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Lord Ganesh

It is our tradition to
worship Lord Ganesh before starting any
work, to complete the work successfully.

Lord Ganesh fondly

called as Pillayarapa and Ganapathi
Bappa, is the elder son of Lord Shiva and
Lordess Parvathi. He is the brother of
Lord Muruga. He is Vigneshwara, who
removes all obstacles.

People offer him

“Modhagam”, “Aval”, “Pori” etc. His
birthday is celebrated as “Ganesh
Chathurthi”. It is a custom to immerse His
idol (made of sand) into river/sea after
this festival, it indicates that our
problems/sorrows will be removed if we
have true Bhakthi.

Worshiping Him is very

easy, Mix some turmeric powder or sandal
powder with water and form a triangular
structure such that its base lies on
ground. Apply kumkum on the upper tip
portion. So simple, isn’t it. Offer flowers.
Offer Prasadham, even chocolates will do.
Sing songs and offer Aarathi.

Pray with true devotion.

He will remove all your worries and give
you success. Your life will be filled with
joy and peace with His grace.

Om Kam Ganeshaya Namaha

This is a collection of few small songs on Lord

Ganesh, which i collected from several
websites long time back. Thanks to all those
who contributed.

These are songs of two to six lines, which can

easily be memorized. Even children can learn
the songs easily.

This Part contains six songs. Kindly forgive me,

for any errors found.

1. Gaja Vadana Gananaatha
2. Gaja Vadana Shree Gananatha
3. Gajaanana Hey Shubhaanana
4. Gananaatha Gaja Vadana
5. Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Naatha
6. Gananaatha Gananaatha

1. Gaja Vadana Gananaatha:

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Gaja Vadana

Deena Naathha
Siddhi Daatha Shiva Thanaya
Siddhi Pradaayaka Gajaanana
Parvathi Nandana Bhava Bhaya
Yuga Yuga Vanditha Jaya Shree Ganesha


Elephant-faced Ganesh, Lord of the Ganas and

protector of the helpless. Son of Shiva, giver of
liberation, destroyer of worldly fears. Glory to Ganesh
who is revered through the ages.
2. Gaja Vadana Shree Gananatha :

Gaja Vadana Shree Gananatha

Ambika Thanaya Paahi Prabhu
Siddhi Vinaayaka Kaivalya Daatha
Paashaankusha Dhara Paahi Prabhu
Namaami Nithyam Smaraami Nithyam
Deena Sharanya Paahi Prabhu

Oh Ganesha with an elephant face, son of Parvathi,
please bestow Your Grace on us. You are the one to
liberate us from the endless cycle of births and
deaths. You have been guiding us by using Your lasso
and prod. I shall always pray to You. I shall
ceaselessly chant Your name in my mind. You have
always protected the meek and the humble. Please
guide and protect me.

3. Gajaanana Hey Shubhaanana:

Gajaanana Hey Shubhaanana

Gauri Manohara Priya Nandana
Pashupathi Thanaya Gajaanana
Parama Niranjana Subhaanana

Hey Gajaanana (Ganesha), the auspicious One; The
beautiful and Beloved son of Gauri (Parvathi); Oh
Gajaanana (Ganesha) son of Pashupathi (Shiva) Thou
art supremely faultless and the auspicious One.

4. Gananaatha Gaja Vadana:

Gananaatha Gaja Vadana Gananaatha

Siddhi Daatha Shiva Thanaya
Buddhi Pradaayaka Gajaanana
Parvathi Nandana Jaya Jagavandana
Yuga Yuga Vandana Jai Jagadeesha


Oh Lord of Ganas, the elephant faced One,

the One who dispels misery! You bestow boons,
Oh son of Shiva! You bestow intelligence, Lord
Ganesha! Victory to the One who is revered by
the whole world, the son of Parvathi! You are
revered throughout the ages (Yugas); Hail
Thee, God of the world.

5. Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Naatha:

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Naatha

Gauri Vara Thanaya Guna Laya
Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Naatha
Vidya Dhaayaka Buddhi Pradaayaka
Siddhi Vinaayaka Hey Subha Daayaka

O Elephant-faced Lord! Lord of Demi-Gods and

beloved Son of Mother Gauri; Thou art extremely
merciful. You grant auspiciousness and gifts.

6. Gananaatha Gananaatha:

Gananaatha Gananaatha
Mooshika Vaahana Jaya Gananaatha
Sharanam Sharanam Gajaanana
Sidhi Vinaayaka Gananaatha
Mukthi Pradaayaka Gananaatha
Jagatodhaara Jaya Gananaatha
Sharanam Sharanam Gajaanana


I seek refuge in You, Ganesha. You are the God

with super natural powers. You are the Lord
who gives liberation to people. You are the One
who uplifts the whole world. Victory to You,
Lord Ganesha.