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Sample Paper of Environmental Studies (SEM-II) for class 2 SET-1

Max. Marks: 50 Time: 2 hours

General Instructions:
Questions 1 to 10 carry 1 mark each. Answer in 1 or 2 sentences
Questions 11 to 20 carry 2 marks each. Answer in 3 or 4 sentences
Questions 21 to 25 carry 3 marks each. Answer in 5 or 6 sentences
Question 26 carries 5 marks.
A. Answer the following questions: (1 X 5= 5)
1. Write name of one reptile.
2. Give two examples of domestic animals.
3. Write names of two trees that have trunk.
4. Give example of a very small plant.
5. Write the name of a plant that has soft stem.
B. Fill in the blanks: (1x5=5)
6. They live for many years_______________
7. Small bushy plants are known as ____________
8. Lotus has ________stem.
9. ______________gives us medicine.
10. Beetroot is _______________of a plant.
C. Answer the following questions: (2 X 10= 20)
11. Why do animals make sounds?
12. Write the characteristics of carnivore.
13. What is omnivore?
14. What is Acacia? Write another name of this.
15. Name one flower from which we get perfume.
16. Plants give us many useful things. Explain.
17. What is use of cow dung?
18. Give examples of herbs and shrubs.
19. What is the importance of water conservation?
20. Write the names of different types of soil.
D. Answer the following questions: (3x5=15)
21. Write the differences between herbivore and carnivore.

22. Coal is got from plants. Explain.

23. Give three differences between the sun and the moon.
24. Earthworms are called farmers friends. Explain.
25. What are the characteristics of wild animals? Give examples of two wild animals.
26. Draw the picture of a plant and give the small description of each part. (5 Marks)