquiries@expresspublishing.co.uk hittp/iwww.expresspublishing.co.uk © Jenny Dooley - Virginia Evans, 2003, Colour Ilustrations: © Express Publishing, 2004 ‘All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any ‘means, electronic, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publishers. llustrated by Tery Wilson, Stone, Pan First published in this edition 2003 Made in EU ISBN 1-84466-873-8 Acknowledgements We would lke fo thank ail the staff ot Express Publishing who have contriouted their skils fo producing this book Thanks ore due in porticular to: Mary Palmer Ecitor in Chief: Steve Ladd (senior editor: Mary Davis, Jue Rich, Emily Newton and Alex Barton ‘eaitorial ‘ssistonts): Philip Emery Genior production controllen ond the Express Publishing design team. We woud also lke to thank those institutions and teachers who piloted the manuscript, and whose corrments and feedback were invaluable in the production of the book. Special thanks to Dorie!, Nadia, Bruce and Lowa who play the ports of Lary, Lulu. Paco and Moya respectively as wel (8 to Nicholas and Kiki While every effort has been made to trace all the copyright holders, if any have been inadvertently overlooked the publishers willbe pleased to make the necessary arrangements atthe frst opportunity. Pupil’s Book Jenny Dooley - Virginia Evans as Express Publishing