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Distribution Companys

I have researched into some of the distribution companys and I have decided that the best company to distribute our films is probably FILM4 because looking at the productions that they have released before I think that our film fits in with that style and look of our film fits in. the reason I have chosen this distribution company is because they have released films like Shaun of the dead, Cuban fury and In Bruges these all match the comedy side of the our film but also Shaun of the Dead has the broken down world that we have also established in our film.

Another distributor that I think might also want to distribute our film is working title; this is a better-known distributor, they have released such films as About time, Four weddings and a funeral and also The Worlds End, this distributor works a lot with FILM4 and both have released films that our very similar to our production and also there main market fits our target range.