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Horne Memorial United Methodist Church

Special Music
A Time Apart for God Sunday Evening Declaration
(Our Youth Praise Team)
November 4, 5, 6, 2007
7:00 PM Monday Evening Sally Carson and Don Johnston
(from our Chancel Choir)
As we gather in the sanctuary to begin our time of worship and prayer please
feel free to go to the front of the sanctuary and light a votive candle for a Tuesday Evening Crosswalk
special prayer concern you may have. (Our Contemporary Service Praise Team)
Offerings: If you wish to make an offering, please leave it in the basket down
front or on the altar rail. Unless you designate otherwise all offerings will go
to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund to help local people in need.

Prelude Spiritual Growth Emphasis: A Life Worth Living

* Greeting, Hymnal page 878 (Proclamation of the Light) Sunday Morning’s Theme Invited to the Life
A Look at Mephibosheth
* Opening Song
Sunday Evening’s Theme Growing in Life
Opening Prayers of Adoration and Praise
A Look at David and Abraham
During this time of prayer you may stand, kneel, or remain seated.
Monday’s Theme Living Our Life
During this time lift up your praises to God. A Look at Noah and Peter
Feel free to lift up a word or two, or a sentence or two, out loud.
Tuesday’s Theme Living for Kingdom Building
Prayer for Illumination A Look and Paul, Barnabas, and Elijah
Special Music
Prayers of Intercession and Supplication ...and remember that on Wednesday, at 6:30 PM we have...
During this guided time of prayer
feel free to lift up your own petitions and/or names.
* Closing Song This week we will look at The Holy Spirit and Prayer.
* Dismissal with Blessing As always we will be in prayer for the work and ministry of the
* Postlude church and for building the Kingdom of God. We will have a time
to lift up our prayers of supplication and intercession. We will also
have a time where we offer prayers for healing and close with a
celebration of the Lord’s Supper.