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Sample Paper (SEM-I) SET-1

Subject: Environmental Studies.

Class: II.
Time Duration: 2hrs. Maximum marks: 50.
List of Environmental Studies chapters covered in this sample paper.
1. Immediate environment.
2. Plants and Animals.
3. Need for food, water and shelter.
General Instructions:
Read the questions carefully before answering:
1. Questions I carry 1mark each.
2. Questions II carry 2 marks each.
3. Questions III carry 3 marks each.
4. Question V carries 5 marks.
I. Answer the following questions in 1 or 2 sentences (1 X 10 = 10)
1. Who are the Neighbours?
2. Which food keeps us healthy?
3. Write the names of home in which cow, dog and horse live?
4. Write down the activities performed by a plumber, a policeman and a salesman?
5. Give examples for junk foods, healthy foods and unhealthy foods?
6. Name the animal that lives in water?
7. Name the person who helps us in stitching clothes and repairing our shoes?
8. Give the examples of mammals and reptiles?
9. Which food gives us energy?
10. Name the animal which eats the flesh of dead animal?
II. Answer the following questions in 3 or 4 sentences. (2x10=20)
1. Write down the names of some famous places of Delhi city?
2. List out the different parts of plants which can be eaten?
3. What are endangered animals? Give example of endangered animals?
4. Why do people haunt animals?
5. Write two things we should not do while eating?
6. What are edible and non edible items? Give example for each of them?
7. Write any five ways in which we can take care of plants?
8. List out the different things obtained from plants?
9. Write down the names of famous monuments along with their city in which they are located?
10. How are we dependent on plants?

III. Answer the following questions. (3 X 5= 15)

1. Mention different types of animals and plants? Give example for each of them?
2. Explain why should we plant more number of trees?
3. What are nutrients? Mention different types of foods? Give example for each of them?
4. Write five good habits that should be followed both at home and in the school?
5. Write the difference between vegetarian and non vegetarian food?
IV. Fill in the blanks. (1x5=5)
1. The people who live with me in my house are _______.
2. A hut is a ____________of a plant.
3. ___________eats insects.
4. If we have to interrupt someone, we have to say ___________.
5. ____________material is used to build igloos.