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What is Perception?

The process by which an individual selects ,
organizes and interprets stimuli into meaningful
and coherent picture of the world

Stimulus is any unit of input to a sensory

eg: brand names , colours, sounds and
Sensory System

Vision -Mktrs rely heavily on visual elements

Smell- odours can stir emotions &feelings

Sound – attitude and message comprehension

Touch- moods are stimulated or relaxed

Taste -
Sensation – Exposure to stimulus

Absolute Threshold:
lowest level at which an individual can
experience a sensation , something & nothing

Differential Threshold :
the smallest detectable difference between
two values of the same stimulus , JND -Ernst

Subliminal Perception

when stimulus is below the threshold of
awareness and is perceived
Subliminal techniques

Embeds : are tiny figures that are inserted
into magazine advertising by use of high
speed photography or air busting .

Auditory message : marketers seem to
fascinated by possible effects of messages
hidden on sound recordings

Consumer feedback : Consumer Folklore

low level Auditory stimulation :
psycho -acoustic persuasion
Perpectual Selection

selectivity of a stimulus depends on consumers
previous experience and motives . besides the
nature of stimulus itself .



Selective exposure

selective attention


perceptual vigilance and defence

perceptual blocking
perceptual organisation

Figure and Ground

Grouping – proximity , similarity. continuity