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Installing Honneywell Unisim

1) If off-site, you need to first install Dalhousies VPN client. https://wireless.dal.ca/vpn/vpnsoftware/ Install the client, and log in with your netid and password. This will result in your computer being on Dals network. 2) Install WinSCP. This program is used to gain access to the install files for Unisim. It can be downloaded from http://winscp.net/download/winscp517setup.exe.

When you open the program, enter the host name as shown above. The username and password are: Username: CHEE4741 Password (Case Sensitive): d2$StJ1* In the resulting screen you will see a file called R410 Release Full Evaluation (17061).exe Copy this to your computer. 3) Run the file, and Install the following: Install Products Unisim Design Unisim Design The other programs may be of interest to you (thermoworkbench is a heat exchanger network optimization tool), and can be installed at your discretion.

4) Configure the Network Licence. Under the start menu on your computer, open Honeywell ULM Config Wizard.

Chose the second option, Locate License Servers In the new server name, enter kil-lic-1.ucis.dal.ca and click add You can now close the Config Wizard.

5) Start using Unisim: Under the start menu on your computer, open: Honeywell Unisim Design Suite R410 Unisim Design R410.

IMPORTANT NOTES: a) If off campus, you must log into the VPN client before opening unisim. b) When finished, log out of the VPN client (the icon for it will be in your task bar if you closed the window).