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Name: Vishal Verma (121AIG008) Topic: Optional assignment Strategic HRM Please, describe the strategy (strategic goals)

) of your company (or the one youve worked previously for). The company I worked for was Tangence Inc., a US company dealing in creative and digital marketing. One of its prime strategic goals was to become the preferred partner for 5% of 250m$+ technology companies by the year 2016 for all creative development needs. Describe the employee role behavior (how people should behave) that is required to reach these goals. Top management has to display bold and entrepreneurial attitude in everything it says and does. There has to be very open communication between top management and sales wing since market share is one of the key strategic goals for the company. This would build trust and let sales team go out and perform at its best. HR and management should promote meritocracy openly so that the A-players come to the fore. The goal of quality everytime has to be drilled into each and every employee, specifically the operations and sales employees. Employees have to understand this goal is not achievable without quality in each and every little action and therefore should become responsible for every process outcome. Please, share your ideas of how the HRM processes (staffing, developing, rewarding) should be designed to enhance this particular role behavior. Staffing - Hire the best talent available so that training times are reduced and work quality is highest possible. This may mean paying salaries higher than industry norm. - The process of hiring should become very rigorous with multi-stage interview process. - Interviews should revolve around more practical on the spot tasks rather than on interrogation. Developing - Training of the new recruits should be followed up by testing to see if training actually was helpful - Trainings should be short and focussed on achieving some key job related objective rather than being all-encompassing and on shot affair. Rewarding - Best performers should be rewarded not just economically but also by being given more complx tasks over time. - Another way of rewarding can be presenting smartphones and pads to high performing employees.