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How can an electric hazard affect you?

Electric shock Electrocutions fires Explosions

How to prevent this?

Electrical equipment should be free from recognized hazards Labeling equipment so employers and patients know if it is safe or not Good working space should be provided and maintained around all electric equipment. Ensure that all electrical service near sources of water is properly grounded Repair all damaged equipment Make sure that all employees are trained not to plug or unplug energized equipment when their hands are wet Heat-producing equipment Storage of flammable chemicals Faulty electrical wiring Many exit routes Exits must discharge to a safe area Exits must be adequate capacity and width Exits must be clearly marked and lighted An employee alarm system is provided Rescue all the people that are in danger Get your patients or residents out of danger Contain the fire if you can Sound an alarm (pull the fire alarm)

How can a fire occur?

What does a hospital must have in case of a fire?

What to do if there is a fire: