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WARNING: TO PREVENT FRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXROSE THS APPLANCETO RAN CORIMOISTURE. DO NOT RENOVE COVER. PLOT LAS SOLDERED IN PLACE. NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUAUIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL ‘TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOV: COVER (OR BACK). NO USER SERVICESBLE PARTS INSIDE, REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL ighing lsh wh ovovheod om SPECIFICATION Frequency Range = F875. 108.5 Me AM 525-1710 Kir Power Source AC 120 ~ 60 HZ Power Consumption. 30¥i Antennoe, Enna FM Anton Buin Fert Am Bor DESIGN AND SPECIICATIONS SUBIECT TO CHANGE WIIHOUT NONE, aan Lia Tay ee ee wearers tear -€R-O-SLE-Y -RAD+0- Turntable Console PT Crosley Radio Products are warranted against defects in material and warkanshi or @ period of $0 days begining Wom he date ose to the ‘nginal purchaser ‘Should the unt fail under normal usage during the 90 day warranty period, 2 Fequest for RETURN AUTHORIZATION (FLA) must be made by te orginal {tomer baterereturing the unk. Call Crosiay Paco customer service for Bu Auton (22) 80-248 For 8 AM ® PuM(EST) Mnsayo {Upon receiving the RETURN AUTHORIZATION number ftom the Customer Service Department propery pack your unt ints rghnal packaging, nude ny aapets, pris, € soceseones which were erignaly provided wit bie product along wit check or money order fr $19.95 made cut to Crosley Faso 6 cover the handing and return postage, Display be A'A on he Cutsido ofthe carton ar ship PREPAID va Standard UPS ors equivalent -ERO-SLEY RAD+0- euaes eter oenenrere amie Figqaray ov te prs ets ans natn ay ots hn vaya sab ‘nc 8 teem ee een | Sabie ees Erneirecaeteome 2 tere inte rw east ly pling oven th ont af th it tae enema, 215mm I * fodinn een tas fe soe oro cuvoy a Taste tas Wyo gle ‘Wroce robe see Got Sahepopoe she pose pag ea RE te He 1 RRA RS CEs MET ws tos 13.817 Pern nt 2 RRsat rate tenet sek ation eR Ses = «Fe Sai CAP FS ay mmo nen TONE Aid REST (13) by hone 7 : Sse ee ees nisi ea toon ome Sens 2 Ira fee aoa elu eer chk Loearion OF pases 2. Or/Oi Volume Kk 4. Teble Koo 4 Ting Koa 5 5 Factor Kb Phono ANU a Spindle To, Mae Fe 5 pm Recor Mi food ees