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Xicor Saga (Episodes 1-33)

Episode 1: Xicor's Arrival

Narrator: It's been 125 years since the end of Dragon Ball GT. All the mighty warriors of Earth
were extinct, or so it was thought. Two young warriors, Goten and Trunks, who used the new
dragon balls, created by Dende, for forever youth, still watched over the planet.
Up on the look-out tower, Dende, Goten, and chibi Trunks are training.
Goten: Dende Being immortal is great and all, but I miss everyone!
Chibi Trunks: Yeah....
Dende: Well, we could revive them with the dragon balls!
Chibi Trunks reaches into his pocket and pulls out the dragon radar.
Chibi Trunks: Goten, lets fly!
The two fly off. Once they are out of sight, Dende bigins to sence something.
Dende: AHHH!!!...Wha...What power!
A streak of light flies across the sky. The fire englofed space ship lands on the planet below the
look-out tower. Then, chibi Trunks and Goten come up the side of the look-out carrying a large
orange ball.
Goten: We couldn't find the dragon balls! The radar was only able to locate this big one.
Dende: The Alfa ball! It's all the dragon balls combined! We better get busy before that thing gets
out of the ship!
Goten & Chibi Trunks: Right!
Dende places the Alfa ball on to the floor of the look-out.
Dende: Shenron! I call upon thee!
The Alfa ball begins to glow as Shenron emerges from the ball.
Shenron: What is your wish?
Dende: I wish that all the Z wariors and their families be brought back to life at the age they were
126 years ago!
Shenron's eyes begin to glow red.
Shenron: Your wish has been granted!
Shenron returns into the ball, which then flies into the air and seperated into 7 balls. The balls
head off into different directions of the earth once again. Suddenly the Z warriors appear.
Chibi Trunks: Hey everyone!
Goten: Where's my dad!?
Everyone looks beside them.
ChiChi: I wasn't able to find him anywhere in other world!
Dende: That's odd....
Then suddenly, everyone sences a huge power level, and looks up. A kid with long silver hair,
silver fur covering his body, and ancient, mysterious looking clothes, is floating there. His siver tail
waves around as he floats down to the look-out floor. A beautiful woman fallows close behind the
Vegeta:(thinking) Another Saiyan?
Krillan: RRR! i'm probably going to die, so i might as well try!
Krillan charges at the kid. The kid easily knocks Krillan to the ground.
Tien: Krillan, are you okay?
Krillan doesn't reply. He just gets up and rubs his sore head.
Xicor: I'm not here to waste my time fighting you weaklings! I have come to seek training from my
father! which one of you is my father?
Bulma: It would help if we knew his name you know!
Xicor: Fine, if you must know. His name is Goku.
Everyone: What!?
Narrator: Could it be true? Could his father really be Goku? And why didn't Goku apear with the
others? So many questions to be answered on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!!

Episode 2: Xicor's Story

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, the Z Warriors were wished back by the remaining
immortal team members. But just then a new guy appeared claiming to be the son of Goku, but
Goku is no where to be found!
Everyone is looking at the kid with shocked faces.
Chichi: Hahahaha! You must be mistakend! i'm Goku's wife, and i only had 2 kids, Gohan and
The mysterious woman waves her hand around. Suddenly, Chichi, Bulma, Videl, Maron, Pan,
Bra, and Android 18 dispear.
Gohan: Hey! what did you do with them?!
Princess Lila: I just sent them down on the Earth, I don't think they should hear what I'm about to
tell you. (As she tells the story, she shows them her memories of what happened.) I am Princess
Lila, a goddess. This is my son, Xicor. He's half god, half Saiyan. For centuries I wanted to create
the perfect being. Then, when I heard that Goku, the most powerful being, was training in space, I
created an illusional planet. Every illusion on that planet was perfect. To make sure Goku would
come to the planet, I made it 10,000 times Earth's normal gravity. He fell for the bait. When he
was on the planet, I tried to seduce him. He resisted to all of my efforts, saying that he was
already married to a wonderful wife. So, when he was sleeping, I entered his dreams. There in his
dreams, we made love. After that night, Goku left the planet. Soon I gave birth to Xicor, who was
born a Super Saiyan 5! He stopped aging the day he hit 17. Since then, i promissed him he'd get
training from his father.
Xicor: Now, Which one of you is Goku?
Yamcha: He's not here.
Xicor starts walking up to Chibi Trunks and sticks out his hand.
Xicor: Give me the radar! I'll find the dragon balls and wish him back to life.
Dende: We already tried that, it didn't work. He is still alive somewhere.
Xicor: I didn't ask you, Namek, but thanks for telling me. I can still find the dragon balls and wish
him to be brought here. Well, lets go, handit over!
Chibi Trunks reaches into his pocket, pulls out the radar and gives it to Xicor.
Xicor: Thanks twirp
Xicor flies off.
Princess Lila: I appologize for his rudeness. He has always been that way.
Chibi Trunks looks at the rest of the Z gang and notices someone that looks like him.
Chibi Trunks: HEY! Who is that?!
Vegeta: That is the future you.
Chibi Trunks: What?!
Future Trunks: I came from the future along time ago to help fight off cell and the androids.
Chibi Trunks: Yeaha! Two of me!
Chibi Trunks walks up to future Trunks and whisper's into his ear.
Chibi Trunks: (whispering) You better stay away from Pan, she's mine, okay?
Future Trunks: Sure thing bro! Hey, dad! Who was that beautiful girl with the blue hair? She kinda
looks like mom.
Vegeta crosses his arms and turns his head away from him.
Vegeta: You disgust me!
Chibi Trunks: That so called chick would be our sister.
Future Trunks: Oppppssss.....(blushing)
Everyone laughs.
Narrator: AHAHAH! Silly Trunks. And now that the secret of Xicor's birth is out all that's left is to
bring Goku back! See it soon on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 3: Xicor's First Dragon Ball

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, the new guy, Xicor and his mother shared their
story with the Z warriors. Now Xicor is off to find the dragon balls to wish back his father, Goku.
The episode starts with a nice quiet scene in the country side. Suddenly, Xicor flies by leaving a
trench line behind him.
Xicor: (Thinking) I finally get to meet my father and be trained by him.
The dragon radar begins to detect a dragon ball.
Xicor: So this thing works!?
Xicor flies across the ocean at great speeds, almost touching the water, creating a huge line of
waves behind him. Meanwhile, back on the look-out tower, Princess Lila is planting flowers in the
garden with Mr. Popo.
Gohan: I don't know about you guys, but i'm starving!
Everyone: YA!
Princess Lila wazes her hand around and a large buffet table with lots of food on it appears in
front of the Z warriors. Everyone begins eating except for Piccolo, Dende, Mr. Popo and Princess
Lila. Piccolo takes this time to meditate. Dende walks towards Princess Lila.
Dende: So....Do you live in the world of the Kai's?
Princess Lila: No, I don't really live anywhere, all the other gods are all....gone.
Dende: What?! How's that possible!? Arn't they immortal?
Princess Lila: Yes, but they were obsorbed by a creature called Buu. The gods went to Other
World to try to stop him from causing trouble. Luckly, Buu is dead and can't escape from hell.
Dende: We have Goku to thank for that.
Meanwhile at Bulma's house, Chichi, Bulma and Bra are cooking supper while the other girls train
Bulma: What's the matter Chichi? You haven't said anything since we got here.
Chichi: I'm worried about Goku.
Bulma puts a pot on the stove and sits down. Chichi stops chopping vegetables and sits too.
Bra: Chichi, no need to worry. We all know that Goku would never cheat on you.
Chichi: I know, but I think he might be hurt somewhere. We haven't seen him anywhere.
Back in the country side Xicor is walking on the ground when he sees the 4th star dragon ball. He
picks up the ball and uses the Instant-Translocation technique to get to the look-out. He appears
at the look-out while everyone is finished eating, except for the Saiyans, who have big appetites.
Xicor rushes over to his mother and places the dragon ball on the ground infront of her.
Xicor: Eating without me?
Princess Lila: You're more then welcome to have some too.
Xicor: Don't mind if I do!
Xicor runs toward the table and gulps down 15 bowls of rice and flies off in search for the next
dragon ball.
Goten: What's the rush? (mouth full of food)
Chibi Trunks: Maybe he has to to the washroom. (mouth stuffed too)
Goten: *gulp* Maybe.
Narrator: With the first dragon ball found, Xicor set's off in search of the other 6, on the next
Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 4: Piccolo's Feelings

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Xicor brought back a dragon ball to his mother, who was
helping with the gardening. And now he's off to find the remaining six.
The episode starts with Xicor flying in the air. Then the radar finds another dragon ball.
Xicor: Perfect! this one's not far, too. Should be somewhere on that mountain.
Xicor flies towards the mountain. Back on the look-out tower, Princess Lila is holding the dragon
Princess Lila: (whispering to herself) Amazing something so small can be so powerful. Soon I will
have my wish, and all will fall.
Piccolo hears this and wakes up from his meditation.
Krillan: Piccolo, what's wrong?
Piccolo walks up to Krillan.
Piccolo: Nothing.
Piccolo turns to Vegeta.
Piccolo: Vegeta! Can you go to Korin's tower for me?
Vegeta crosses his arms.
Vegeta: Why don't you?
Piccolo: I have to stay here and make sure our "guests" don't do anything wrong.
Vegeta: I will not be your delivery boy, while you get to watch ladies! Get some one else.
Yamcha and Tien walk up to Piccolo.
Yamcha: We'll go for you!
Tien: Ya!
Piccolo: Alright, go to Korin's tower and pick up a few bags of senzu beans.
Tien: Sure thing.
Tien and Yamcha fly off. Back at the Capsule Corp, Bulma, Chichi, Maron, 18, Pan, Bra, and
Videl sit down at the table and eat supper.
Maron: MMMM. This is delicious!
Pan: Yeah! Great!
Bulma: Yes, well me, Chichi, and Bra are great cooks, right?
Chichi and Bra agree.
Android 18 and Videl: YUP!!
Back on the look-out tower, Piccolo walks up to Gohan and signals to everyone (except Lila) to go
to him. They do so.
Gohan: What's wrong Piccolo? You seem distracted.
Piccolo: These past hours i've been observing Lila. Her action's seem quite ilogical for a god.
Krillan: What do you mean?
Piccolo: Well, gods are immortal, why make one so powerful? Unless you wanted to control or
even destroy the entire universe.
Princess Lila faces Piccolo and throws a blast at him. Piccolo's arm was destroyed.
Princess Lila: So you've figured out my little plan.
Krillan get's into a fighting pose.
Krillan: I've had enough of this!
Krillan charges towards Lila and punches her in the face. Piccolo regenerates his arm and joins in
on the attack.
Vegeta: Stand back!
Vegeta begins to power up his Final Flash.
Vegeta launches the attack which makes a direct hit on Lila, bolwing her up into pieces. Back on
the ground, Xicor finds the last dragon ball, when he sences his mother's pain. He begins to fly to
the look-out tower. Back up on the tower, Lila regenerates herself.
Vegeta: Damn her!
Future Trunks pulls out his sword and begins slicing at Lila. The cuts keep healing.
Future Trunks: RRR!! This is impossible!
Suddenly, Xicor flies up the side of the look-out, towards his mother. He punches future Trunks,
Krillan, and Piccolo to the ground, as he lands beside his mother. Xicor takes the six dragon balls
out of his pocket and put them onto the ground beside the other one. As Xicor places the balls on
the ground, Vegeta powers up and launches three Big Bang attacks at Princess Lila. Lila screams
as one of the blasts hit her, knocking her to the ground. Before the other two hit her, Xicor jumps
in the way and blocks the attacks. He then turns to his mother.
Xicor: Are you okay?
Princess Lila: I give my life to you.
Xicor: NO!!!
Princess Lila begins to glow and she disappears. Xicor drops to his knees.
Xicor: NOOOO!!
Narrator: Now that the plan is revealed, and princess Lila is gone, will Xicor attack? And if he
does, how will our heroes fair? And is it really possible for Princess Lila to die? More to come on
the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!!

Episode 5: Xicor Attacks

Narrator: Last time on DragonBall AF, Piccolo figured out Princess Lila's plan to control the
universe. With this revealed, the Z Warriors began their assult on Princess Lila. Xicor, who
managed to gather all the dragon balls, tried to butt in, but it was too late.
Xicor snickers as he rises to his feet.
Xicor: You'll pay for this! RRRAAAHHH!!!
Xicor begins to power up. Everyone struggles to hold on to something and to not be blown away.
Xicor stops powering up and a huge crater is left in the middle of the look-out.
Dende: AH! What power!
Xicor: You're first, green boy!
Xicor flies towards Dende and punches him. Dende goes flying. Xicor zilches to where Dende
was knocked. Xicor kicks and Dende gets launched into the sky. Xicor launches a blast at Dende.
Dende explodes. Back at Korin's tower, Tien and Yamcha begin to sense the fight.
Yamcha: Ahh! Dende!
Tien: He didn't have a chance.
Korin hands Tien a bag of senzu beans.
Korin: He's not dead yet.
Yajarobi: Ya! Don't you remember that Nameks can rejuvenate themselves from a single cell?
Korin: Now hurry and get back to the others!
Tien and Yamcha fly off. Back on the look-out, Dende rejuvenates hiself from a single cell, and
floats down to the others. Xicor launches a ki blast at Gohan. Piccolo stretches his arm in front of
Gohan. The blast hits Piccolo's arm and blows it up. Piccolo rejuvenates his arm. Gohan
transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, charges towards Xicor and starts punching him. Xicor knees
Gohan in the gut and clutches him to the ground. Back at the Capsule Corp, they just finnished
supper. As usual the two Saiyan girls ate more then the others. Suddenly, Android 18, Pan and
Videl begin to sence the fight. The three fly off towards the look-out tower. Back up on the look-
out tower, Vegeta, Goten and chibi Trunks transform into Super Saiyan 4's and join Gohan with
the assault. Gohan then goes Super Saiyan 4. Future Trunks goes Super Saiyan 3 and helps the
others out. The five Saiyans can't seem to land a punch on Xicor. Vegeta and Chibi Trunks use
Final Flash, Future Trunks uses Burning Attack, while Gohan and Goten use the Kamehameha
Wave. All five attacks were directs hits. Xicor flies out of the smoke and into the sky. He launches
a Warp Kamehameha. The five Saiyan warriors were hit, changed back to normal, and they all fall
onto the look-out floor.
Xicor: Hahahaha!!
Just then, Tien and Yamcha fly up the side of the look-out and run up to Krillan.
Tien: I guess we're too late.
Yamcha: Krillan, take the senzu beans and give everyone one. Tien and I will distract him.
Krillan: Right. Becareful.
Krillan pulls a senzu bean out of the bag and runs towards Goten. Yamcha and Tien begins to
power up.
Narrator: Xicor has already prooven to be more then the Z Warriors can handle, but now that the
senzu beans arrived, does it give them more of a chance to survive this onslaught? Does the duo,
Tien and Yamcha even stand a chance? Who can beat this guy? Don't mss the next action
packed episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 6: The End Of Tien And Yamcha

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, the fight between Xicor and the Z Warriors began and
ended quickly. Xicor 1, Z Warriors 0. But Tien and Yamcha showed up with the senzu beans and
decided to fill in while the others regained their strength.
Tien and Yamcha finish powering up to their max.
Piccolo: They're equal!
Tien and Yamcha then preform the fusion dance. The two warriors fuse into one, Yamchien.
Yamchien powers up and then charges towards Xicor.
Xicor: You fool!
Xicor uses a Ki blast and it hits Yamchien. Yamchien is knocked out and begins to fall to the
ground. Piccolo flies over and catches him and brings him down to Dende.
Dende: Woah! Hes out in one shot!
Krillan gives a senzu bean to Vegeta. Vegata awakes.
Vegeta: Out of my way, baldy!
Vegata pushes Krillan to the side as he gets up.
Gohan: Alright, we'll take it from here.
The rest of the Saiyans get up and power up.
Dende: No! Wait! I'll heal Yamchien. He still has 24 minutes of fusion time left. We might aswell
use that time to strategize.
Dende heals Yamchien. Yamchien gets back up.
Yamchien: Alright! Time for round two!
Yamchien flies up towards Xicor and uses a Tri-Beam. The beam hits Xicor.
Yamchien: Haha! Gotcha!
Xicor flies out of the smoke towards Yamchien. Yamchien flies backwards.
Yamchien: Skatter Shot!!
Yamchien fires hundreds of small Ki ball. Xicor dodes them all. Yamchien fires a few hundred
more. The balls stop right infront of Xicor. Xicor then realizes that he is surrounded by all the Ki
Xicor: Damn you! You tricked me!
Yamchien: No wonder you want training from Goku. You maybe strong, but you know nothing
about fighting.
Xicor: RRR!!
Yamchien: Be seeing ya!
Yamchien squeezes his hands together and the Ki balls all squeeze up against Xicor and then
Yamchien: Ya! I got him! I saw blood this time!
Then Android 18, Pan and Videl fly onto the look-out.
Android 18: It's not over yet!
Yamchien: Huh?
Yamchien watches the smoke clear and sees Xicor floating there without a scratch on him.
Yamchien: What? That was my best shot!
Vegeta: Why'd you say that? Now he knows how weak you are!
Xicor: Hahaha! That didn't even tickle.
Xicor charges towards Yamchien and goes to punch, but Yamchien defuses. Yamcha and Tien
are about to fire a blast, until Xicor stretches his arms out at them. He launches blasts at Yamcha
and Tien. They both explode. The smoke clears and Tien and Yamcha are gone.
Xicor: That puts an end to that rubbish. Now, who's next?
Krillan: I can't stand this guy! Distructo Disk!
Krillan creates a Destructo Disk and launches it at Xicor. The disk goes right through Xicor and he
looks stuned. Xicor's upper body begins to seperate from his legs. The shock erases from Xicor's
face and his body reconects with his legs.
Xicor: Nice try, but I'm a god. I cannot be killed! Hahahahaha!
Xicor launches a blast at Krillan.
Goku: Kamehameha!!
A Kamehameha Wave collides with Xicor's attack, and sends it into space.
Narrator: That sounded like Goku, but could it really be him? And where has he been all this
time? Will he be able to put an end to Xicor? Don't miss the next mysterious episode of Dragon
Ball AF!

Episode 7: Xicor Shows His Power

Narrator: On he last suprising episode of Dragon Ball AF, Tien and Yamcha fused into Yamchien
and faught against Xicor to buy the others time to recouperate. But Xicor sent him to the after life.
And just before Krillan suffered the same fate, a Kamehameha wave, coming from someone that
sounded like goku, saved him.
Everyone looks at who lauched the Kamehameha. Goku is standing there.
Goten: Daddy!!
Goten runs up to his father and jumps into his arms.
Goku: Woah! Hey kiddoh.
Then Goku looks up at Xicor with an evil smile upon his face.
Goku: Goten, go see Gohan.
Krillan: Goku!! He's killed.....
Goku: I know.
Goku flies up towards Xicor.
Xicor: Awha! Goku, what an homor it is to finaly get to meet you!
Goku: The honor's all mine. Now leave this planet imediately!
Xicor: I'm not leaving without you!
Goku: Do you know how many people tried to kill me?
Xicor: I can assure you that I can. You are pretty weak! I can't believe my mother thought you
were the strongest in the universe!
Goku: RRR!
Goku begins to power up into a Super Saiyan 4.
Xicor: All your efforts are useless!
Goku finishes powering up.
Goku: Lets get this over with!
Goku charges at Xicor and begind punching. Xicor keeps dodging them. Then Goku knees Xicor
in the gut. Xicor flies back a little bit. Goku charges at him again. Xicor throws a punch, but Goku
Instant-Transmits behind Xicor and kicks him. Xicor gets mad and charges at Goku. Goku
punches, but Xicor zilches out of the way, and punches Goku down to the look-out.
Goku: He's stronger then I thought.
Vegeta: Well Kakarott, are you done clowning around?
Goku: I'm giving it all I got. He has incredible power and great speed, but no skill.
Vegeta: Have you forgot about Gogeta?
Goku: I thought you'd never ask.
Vegeta powers up into a Super Saiyan 4. The two preform the fusion dance.
Goku & Vegeta: FU....SION....HA!!
A blinding light surrounds the area. The light fades and Gogeta is standing there.
Gogeta: This should even the odds.
Gogeta begins to power up. Gogeta then charges at Xicor and starts punching and kicking at him.
All the attacks are hitting.
Gogeta: What?! None of my attacks are effecting him!
Xicor: Hahahaha!! Let me show you the true power of a Super Saiyan 5! HAAAA!!!!!
Xicor begins to power up and the clouds begin to darken. The Earth begins to shake. Lightning
falls from the sky and engulfs Xicor in an electromagnetic field.
Gogeta: RRR!! This could be a match I can't win. Haha! I guess there's a first time for everything.
Gogeta launches a Warp Kamehameha at Xicor. Xicor launches a Ki blast. The two blasts
interlock creating a blast battle.
Gogeta: KAIOKEN! TIMES 5!!!!
A huge red flame engulfs Gogeta as he starts to get stronger and faster. Gogeta's blast begins to
Xicor: He still has more power? Haha. Not bad for a meer mortal!
Just before Gogeta's blast hits hits Xicor, Xicor makes his blast stronger and begins moving it
towards Gogeta.
Gogeta: I'll take my chances. Kaioken, Times 7!!!!!
Gohan: Ahh!! He'll destroy his body!! His body isn't trained for that intensity of the Kaioken!
Gogeta: Times 8!!
Gogeta's muscles increase dramatically. He totally over powers Xicor's blast. Gogeta's blast hits
Xicor and sends him high above the clouds. Then a huge explosion happens. Everyone runs up
to Gogeta.
Goten: You did it!
Goten runs up to Gogeta and hugs him. Just as he makes contact, Gogeta lets out a huge yell!
His muscles begin twiching.
Gogeta: AHH!! My body, I can't move it!
He drops to his knees.
Killan: Don't worry about it, you got him. It's over.
Gogeta: One thing I've learned is that it's never over so easily. Since he's part god, he'll
automatically heal himself to perfect health. And since he's part Saiyan, he'll get stronger from
healing. He's the perfect warrior.
Narrator: With Gogeta's words of truth spoken, they can only wait for Xicor to heal himself. And
once he does, will Gogeta be able to continue the fight? Or will he have to sit it out? And if that
happens, which one of the Z Warriors will have to face him? Answers to come on the next
episode of Dragon Ball AF!!
Episode 8: Gogeta, Don't Give Up!
Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Goku returned and tried his luck against the tyrant Xicor.
After that failure, Goku and Vegeta fused into Gogeta and took on Xicor. They both shot blasts,
and with Gogeta using the Kaioken technique, his blast over powered Xicor. But the intensity of
the Kaioken left Gogeta's body feeling numb.
Piccolo: Okay, I sense that he's already recovered. Do you think you can continue? If not I'm
willing to take him on.
Gogeta: I'm fine, thanks. I can't give up just yet.
Xicor heals himself and flies down to the others.
Xicor: You have more power then I thought. No matter, I won't make that mistake twice.
Xicor begins to power up again. Gogeta strugles to his feet.
Gogeta: (thinking) I can't lose to him, or all life will be lost.
Xicor stops powering up and charges towards Gogeta and kicks him into the look-out tower,
creating a crater in the look-out tower. Xicor begins to punch Gogeta in the stomach, resulting in
Gogeta going further into the look-out tower.
Gogeta: There, I can move again.
Gogeta Instant-Transmits behind Xicor and kicks him in the head. Xicor grabs Gogeta's leg and
throws him back into the crater. Xicor begins punching Gogeta in the stomach again. Xicor jumps
into the sky and throws a Ki ball at Gogeta. Gogeta launches a blast at the ball and manages to
send it back up to Xicor. Xicor reflects the ball back down at Gogeta. The ball hits the target and
explodes, leaving an even larger crater in look-out tower, and a battered up Gogeta burried in the
Chibi Trunks: Gogeta!! Don't give up!!
Suddenly light begins to shine out from the cracks in the pile of rocks. Gogeta explodes out of the
rocks in anger.
Gogeta: Kaioken! Times 4!
Gogeta is engulfed by the red Kaioken flame and his muscles get larger. He flies up to Xicor and
tries to kick him, but Xicor ducks. Xicor upper cuts Gogeta in the gut. Xicor then grabs Gogeta's
head and throws him towards the planet. Gogeta lands in a jungle.
Gogeta: Damn him!! I......I don't think my body will last much more.
Back up on the look-out tower, Xicor floats onto the look-out.
Xicor: Another one down. Who's next?
Piccolo: (whispering) Krillan, do u have some senzu beans left?
Krillan nods.
Piccolo: I'll distract him, you get a senzu bean to Gogeta!
Krillan: Right!
Piccolo charges at Xicor while Krillan flies down towards the jungle. Xicor punches Piccolo out of
the way and watches Krillan. Krillan lands on the ground.
Krillan: Gogeta!!
Krillan then senses something and looks up to see a Ki ball heading down at him. He begins to
run. The ball hits the ground behind him and explodes. The shock wave from the explosion sends
Krillan flying and landing beside Gogeta.
Gogeta: Kri.....Krillan.
Krillan gets up.
Krillan: Gogeta, here, eat this.
Krillan stuffs a senzu bean into Gogeta's mouth. Just as Gogeta heals, the fusion time runs out.
Krillan: Oh no! The fusion time is up! Now we're in trouble!
The three of them fly back up to the look-out tower. They get there and Goku noticed that Piccolo
is beaten up.
Xicor: What? You're still alive?
Vegeta: I guess you can't sense power levels!
Narrator: Now that they know Xicor can't sense power levels, will the Z Warriors use this
weakness to their advantage? Find out next time on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 9: Trunks, Don't Be A Fool!

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Gogeta gave it his all fighting Xicor, but it was no use. And
once Gogeta de-fused, all hope seemed lost.
All the Saiyans get ready to attack. Then Goten and chibi Trunks go Super Saiyan 4 and preform
the fusion dance.
Goten and Chibi Trunks: FU.....SION...HA!!!!
The two fuse into Gotenks, who then powers up into a Super Saiyan 4.
Gotenks: Now you're mine!
Gotenks charges at Xicor and goes to punch him. Xicor jumps out of the way, making Gotenks'
punch hit the floor of the look-out. Gotenks then jumps up and fallows Xicor into the sky. Xicor
stops and clutches Gotenks down to the ground as hard as he can. Gotenks hit the ground of the
look-out and de-fuses. Goten and chibi Trunks skid across the floor.
Videl: Woah!
Future Trunks: I have a plan, and if it fails i have a back up plan.
Future Trunks zilches behind Xicor and pins him to the ground. Xicor kicks Future Trunks off of
himself. Xicor kips-up and Future Trunks charges again. Xicor does a round-house kick on Future
Trunks and sends him rolling across the floor. He stops rolling when he gets beside the dragon
balls. Future Trunks struggles to his feet.
Future Trunks: I won't try that again. Well, time for my trump card.
Future Trunks pulls out his sword and charges at Xicor. Future Trunks starts slashing Xicor into
pieces. Xicor heals himself and punches Future Trunks back down by the dragon balls.
Vegeta: Trunks, don't be a fool!
Future Trunks: Shenron, I call upon thee!!
the dragon balls begin to glow and Shenron emerges from them.
Shenron: What is your wish?
Future Trunks: I wish for Broly to be brought back to life to this plane as a pure hearted person!
And that will be all.
Shenron's eyes glow red.
Shenron: Your wish has been granted!!
Shenron disappears into the dragon balls as the balls fly up into the air and disappear around the
Xicor: RRR!! You wasted my wish, you little brat!
Xicor is charging towards Future Trunks when Broly appears and kicks Xicor to the jungle below.
Broly: How did i get here?
Future Trunks: I wished you back with the dragon balls.
Broly: Why?
Goku: We need your help.
Broly: Well Kakarot, you're lucky I'm in a good mood.
Xicor flies up back on the look-out.
Xicor: Which one of you brats hit me?
Broly: Who are you calling a brat?
Broly charges at Xicor and upper cuts him, sending him into the sky.
Xicor: (thinking) Where'd they get such a strong fighter?
Broly: Wow, another Saiyan survived.
Broly flies up to Xicor and clutches him far down into the Earth, making a crater. Broly floats down
to the look-out floor.
Goku: I didn't think there were any other forms after stage 4.
Broly: You'd be suprised.
Dende heals chibi Trunks, Goten and Piccolo.
Narrator: Did Broly do it? Could Xicor actually be finished? Or will the Z Warriors be in for more
suprises? Find out on the next action packed episode of Dragon Ball AF!!

Episode 10: Revival Of Fusion, Borunks.

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Trunks made a risky wish. It worked and gave the Z
Warriors the upper-hand in this tremendous battle.
Xicor flies through the bottom and top of the look-out and lands on it.
Broly: He's still alive?!
Xicor: No body humiliates me like that!! NO ONE!!!
Sparks fly all around Xicor. Future Trunks flies over beside Broly.
Future Trunks: Are you familiar with the fusion technique?
Broly: Yes.
Future Trunks: Then let's do it!
Broly: No, I can take this weekling!
Broly Charges at Xicor and punches him through the chest. He then kicks Xicor into the sky and
launches a Ki blast at him. The blast hit's Xicor's legs, blowing them off. Xicor heals the hole in his
chest then grows his legs back.
Pan: What?!
Goten: He's half god.
Broly: Alright, Trunks, let's do this!
Broly and Future Trunks prform the fusion dance.
Broly & Future Trunks: FU....SION....HA!!!
A blinding light covers the area then fades away. A tall, very muscular person is standing there.
Borunks: Well Xicor, I, Borunks, will destroy you!
Xicor: HAHAHAHA! I'd like to see you try!.
Borunks begins to power up into a Mystic Sayain. He then flies over to Xicor and kicks him into
the sky.
Borunks: Scatter Shot!!
Borunks launches a fury of scatter shots. All of them hit Xicor. Xicor flies out of the smoke,
unharmed, and heads towards Borunks. Xicor begins to punch, but Borunks easily dodges the
Borunks: Too slow!
Borunks punches Xicor in the gut. Xicor backs up, while holding his stomach and moans. Borunks
elbows Xicor on the head, making him fall to the Earth below. Borunks floats down and stands on
the edge of a cliff. The screen goes green and Borunks obsorbs the green stuff. He then closses
his fist and creates a Ki ball out of the green energy. Xicor flies up towards the cliff. Borunks
throws the Ki ball at Xicor and it hits him and then explodes.
Borunks: HAHAHA!
The smoke clears the area and Xicor is standing there unharmed. Xicor charges at Borunks and
begins to punch him. The punches don't even effect Borunks.
Borunks: Pitiful!
Borunks grabs one of Xicor's fists and launches him into the air. Borunks does his green Ki ball
again and throws it at Xcior. It hits with a big bang. Once the smoke clears, Xicor charges at
Borunks. He begins punching, elbowing, kicking, and kneeing Borunks with everything he has.
Borunks: I admire your spirit kid, but now it's time to die!
Borunks begins to punch and kick Xicor all over the place.
Borunks: FINAL FLASH!!!
Borunks launches a huge Final Flash at Xicor. Xicor tries to block.
Vegeta: Using my technique? What a copy cat!
Xicor explodes again, then heals himself yet again.
A huge blast created from fire, electicity and Ki is launched at Xicor. Xicor is over whelmed by the
blast and ends up losing all his limbs.
Narrator: With Xicor out matched in everyway, the Z Warriors have a chance for survival and too
save the universe. But will Xicor heal himself once again? Or will Borunks summon enough power
needed to send Xicor into the next dimension? Find out on the next amazing episode of Dragon
Ball AF!

Episode 11: Xicor's True Power

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, Trunks and Broly fused into Borunks and
completely over powered Xicor, leaving him limbless.
Xicor is floating in the smoky area with no limbs.
Piccalo: Don't give him a chance to rejuvinate!
Borunks charges at Xicor and begins kicking him around. Then Borunks blasts Xicor through the
stomach. He then continues punching and kicking Xicor around. Borunks clutches Xicor to the
ground. Borunks begins to power up and preform the movements for the Burning Attack.
Boronks launches the attack down at Xicor
Goku: It's going to blow up the Earth!
Borunks makes the blast skim the ground and hit Xicor.
Xicor: You call that an attack? It barely tickled.
Then Xicor heals himself and powers up. He creates a Ki ball and throws it up into the blazing hot
sky. The Ki ball creates the light of a full moon.
Borunks: What the hell is he doing?
Goku: This seems familliar.
Then Xicor begins to transform into an Oozuru, a pink Oozuru.
Borunks: I thought all Oozuru were supposed to be and brown or gold.
Xicor: I am pink because i am half god. It's rather embarrassing.
Borunks begins to laugh.
Xicor: You think it's funny eh? well now you'll die! HAHAHA!
Borunks: I wasn't laughing at you, i was laughing with you.
Vegeta: Hah! That's the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen! You're pathetic! An embarrassement
to the whole Saiyan race!
Xicor: Roar!!
Xicor stomps onto Vegeta. Borunks manages to get under Xicor's foot and stop it from hitting
Vegeta. Borunks drops Xicor on his butt. Xicor get back up.
Xicor: So you still have some fight left in you eh? Well time to show you my true power!
Xicor begins stomping and launching blasts from his mouth at Goku, Vegeta, and Borunks. They
dodge the attacks the best they can.
Pan: Wow, never thought something so cute and fluffy can be so strong.
Videl: Yah, kinda makes you not want to play with teddy bears.
Xicor: I am not cute and fluffy! I am ugly and mean!
Goku: Mean? My wife's meaner then you!
Borunks: Uh....Goku, I don't think you should have said that!
Xicor launches a blast at Goku which sends him into a huge mountain. Goku gets up weakly, the
mountain falls apart onto him. Goku gets burried beneeth the rocks.
Borunks: Goku, NOOO!!!
Xicor laughs as Vegeta launches a blast at Xicor,but the blast has no effect.
Borunks:(whispers to Vegeta) Let cut off his tail.
Vegeta: No. If we do that we would only be defeating a mear Saiyan and not an Oozuru.
Xicor: That plan wouldn't work anyway.
Vegeta: What? How could you have possible heard us?
Xicor: Have you forgoten what it's like to be an Oozuru? Like this I can hear a pin drop for miles.
Vegeta: Are you questioning my Saiyaness? You stupid chimp!
Xicor: Yes, I guess I am. What are you gonna do about it?
Vegeta: I'm going to send you to the next dimension!
Xicor: You fool! You can't kill me, I am a god! I can heal myself!
Narrator: Now with Xicor having the upper hand, The fight for survival seems already lost. But can
Borunks' plan work out? Or will it leave them in ruins? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball

Episode 12: Borunks Defuses

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Xicor showed his true power, Saiyan style. The Z Warriors
efforts to fight the Oozuru Xicor only left Goku in a big mess. Now the plan to de-tail the beast is
There is no end to me!!
Vegeta and Borunks suddenlyget a goofy look on their faces as Xicor laughs. All of a sudden,
Borunks launches a huge blast at Xicor. The blast blows up Xicor, but Xicor rejuvenates himself.
Xicor: What do you think you're doing, you little brat?
Borunks: That didn't hurt? Not even a little?
Xicor: Nope, now feel my wrath!!!
Xicor stomps on Borunks and a bright white light shines from under Xicor's hairy foot. Xicor lifts
his foot to reveal a tired and wounded future Trunks along side a battered Broly.
Xicor: Now you are weak!
Xicor goes to stomp on them again, but Vegeta interupts by launching blasts at Xicor. The blasts
have no effect. Vegeta flies up at Xicor's face, but Xicor punches Vegeta into a cliff. Vegeta
tumbles down the rocky hill. Xicor picks up Vegeta and throws him high into the air. Gohan,
Goten, and chibi Trunks fly down from the look-out and join in on the fight. Xicor swats the three
onto the ground. Xicor is just about to step on them when Broly interferes by launching a blast.
Xicor: You're still alive?!
Broly goes to punch to punch Xicor, But Xicor swats Broly with his tail.Xicor uses a mouth blast
on Broly. Gohan gets Broly out of the way, while Goten and chibi Trunks atack Xicor. Then the
four fly down to future Trunks.
Gohan: Trunks, you okay?
Future Trunks gets up.
Future Trunks: I need a vacation.
Vegeta: BIG BANG!!
A huge Big Bang attack falls from the sky and hits Xicor in the head. Xicor falls onto his rear end
as the attack explodes. Vegeta floats down to the others.
Broly: If you can hold him off for a few minutes, I could power up and rip off his tail.
Vegeta: Of course i can hold him off!
Vegeta powers up into a Super Saiyan 4and flies into the cloud of dust. The others power up into
Super Saiyan 4's and help Vegeta out. Broly begins to power up. Goku explodes out of the pile of
rocks as a Super Saiyan 4 and joins in on the fight. Broly's muscles and power increase
Broly: (thinking) I haven't felt my true power in a while, I forgot how awesome it feels. (not
thinking) Okay! Saiyans, clear out!
Everyone except Broly and Xicor fly up onto the look-out. Broly charges at Xicor and punches in
the gut. Xicor falls onto the ground.
Broly: The biger they are, the harder they fall.
Android 18: Broly's power is still rising!
Broly:(thinking) If he wasn't immortal, I would've finished him off long ago.
Xicor struggles back up.
Xicor: You have more power then I gave you credit for.
Xicor launches a blast from his mouth that hits Broly, but no effect. Xicor launches five more
blasts at Broly.
Broly: Not bad. You have potencial, kid.
Xicor: Brolly, join me. Together, we can rule the entire universe! I would rule it all on my own, but
the universe is so big for one person.
Brolly smirks.
Narrator: Broly is running on a new fuel. Tempted by what he's always wanted, to rule the enitre
universe. Will Brolly join with Xicor? And what will happen to the Z Warriors if he did? Answers to
come on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!!

Episode 13: Piccolo To The Rescue!

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Things didn't lok good for Earth as Xicor dominated the
fight. After Borunks defused, Broly took control into his own hands. Now Broly is about to answer
a question that will decide thefate of the entire universe!
Xicor: So, what do you say?
Broly: Your offer seems so good, I don't think I can refuse.
Xicor: Excelent! Now to do away with the others!
Back up on the look-out, Piccolo hears the agreement.
Piccolo: No! He can't!
Piccolo grabs future Trunks' sword and flies down off the look-out. Broly gets Piccolo in a head
lock. Seconds later, Broly punches through Piccolo's stomach. Piccolo falls to the ground.
Xicor: Nicely done! Now go handle the others!
Krillan tries to sneak up behind Xicor to cut off his tail, but Xicor turns around and takes a swipe
at him. Goku goes to check if Krillan is alright and discovers that the wounds are severe. Goku
brings Krillan onto the look-out to get a senzu bean. Xicor notices and launches a blast towards
them. Goku and Krillan get hit by the blast and fall to the ground. Broly zilches behind Goten and
chibi Trunks, and kicks them down to the ground. Broly picks them up by their shirts, whispers
something into their ears then throws them back down. Then Xicor stomps on them.
Xicor: We have bigger fish to fry!
Xicor begins walking towards the look-out, when Piccalo chops off Xicor's tail.
Xicor: Wha...WHAT!?
Xicor turns back to normal and faints. Piccolo, Goten and chibi Trunks fly back up onto the look-
out. Goku strugles up, picks up Krillan and flies to the look-out. Xicor strugles to his feet.
Xicor: Damn him!!
Broly launches a blast at the ball of light in the sky, which destroys it. Then Broly launches
another blast at Xicor, which sends him rolling back. Xicor stands back up.
Xicor: What the hell do you think you're doing? I thought you were on my side?!
I said it was hard to refuse, I never agreed.
Xicor: What about the Namek?
A flash back shows Broly grabbing Piccolo in a head lock.
Broly: I told him my plan. Then punched him through the gut, since I knew Nameks can rejuvinate
Xicor: And the other two?
Broly: They are immortal, thanx to the dragon balls.
Xicor: RRR!! I've been played!
Broly: Haha! And now you're de-tailed!
Xicor charges at Broly and begins punching and kicking at him. Broly easily dodges and blocks
the attacks.
Broly kicks Xicor into a pile of rocks.
Broly: And stay down!
Back up on the look-out tower, Dende heals Krillan. Krillan get up.
Krillan: Thanx Dende!
Narrator: Now, Xicor is tailess, but does it provide more of a chance for the Z Warriors to provail?
And now that Broly has already betrayed Xicor, can the Z Warriors trust him? Or will he turn on
them aswell? Only time will tell. So don't miss the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 14: No Match For Xicor

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Broly's plan to gain Xicor's trust was revealed shortly after
Piccolo cut Xicor's tail off, giving Broly total control of the fight.
Xicor's tail grows back.
Xicor: HAHA! My tail grew back! Now I can transform again!
Xicor makes another ball of light and throws it up, but Broly destroys the ball again.
Xicor: What do you think you're doing? You can't beat me, so just give up!
Broly: Now, now. If I did that I would be betraying my Saiyan heritage, not to mention letting my
prince down.
Xicor: Oh, so there's royalty here?
Broly: Indeed.
Xicor: Then I challenge your so called prince.
Vegeta drops from the look-out tower onto the ground.
Vegeta: I accept your challenge!
Dende: Ah! What is he doing? He's no match for Xicor!
Piccolo: Vegeta is still blinded by his pride.
Vegeta begins to power up.
Xicor: Let's see what you've got!
Vegeta turns into a Super Saiyan 4 and charges at Xicor. Vegeta goes to punch Xicor in the head,
but Vegeta fakes that and kicks Xicor in the gut. Vegeta font flips over Xicor and kicks him in the
back of the head. Xicor steps forward a bit. Vegeta flies up into the air.
Vegeta launches the Big Bang Attack down at Xicor. The attack hits Xicor in the back, forcing him
onto the ground as it explodes. Vegeta floats down to the ground.
Vegeta: I hit you twice with the same move. You're obviously not much of a fighter.
Vegeta just stands there as the smoke begins to rise.
Vegeta: RRR...I'm getting impatient! I know you can rejuvenate yourself, plus I can sense you. So
stop hiding like a coward and fight me!
Xicor flies out of the smoke and goes to punch Vegeta, but Vegeta back flips and kicks Xicor in
the chin. Xicor moves up into the air a bit. Vegeta jumps up to Xicor's height and begins to punch
Xicor in the stomach five times. Vegeta is about to punch Xicor again, but Xicor kicks him in the
groin. Vegeta drops to the ground, holding his groin, and begins rolling around.
Vegeta: RRR! You drity fighting bastard!
Xicor: Yes, weel, I was tought to do anything to win! HAHAHAHA!
Vegeta: Well two can play at that game!
Vegeta struggles up. Then he flies up and gets upper cutted by Xicor. Xicor ziches above Vegeta
and clutches him on the head. Vegeta falls to the ground and lands on his back as dust flies up.
Xicor: HAHAHA!
Vegeta begins caughing as he struggles up off the cracked ground beneeth him. Back on the
look-out, Piccolo is giving future Trunks his sword back.
Piccolo: Still got that old chip on it.
Future Trunks: Yeah....
A flash back happens to when future Trunks hit his sword against Android 18's arm and the sword
chipped. Back at the fight, Xicor's and Vegeta's fists collide. The they collide 2 more times. Xicor
then kicks Vegeta back a bit. Vegeta launches a blast at Xicor. Xicor jumps up and dodges the
blast. The blast hits the ground and explodes.Vegeta launches like a hundred more blasts, which
all hit Xicor. The smoke clears and Xicor is gone. He appears behind Vegeta and elbows Vegeta
in the back of the head. Vegeta skids across the ground. Vegeta gets back up.
Vegeta:(thinking)I am the prince of all Saiyans! I will not lose to the half blood!(not thinking)
Vegeta launches the Gallet gun at Xicor. Just at the last second, Xicor dodges the technique.
Xicor: Too slow!
The Gallet Gun swings back around and nails Xicor right in the back. Xicor is launches towards
Vegeta. Vegeta knees Xicor inthe gut.
Vegeta: Who's too slow now? Xicor grabs Vegeta's head and slams it into the ground. Xicor grabs
Vegeta by the hair, throws him into the air and launches a huge blast at him. The blast knocks
Vegeta out. Vegeta begins falling. Just before he hits the ground, Goku catches him and instant-
transmits them both to the look-out.
Narrator: Vegeta has been out classed in every rank. And with no power left to fight in him, who
will try to take on Xicor next? Find out next time on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 15: Gogeta VS Xicor.

Narrator: Peviously, Xicor challenged the prince of all Saiyans. Scrapping it up with Vegeta, left
Vegeta out of commission. Who will be the next unlucky victim? Find out today, on Dragon Ball
Goku, holding Vegeta in his arms, appears on the look-out. Goku puts Vegeta down infront of
Goku: Can you heal him?
Dende: Yes.
Dende heals Vegeta. Vegeta gets up and pushes Dende aside.
Vegeta: Out of my way, green man. Kakarott, you ready?
Goku nods. They both power up to their maxes and preform the fusion dance.
Vegeta & Goku: FU....SION...HA!!
A blinding light covers the screen and then fades away to reveal Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta standing
Xicor: You again!
Gogeta: Let's get this over with!
Gogeta flies towards Xicor and goes to punch, but Xicor zilches out of the way and behind
Gogeta. Gogeta pulls his arm back and elbows Xicor in the face. Gogeta turns around and knees
Xicor in the gut. Gogeta moves forward towards a mountain with his knee still at Xicor's stomach,
pushing Xicor along. At the last second, Xicor zilches out of the way. Gogeta ends up colliding
with the mountain on his own.
Xicor: This isn't a bad workout.
Gogeta climbs out of the rocks.
Gogeta: Nimbus!!
Xicor: What's a Nimbus? Sounds tasty.
Gogeta jumps off the mountain. Just before Gogeta hits the ground a yellow puffy cloud catches
Gogeta: Nimbus, to Korin's tower!
The cloud flies off towards Korin's tower with Gogeta on it. They get near the tower, when Xicor
launches a blast at it. The whole tower explodes. The skinny red staff that was inside the tower
lands in Gogeta's hands. Gogeta rides towards Xicor and swats the staff at him.
Gogeta: Nyoibo extend!
The staff extends and nails Xicor on the head. Xicor falls to the ground and lands on his hands
and knees.
Xicor: So he has a few toys, but play time is over.
Xicor gets back up and zilches behind Gogeta knocks him off of Nimbus. Nimbus floats down
close to the ground. Xicor flies towards Nimbus and gets ready to land on it. Xicor goes straight
through the yellow cloud and hits the ground.
Xicor: What the hell? I can't seem to get on it.
Gogeta: Only someone with a pure heart can ride Nimbus.
Back at the Capsule Corp, Bulma, Chichi, Bra and Maron are playing chess.
Bulma: It's been a while since we all last sat down together.
Chichi: Speaking of a while, those boys are taking a long time.
Bra: I'm sure they just have lots too talk about.
Maron: Check-mate!
Back at the battle field, Xicor and Gogeta are attacking each other at full power.
Narrator: As war rages on, both fighters show no sign of giving up. But Gogeta is still greatly out
matched. Can Gogeta summon enought power to put an end to the tyrant Xicor? More to come,
next time on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 16: Five Days Free

Narrator: Previously on Dragon Ball AF, Vegeta's and Goku's time of waiting was up. After fusing
into Gogeta, and using the flying Nimbus and the Nyoibo, Gogeta prooved to be more then Xicor
expected. Elsewhere, the girls are still waiting for the others to return.
Gogeta begins kicking and punching a bit, while Xicor blocked and dodged. Then Xicor went on
the offensive, while Gogeta went on the defensive. Then they both punch and their fists collide.
They both move back. Sweat runs down both of their faces.
Gogeta: (thinking) Man, he's too good.
Xicor: I'll make you an offer, I'll just let you and your friends have a chance against me. I'll give
you five days to train, and no longer. So tell your friends that I'll be back to finish you off. Xicor
flies off heading towards his ship. Gogeta and Broly fly up to the others on the look-out.
Krillan: Is it over?
Videl: Where's he going?
Gogeta: No, we still have a long way to go. He's giving us five days to train.
Broly: Well, don't just stand there!
Broly flies off towards the mountains.
Gogeta: I guess we should head to the Capsule Corp so that the others don't get worried.
Everyone, except Dende, Piccolo and Mr. Popo fly off. They all reach the Capsule Corp and walk
in the door.
Chibi Trunks: Mom!! We're back!
Bulma walks up from the basement.
Bulma: Welcome back! I was just going throught some of my dad's old expirements.What
Happened to the other 2 people? And where's Yamcha and Tien?
Gogeta: Well, you see, those two were trying to take over the universe. We managed to kill one of
them somehow. The other is going to be difficult. Yamcha and Tien were killed. Now he's giving
us five days to train.
Bulma: Great, that's all we need, maniacs on the loose. Well, go sit down, everyone else is in the
living room right now. I'll be right there.
Just as they walked into the living room, Gogeta defuses.
Chichi: Where have you been!?
Goku: Eheheh. It's a long story.
Chichi: Can't be any longer then the time I spent waiting for you!
Goku: It's starts off.......And that's the whole story!
Bulma walks in the room.
Bulma: Okay, I'm back!
Chichi: I'm going to go home now. after a hundred years I'm sure my house needs cleaning, and
the grass needs to be cut, and the dishes and laundry need to be done, and grocery shopping!
Everyone: Bye.
Gohan: Me, dad and Goten will stay here and train with the others okay?
Chichi: Okay, but don't be late for supper!
Chichi turns around and walks out the door.
Chichi: Why do I even bother saying that? Goku'd late for everything!
Krillan: So how do we train for this guy?
Narrator: Can five days be enough time for the Z Warriors to train? Will Goku and his two sons
make it home in time for once? And where is Xicor off too? So many questions to be answered on
the next episode of Dragon Ball AF.

Episode 17: The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Xicor and Gogeta were giving it all they had against each
other. But then, Xicor decided to give the Z Warriors five days to train. And the training begins
Pan: ow are we supposed to get strong enough to beat that guy in justfive days.?
Goku: Well, There's the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but some of us went in more then we can.
Vegeta: Huh! Kakarott, if we fuse and goin, there would be no excuse for failure.
Goku: Hey, not a bad idea, Vegeta! Okay, Everyone grab hold.
Everyone grabs on to Goku. Goku instant transmits everyone to the look-out tower. Mr. Popo
walks out of the temple.
Mr. Popo: You have come for the Time Chamber, yes?
Goten: Yeah!
Mr. Popo: Follow me.
Everyone follows Mr. Popo to the door of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Goku: Okay. Trunks(future Trunks), I wasn you in first. Who will go with him? Broy: I will.
Everyone turns around to see Broly.
Goku: Great you made it!
Broly nods
Broly: Think I would miss in oppertunity to get a year training in a day?
Mr. Popo opens the Hyperbolic's Time Chamber's door. Future Trunks and Broly walk in. The
door closes behind them. Broly looks around the fancy house.
Future Trunks: Come on! We have some work to do!
Broly: Right!
Broly follows future Trunks out of the house and into a white space that seems to go on forever.
Future Trunks: Don't go easy on me!
Broly: Heh, I wasn't planning on it.
Broly begins to power up to his max, so does future Trunks. Back outside of the Time Chamber,
everyone is waiting. Vegeta: Well Kakarott, What doyou suppose we do while we wait?
Goku: I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving.
Gohan: Oh no, dad, we're going to be late for supper!
Goku instant transmits himself and his two sons home. They walk in the door and into the kitchen.
Chichi: Well, well, you're early for once. World Record!
Chichi walks over to Goku and puts one of her hands on Goku's forehead and one on hers.
Chichi: Youre not sick, so sit down and eat.
Everyone sits down and starts stuffing their faces. Back up on the look-out, everyone is still
Vegeta: I can't stand this waiting, we might aswell train while we wait!
Android 18: That's the first good idea you've had yet.
Vegeta: HUH!?
Vegeta turns around and crosses his arms.
Vegeta: Come on son, we have some work to do!
Vegeta begins walking out of the building, while chibi Trunks follows. Back inside the Hyperbolic
Time Chamber, Super Saiyan 4 future Trunks is giving it all he has against the Mystic Saiyan
Broly. Broly knocks future Trunks down onto his hands and knees.
Broly: On your feet! We only have a week left in this place, we can't afford to lose!
Future Trunks gets up and flies up to Broly. Back at Goku's house, Chichi is doing the dishes.
Goku: Need any help?
Chichi: No, bu thanx for ask...
Chichi realizes that Goku and their two sons are gone.
Chichi: RRR!! I wish they wouldn't sneek off like that all the time!
Goku, Gohan and Goten are flying towards the look-out tower.
Goten: Dad, why don't you just transmit us there?
Goku: We need to wastesome time don't we?
Gohan: How about we race there? It'll be like fun training!
Goku: Alright.
The three race off towards the tower.
Narrator: The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is their source of training, but only two people can enter
at once. Will this slow the training process down? And who will be the next pair to enter the
Hyperbolic Time Chamber? find out next time on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 18: Gogeta and Gohan.

Narrator: Last time, our heroes decided to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Broly and Trunks
stepped in first. Elsewhere, Goku and his family sat down to dinner while the others waited
Goku, Gohan and Goten fly up the side of the look-out.
Goku: Woah! Three way tie!
Gohan: Dad, you weren't trying.
Chibi Trunks: Goten!
Chibi Trunks floats down to Goten.
Chibi Trunks: Come train with me and my dad.
Goten: Can I?
Goten charges towards Vegeta with chibi Trunks. The three start training. Goku and Gohan walk
into the temple and to the others.
Mr. Popo: It is time.
Mr. Popo opens the door. Future Trunks and Broly walk out.
Krillan: How'd the training go?
Future Trunks: Great!
Goku: Who's next?
Vegeta: I am!
Goku: We would have to fuse to get in.
Vegeta: Well don't just stand there, let's fuse!
The two preform the fusion dance.
Goku & Vegeta: FU...SION...HA!!
The two fuse into Gogeta.
Gogeta: Who else will come in?
Gohan: I will!
Mr. Popo opens the door. Gogeta and Gohan walk in. The door closes behind them.
Gohan: It's been a while since I last came in here.
Back outside of the Time Chamber, Bulma, Pan, Chibi Trunks, and Krillan are playing strip
Goten: What am I supposed to do?
Android 18: Let's train while they play those immature games.
Goten and Android 18 begin punching at eachother.
Future Trunks: Do we need any more training?
Broly: Training is no longer nescessary.
Broly flies off. Back in the wilderness, durring the sun set, Chichi is cleaning up the yard.
Chichi: When are those boy comming back? It's getting late.
Back up on the look-out tower, Android 18 and Goten are taking a break from their training.
Goten: I should get back home before it gets too late. See you later hun.
Android 18 blushes as Goten flies home. Inside the look-out's Time Chamber, Gogeta and
Gohan, both Super Saiyan 4, are giving it all they have against eachother.
Gogeta: Gohan, you have more in you. You have to let it all out!
Gohan: RAHH!!
Gohan begind to power up.
Gogeta: That's not all of it!! You have more hate, let it go!
Gohan stops powering up. Fire comes from all around and surrounds the two as they continue to
train. Back outside, the sun has fully set. Broly is fying throught the star filled sky. He soon stops
and looks down to see the space pod that he first came to Earth in. He gets a flash back of when
he first came to Earth.
Broly: Kakarott....
He then floats down to the ship and takes the vigns off of it. He sits in it, closes the door, and falls
asleep. He begins to dream about how Goku used to annoy him as a baby. He then remembers
when Goku first defeated him. Goku punches Broly in the gut and it looks like Broly explodes.
Broly climbs into his ship and the ship leaves the planet just before the comet hit the planet.
Broly's ship lands on Earth. He climbs out of the ship and starts saying Goku's Ssaiyan name. He
then faints and ice covers over him. He then begins to remember Goku crying as a baby. Broly
breaks out of the ice. He then remembers when Goku appears and joins his two sons in a triple
Kamehameha. The kamehameha over powers Broly's attack and sends Broly flying towards the
sun. Just before he hits the sun, the Kamehameha goes through his chest. Broly wakes up.
Broly: Kakarott......KAKAROTT!!!
Broly explodes out of his ship. Back inside of the Time Chamber, Gogeta and Gohan continue to
train with fire everywhere. They both punch, their fists collide. They both move back a bit and kick
each other in the face. The two barrel roll onto the fire engulfed ground. Gogeta uppercuts Gohan
into the air. Gogeta jumps up and launches a blast at Gohan. Gohan dodges the blast, flies
towards Gogeta, and kicks Gogeta to the ground. Gogeta de-fuses. Vegeta and Goku charge
back up at Gohan. Back outside, the sun is begining to rise.
Piccolo: They have another 12 hours in there.
Dende: I just don't understand. Why would Xicor want to us to train? I don't think i can ever
understand the ego of a Saiyan.
Piccolo: Sometimes I think that Vegeta doesn't even know it all.
Back at Goku's house, a dark shadow passes over the yard and into the door.
Narrator: Who is this mysterious person entering Goku's house? What does he want? And who
will enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber next? Find out next time on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 19: Gotenks' And Piccolo's Turn

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Gogeta and Gohan entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
And Broly found his old space pod. And a mysterious person is up to no good.
The door to Goten's room opens. The shadowy person walk up to the bed and sees goten
sleeping there. The person creates a Ki ball which lights up the room, revealing the person to be
Broly. Broly is just about to launch the Ki ball, but then he stops. He walks out of the room and
then out of the house. Broly flies off. Goten then wakes up, gets dressed, and flies towards the
look-out. He gets there and him and chibi Trunks start training. Back inside the Time Chamber,
Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta are still training.
Vegeta: Well, Kakarott. We should fuse again before the door opens, otherwise we'd be stuck
here forever.
Goku: When is our time up?
Gohan: Should be any minute now.
Goku: WHAT!? A year when by already?!
Vegeta: Kakarott! Let's go already!
Goku: Oh, right.
The two preform the fusion dance.
Goku & Vegeta: FU.....SION.....HA!!!
Just as the fusion is complete, the door to the Time Chamber opens. Gogeta and Gohan walk
Gohan: Who's next?
Goten: Me! Me!
Chibi Trunks: Me two!
Piccolo: Why don't you two fuse so I can come in aswell?
Chibi Trunks and Goten nod then preform the fusion dance.
Goten & Chibi Trunks: FU.......SION....HA!!
The two fuse into Gotenks.
Gotenks: Alright, all set!
Mr. Popo opens the door to the Time Chamber. Gotenks and Piccolo walk in.
Future Trunks: So, Gohan, how did the training go?
Gohan: Great! I don't think Xicor stand a chance against all of us.
Back in space, Xicor's ship is flying around. Then it stops close to a planet. Inside the ship, Xicor
is training under 950 times Earth's normal gravity.
Xicor: Computer, where am I?
Computer: 69 miles from the surface of the planet Pluto, in the Milkyway Galaxy, of the Northern
Xicor: Bring me back to Earth.
Computer: Acknowledged.
The ship begins to hed back to Earth. Back on Earth, Broly is standing on the peak of a pyramid.

Broly: (thinking) There must be a way to stop Xicor.

Back inside the Time Chamber, Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks and Piccolo are training.
Gotenks launches a bunch of blasts at Piccolo. Piccolo dodges them and goes to punch Gotenks.
Just before Piccolo's punch hits him, Gotenks de-fuses. Goten and chibi Trunks are on either side
of Piccolo, then they double team him. Outside of the Time Chamber, Goku is stretching. Broly
flies onto the look-out.
Broly: I'm getting boared of all this waiting.
Bulma: Dont worry, there's only a day and a half left before the fighting starts up again.
Goku: Oh no!! I forgot to tell Chichi that me and the boys wouldn't be home for a little while.
Goku and Gohan race off to get home. Meanwhile, back in the vastness of space, Xicor is training
in his ship.
Xicor: Computer, raise the gravity to 1000!
The gravity machine changes to 1000 times Earth's normal gravity. Back on Earth, Goku and
Gohan get back to the look-out. Broly walks up to future Trunks, Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta.
Broly: How about we play a little game?
Gohan: What kind of game?
Broly: Rock tag.
Vegeta: Hah! That pathetic game?
Future Trunks: What's that?
Broly: It's just like tag, but instead of just touching the person, you have to throw a rock at their
heads. That was a popular game amongst the youngsters of planet Vegeta.
Goku: Sounds fun!
The five Saiyans fly off towards the Northern Wastelands. They land on the edge off a cliff.
Gohan: Who's it?
They begin to decide who's it by playing "rock-paper-scissors". Back in the Hyperbolic Time
Chamber, Goten and chibi Trunks are taking a nap. Piccolo is out in the training area meditating.
Suddenly, Piccolo and the training area becomes froxen in ice. Goten and chibi Trunks wake up
to see Piccolo frozen in ice.
Goten: Piccolo!
Chibi Trunks: How did he get in there?!
Suddenly, Piccolo breaks out of the ice. All the ice disappears.
Goten: Are you okay?
Chibi Trunks: What happened to all of the ice?
Piccolo: I'm fine. And this Chamber can bring your emotions to life.
Narrator: Others are off playing games, while others are hard at work training. Broly seems
confident about the up comming fight. Could he know something the others don't? But with Xicor
training aswell, Will their efforts be in vain? Don't miss the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 20: Bulma's New Discovery

Narrator: Last ime on Dragon Ball AF, Goten and Trunks learned one of the Hyperbolic Time
Chamber's abilities to display emotion, creating a harder training time. And back outside, all the
other Saiyans are off playing games.
Vegeta and Gohan are still doing "rock-paper-scissors". Vegeta does a rock, while Gohan does a
Vegeta: Ha! You're it.
Everyone, except Gohan, runs and hides. Gohan punches down a mountain and picks up a rock.
Gohan: Here I come!
Back on the look-out, Bulma walks up to Android 18.
Bulma: Could you bring me home?
Android 18: Sure.
Bulma: Thanx. Hey, Bra, wanna come?
Bra: No, I think I'll stay here for a while.
Videl: I'll come, I have nothing else to do!
Android 18 picks up Bulma, and the three head off to the Capsule Corp. Back at the playing area,
Gohan throws a rock at the back of Goku's head.
Gohan: Your it!
Vegeta: HAHAHA!
Then Goku throws a rock at Vegeta's face. It hits.
Vegeta: Why you!!
Vegeta throws a rock back at Goku. Goku moves and the rock hits Broly. Broly throws a rock at
future Trunks. Back up on the look-out, Dende walks up to Mr. Popo.
Dende: They should be done in there.
Mr. Popo: A few more seconds.
Then Mr. Popo opens the door. Gotenks and Piccolo walk out.
Pan: Me! i'm next!
Mr. Popo: I'm sorry, but the Hyperbolic Time Chamber needs recharging. It should only take half a
Back at Bulma's, Videl is bringing some hot chocolate to Bulma.
Videl: What are you working on?
Bulma: My dad was working on a way to fuse three people that are already a fusion.
Videl: Wow! That sounds handy!
Bulma: Yeah, but according to his notes, he scattered them all around.
Videl: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go find them!
Back up on the look-out, Pan is still waiting for her turn.
Pan: Is it ready yet?
Mr. Popo: Sorry. A few more hours.
Goten and chibi Trunks walk over to Dende.
Goten: Where did everyone go?
Dende: They went off to play a game.
Chibi Trunks: Without us?!
Goten and chibi Trunks fly off to find the others.
Chibi Trunks: I think I sense them over there!
Back inside Xicor's ship, Xicor is training at 1050 time Earth's normal gravity with ease.
Computer: We are now orbiting planet Earth.
Xicor: And we're ahead of schedual too. Okay, bring me down, I'll continue my training on this
Computer: Acknowledged.
The ship begins to re enter the Earth's airspace. Back at the rocky field, Gohan is running when
he trips and falls. Future Trunks is just about to throw the rock at Gohan, but then he senses
something. Future Trunks turns around and throws the rock into chibi Trunks' face.
Chibi Trunks: Hey! What was that for?!
Future Trunks: Sorry. How was your training?
Goten: It was great!
Goku: I think we should get back to the look-out. I can sense Xicor.
Gohan: What!? He's a day early!
They all fly off towards the look-out tower.
Narrator: Xicor is back a day early! Will he begin his assault a day early? Or will the Z Warriors
still have their last day to train? And what does Xicor mean by finishing his training on Earth?
Answers to come on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 21: Pan's Turn.

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, Goku, Trunks, Gohan, Broly, and Vegeta were
playing games while the other Trunks, Goten and Piccolo finished there training. But what's this?!
Xicor is back a day early!
Xicor's ship lands in a forest. Xicor slips and hits the keyboard on the gravity machine, increasing
the gravity by 1000. Xicor gets pryed against the ground.
Xicor: RRR!! Computer....End all existing programs.
The gravity machine shuts off. Xicor walks out of his ship. Back on the look-out tower, Goku and
the others arrive at the look-out.
Mr. Popo: Okay, the Time Chamber is all recharged.
Pan: Me!! Me!! It's my turn!!
Bra: Wait up Pan! I'm coming too!
Bra follows Pan into the Time Chamber. Back at Bulma's house, Bulma is working on a scouter.
Bulma: I modified the scouter so that it can detect polymerizing energies.
Videl: And in english?
Bulma: To put it bluntly, we can find the fusion earings in a day or two! Now lets makes some
sand whiches and then hit the road!
In the forest, Xicor is talking a walk near his ship. Suddenly a bunch of tanks surround Xicor.
Xicor: Hmmm...What's this?
All the tanks aim at Xicor.
Commander: Surender, or be destroyed!
Xicor: I was about to say the same thing.
Commander: Put your hands up!!
Xicor: I guess it couldn't hurt to put my hands up.
Xicor puts his hands up and blasts all the tanks. The explosion of the tanks, ends up knocking
Xicor's ship off of it's landing gear.
Xicor: Huh. I guess it can hurt.
Back on the look-out everyone senses what just happened.
Goku: AH! That monster!!
Piccolo: It seems that his power has increased, alot.
Broly: So what? He's done a little training, no problem. He's still no match for me!
Inside the Time Chamber, Pan and Bra are training. Bra keeps punching at Pan. Pan keeps
dodging and blocking. Then Pan jumps into the air and launches a huge blast at Bra.
Bra: Ahh!!
Bra is just about to get hit by the blast, but then she goes Super Saiyan for the first time. Bra
deflects the blast away from her. Then she faints. Back at Xicor's ship, Xicor lifts his ship back
onto it's landing gear. Xicor walks intohis ship.
Xicor: Computer, damage report.
Computer: Minro damages to the hull, navigation systems are offline, life support is failing, and
the gravity macine is no longer operational.
Xicor: Damn!! Hmm..... No problem. I'll just find an engineer.
Xicor walks out of his ship and flies off. Some where else a plane is flying. Bulma Videl and
Android 18 are inside.
Bulma: 18, you sure you don't want a sandwhich?
Android 18: I'll be fine.
Videl: The scouter says there's an earing just on he southern tip of Ginger Town.
Bulma: That's almost 4 miles from here.
The ship flies off. Xicor if flying over Sunnydale, when he sees an automotive shop. He breaks
through the roof and carries one of the engineers back to his ship. They land back at his ship.
Engineer: Wha..... What do you want with me?
Xicor: I need you to fix my ship.
Xicor forces the engineer into the ship.
Engineer: Without the schematics of the ship, It could take months.
Xicor: Computer, print ship schematics.
Computer: Printing.
The schematics start printing.
Engineer: This is some crazzy stuff.
Back up on the look-out tower, the others are waiting to see what Xicor will do.
Gohan: He doesn't seem to be able to hide his power level.
Krillan: Guess that makes him stupid.
Back inside the Time Chamber, Pan is in the tub, while Bra hops in.
Bra: This year is almost done, and it's been like so much fun!
Pan: Yeah!
Bra gets closer to Pan.
Bra: I love you.
The two start making out. Back at Xicor's ship, the engineer is studying the schematics and
marking down what he need to repair.
Xicor: How long until it's fixed?
Engineer: This is some really hi-tech stuff you have in here. Most of it, I have never seen before.
It could take atleast a week.
Xicor: Well get to it!!
Engineer: You're not from this planet, are you?
Xicor: What gave it away? Was it my tail, or my charming good looks?
Engineer: Not all people on Earth are ugly.
Xicor: I know. I saw a few hot chicks the other day. I'd really like to get in there pants.
Engineer: Anyways, I need my tools to work. Can we go back and get them?
Xicor: I have a better idea, you stay here and i'll go get your tools.
Xicor flies off.
Narrator: Xicor found a way to repair his ship, and Bulma and the gang of ladies have set off to
find the three fusion earings. But will these earings really work? Will Pan and Bra's "training
methods" be effective? And will Xicor be back with the tools and make it to the look-out in time to
fight the Z Warriors? The fight begins on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 22: The Battle Begins

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Pan and Bra entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for
some training of their own. Bulma, Videl, and Android 18 set off the find the fusion earings. Xicor
kiddnapped an engineer, and then set off to find some tool, all just before the battle should start.
Xicor is flying over Sunnydale and drops back down at the same automotive shop. He picks up a
red tool box and flies off. Back at the look-out tower, Mr. Popo opens the door to the Time
Chamber. Pan and Bra walk out.
Pan: So when does this battle start?
Goku: We're just waiting for Xicor.
Vegeta: I think he's too afraid to fight me. What a coward!
Back at the southern tip of Ginger Town, Videl points up into a tree.
Videl: It should be up there.
Android 18 flies up into the tree and pulls out an earing.
Android 18: Got it!
Bulma: Right on!
Videl: You go girl!
They get back in the ship and fly off. Back at Xicor's ship, Xicor arrives with the tools box.
Xicor: Here's your stuff. Now get it fixed! I'll be back in a few hours.
Xicor flies off towards the look-out tower. Xicor gets there pretty quick.
Vegeta: Well, guess who finally decided to show up. And I thought you were running away, back
to what ever rock it was that you crawled out of. I'm glad you could make it though, because we
have a little score to settle. After i'm done with him, Kakarott, you're next!
Xicor: HAHAHA! Feeling a little confident?
Vegeta: Enough jiber-jabering, punk! Let's get this started!
Vegeta flies towards Xicor and begins punching Xicor in the chest. Vegeta then front flips and
kicks Xicor in the shoulder. Xicor falls onto the Earth. Vegeta fallows Xicor.
Xicor: You're a fool to follow me down here.
Vegeta: You're a fool for letting me follow!
Vegeta charges at Xicor and punches him into a tree.
Xicor: So you've gotten a bit tougher.
Vegeta: Yes, and now i'll show you the true power of a Super Saiyan!
Vegeta begins to power up into a Super Saiyan 4 and continues powering up. Xicor head butts
Vegeta in the gut. Vegeta is launched into a cliff. The cliff collapses on him. Suddenly, Vegeta
explodes out of the pile of rocks, and continues to power up.
Xicor: (thinking) How could his power increase this much over five days? If he has increased this
much, I can only wonder how powerful the others have become.
Vegeta stops powering up.
Vegeta: Okay, enough with the warm ups, time to finish you off! FINAL FLASH!!
Vegeta launches a huge Final Flash at Xicor. The blast leaves a hole through Xicor's stomach.
Vegeta begins punching Xicor in the face. The hole in Xicor's stomach heals up. Xicor punches
Vegeta in the head. Vegeta fall onto the ground. Xicor picks up Vegeta and throws him onto the
Xicor: I need a new opponent!
Goku: Alright, here I am!
Xicor charges down at Goku. Goku zilches out of the way and making Xicor crash into the look-
out floor.
Xicor: RR!! Hold still!
Goku: I'll give you one last chance to leave this planet!
Xicor: Why would I be afraid of you?
Goku: Thanx to our training, we far surpass you!
Xicor: HAHAHAHAHA!! Well, I've done a little training of my own.
Xicor begins powering up. The whole look-out tower begins to shake. Suddenly Pan kicks Xicor in
the back of the head. Xicor stops powering up.
Xicor: Who did that?!
Pan: I've had quite enough of you, you bully!
Xicor goes to punch Pan. Goku grabs Xicor's arm before he can punch her.
Goku: This fight's between you and me.
Goku punches Xicor in the head, and Xicor rolls to the other side of the look-out. Xicor stand back
Xicor: Now let me finish!
Xicor begins to power again.
Narrator: Xicor's power continues to rise. Will the Z Warriors' training be enough to stop this
monster? And will Bulma and the others find the fusion earings before it's too late? Don't miss the
next action packed episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 23: Xicor, The Invincible

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, Bulma and the girls found the first fusion earing.
Else where, the fight between life and death, good versus evil, began and still continues.
Xicor is still powering up as the look-out still shakes, and soon the whole planet begins shaking.
Xicor then stops powering up, and all the shaking stops aswell.
Pan: (thinking) Maybe I shouldn't have kicked him.
Broly: (thinking) Is that all he's got?
Xicor: So Goku, you still dare to challenge me?
Broly: Kakarott, I'll take care of this Saiyan wanna-be.
Goku nods. Broly charges at Xicor and kicks him in the head. Xicor doesn't flinch.
Future Trunks: Go Mystic Saiyan!
Broly: I can't up here, it would destroy the look-out.
Broly flips over Xicor and off the look-out.
Broly: Follow me if you dare!
Xicor follows Broly down onto the ground. Broly then powers up into a Mystic Saiyan. Broly then
charges and kicks Xicor in the face. Xicor is launched into a near by lake. Broly goes in after him,
and finds him lying at the bottom of the lake. Broly kicks him again and Xicor is launched out of
the water and back on the ground.
Xicor: *Cough**Cough*
Broly: This is just like kicking a can around.
Broly picks Xicor up by the shirt.
Broly: Too bad it's getting boring.
Broly punches into Xicor's chest and pulls out Xicor's heart. Broly drops Xicor and squeezes the
heart in his hands as blood drips from it. Broly turns around and begins walking away. Xicor heals
and kicks broly in the back of the head. Broly grabs Xicor's leg and throws him on the ground.
Broly: Go home, child!
Xicor: My ship's damaged, so looks like I'm staying for a while.
Broly: Then go to hell!
Broly blasts Xicor's head off. Xicor grows his head back. Broly uppercuts Xicor. Xicor is launched
up at the look-out, leaving an imprint of himself in the side of the look-out. Xicor begins to fall
back down. Broly lifts his arm up right under Xicor. Xicor lands on Broly's fist.
Xicor: AHH!
Broly moves his fist and Xicor falls to the ground.
Broly: You're not worth my time.
Broly begins to walk away. Xicor gets up and flies into the air.
Xicor launches a Destiny Blast at Broly. Broly turns around.
Broly: Damn back stabber!
the blast collides with Broly and explodes.
Xicor: (Thinking) That blast drains my energy and redirects it at him. It would be impossible for
him to have survived that.
The smoke clears and Broly is still standing there.
Xicor: What?!
Broly: Hm. I think a misquito bit me. Now I should squash it!
Broly flies up at Xicor and punches him down towards the ground. Xicor lands on his back. Broly
falls from the sky and lands on Xicor's stomach. Broly steps off and Xicor rolls over to gasp for air.
Back at Goku's house, Chichi is putting the laundry on the clothes line.
Chichi: Those boys are late again! When they get home, they're in big trouble.
Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Back at the battle field, Broly's and Xicor's fists collides,
sending out a small shock wave, making the Earth shake. They do that a few more times. They're
about to collide fists again, but Broly kicks Xicor in the gut.
Broly: Psyche!
Xicor recouperates and slowly moves towards Broly.
Broly: Just give up. You can't beat me. I far surpass your power.
Xicor: Even if I could leave, I'd just train and come back to kill you all! So power down and face
you fate!
broly: No! I make my own destiny!
Xicor goes to punch Broly in the face as a distraction and ends up kicking Broly in the groin. Broly
begins holding himself.
Broly: You damn dirty fighter!
Xicor takes off and hides behind a boulder. Goku appears infront of Xicor.
Xicor: You!
Goku: We have some unfinished business to attend to.
Goku goes to punch Xicor, but Xicor moves, making Goku punch the boulder. The boulder
crumbles and Goku hold his hand.
Goku: Ow, ow, ow!
Xicor flies in and kicks Goku in the face, sending him rolling across the ground.
Narrator: Broly is out of the battle for a while. Can Goku survive long enough for Broly to recover?
Is Goku's Training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber going to be enough? Find out on the next
episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 24: Z Warriors VS Xicor

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, the fight between the invincible Xicor continued. With Broly
temperarely out of the fight, Goku steped in to the match, but he was easily topled.
Goku stops rolling.
Gohan: Dad!
Goten and chibi Trunks preform the fusion dance.
Goten & Chibi Trunks: FU....SION....HA!!
Gotenks powers up into a Super Saiyan 4. Gotenks and Piccolo fly down at Xicor. Gotenks flies
right at Xicor and goes to punch, but zilches behind Xicor and kicks him. Then Piccolo punches
Xicor in the face. Gotenks trips Xicor while Piccolo clutches Xicor to the ground.
Bra: They're not a bad tag team.
Pan: No kidding.
Xicor kips up and then goes to punch Gotenks. Gotenks grabs on to Xicor's arm, swings off it and
kicks Xicor in the face. Piccolo then kicks Xicor in the gut. Xicor slides back a bit.
Xicor: Hold still you runts!
Xicor launches a blast at Gotenks. Gotenks dodges it by flying into the air.
Gotenks fires a bunch of Ki blasts at Xicor. They all hit him. The smoke clears and Xicor is
Gotenks releases some Kamikaze Ghosts on Xicor. The five ghosts hit Xicor and explode. The
smoke clears and Xicor is still standing there.
Gotenks: What?! Why don't you just die?!
Piccolo: Gotenks, he's only half god, so there must be some way to beat him!
Dende: Try destroying his whole body at once, he can't heal if his body is gone!
Piccolo: It's worth a shot.
Xicor:So you think you can beat me in human form?
Piccolo: There is no harm in trying.
Gotenks: I bet we could you Saiyan wannabe.
Xicor gets a furious look on his face. Xicor then throws a Moon Light Energy Ball into the sky.
Xicor: Well then, do you think you could beat me now?
Xicor transforms into a big pink monkey.
Piccolo: Crist.
Gotenks: Holy fuck, we're going to die.
Xicor: Hahaha. You measly wimps can't take me, not now, not ever.
Gotenks: But I'm still a virgin, I can't die!
Piccolo: Stop your wimpering.
Xicor: No,no,no. I can't kill a virgin, that's just wrong. So I shall arange something.
Xicor walks away then walks back. Xicor: You shall go to the big cave tonight. I have Bulma
waiting there for you.
Gotenks: Bulma, alright! She's hot!
Xicor: Yes, big tits too.
So that night, he went to the cave. Bulma walked up to Gotenks and gave him a big french kiss.
He started to kiss back. She then grabbed his balls, so he unbuttoned her blowse. She ripped off
his shirt. He pulls off her skirt. She slipped off his jeans. He unbuckled her bra and was shocked
by the enormosity of her boobs. She slipped off her thong and then pulls down his boxers.
Bulma: Oh god that's huge.
Gotenks grabs her boobs and shoves his coq up her tight pussy.
Bulma: Oh god, harder!
Gotenks starts humping her and sucking on her nipples.
Bulma: My turn, pull it out.
So Gotenks pulls out his coq and accidentally cums all over Bulma. She shoves it in her mouth
and starts to bob up and down.
Bulma: Marry me!
Gotenks: Really?
Bulma: Yes, I love you.
Gotenks: Do you really or are you just saying that?
Bulma: No, I have always loved you!
Gotenks: Okay, lets get married.
Bulma: Okay, when?
Gotenks: Piccolo will be waiting for us.
Then, Gotenks wakes up to find himself lying against a rock. He looks around and sees Oozuru
Xicor fighting Piccolo Gohan and future Trunks.
Narrator: Will Gotenks' pervertive dreams continue to haunt him? How will the other fare against
the oversized Xicor? More to come on the next Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 25: Gohan's Super Powers

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Gotenks and Piccolo began fighting off Xicor. Gotenks was
knocked out durring the battle and began to dream about his mother. Now he's back up and ready
for more.
Gotenks joins in on the fight. Then Goku get back up to help out aswell. Xicor swats Goku,
Piccolo, Gotenks and future Trunks to the ground with his tail. Xicor is just about to step on Goku
when gohan begins to power up.
Gohan: Damn you!
A blinding light surrounds the are. One the light fades, Gohan is a Super Saiyan 5.
Gohan: Now you'll pay.
Xicor: HAHA! Try me.
Gohan punches Xior and he falls over. Gohan sneeks behind Xicor and cuts off his tail. Xicor
shrinks back to normal.
Xicor: Now you're really starting to get on my nurves.
Xicor stands back up and begins punching and kicking at Gohan. Gohan blocks and dodges the
attack. Goahn goes on the offensive, but can't seem to hit Xicor. Xicor kicks Gohan in the gut
gohan glides back a bit. Xicor then launches at blast at Gohan.
The Masenko Ha hit Xicor's blast. Xicor zilches behind Gohan and kicks Gohan in the back of the
head. Back at Ginger town, Bulma, Videl, and Android 18 walk into a jewelery store. Videl holds
up a fusion earing to the store clerk.
Videl: Do you have one of these here?
Clerk #1: Hm. Nope, sorry. It seems pretty old try the antique store next door.
Videl: Opps! I must have had the scouter up side down.
Back at the fighting area, Xicor is punching Gohan in the face. Gohan backflips kicking Xicor in
the face. Gohan flies to the sky. Xicor recovers and charges at Gohan.
Gohan: This is for you, Tien. SOLAR FLARE!
A blinding light covers the sky and Xicor gets blinded by it. The light fades.
Xicor: RRR!! I can't see! Is this how you fight?!
Gohan flies off and hides behind a rock.
Gohan: (Thinking) I'll hide here until I can regan my energy.
Back in Ginger Town, The girls walk into the antique store.
Bulma: Do you have on of these earings?
Clerk #2: Yes, if you're thinking of purchasing it, it will cost 3000 zeni.
Bulma: 2000
Clerk #2
They walk out of the store with another fusion earing. Back at the battle field, Xicor recovers from
the Solar Flare. Xicor begins to look around.
Xicor: Where are you?
Gohan: (Thinking) What's going on? My power's fading and I'm not even fighting.
Xicor: Fine, if you won't come out and fight me, I'll just destroy the entire planet. WARP
Xicor launches the blast straight at the planet. Gohan flies in the way of the blast and launches a
Ki blast at Xicor's blast. Xicor stops his attack and charges down at Gohan. Xicor kicks Gohan in
the gut and Gohan falls to the ground. Gohan get back up and begins to charge at Xicor.
Narrator: Gohan has achieved enough power to stop Xicor. But why is Gohan's energy fading
away? Can Gohan regain his lost energy and stop Xicor? Or will he meet the same fate as Tien
and Yamcha? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 26: Gohan's End

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, everyone was taking a beating. After Goku and the others
were down, Gohan achieved the level of a Super Saiyan 5, but his power was draining quickly.
Elsewhere, Bulma and the others found the second fusion earing.
Bulma: So where's the last one?
Videl: The signal is coming form the Northern Wasteland.
Android 18: Lat's get going.
They all get inside the ship and take off. Back at the battle field, Gohan is trying to punch and kick
Xicor, but he can't seem to hit him. Sweat dripd off of Gohan's face. Gohan: (Thinking) I don't
think I can last much longer.
Piccolo grabs Gotenks and future Trunks, then flies to the look-out. Gohan then picks up Goku
and carries him to the look-out aswell. As soon as Gohan puts Goku on the ground, Xicorkicks
Gohan off of the look-out. Dende heals Goku. Goku watches the fight as Dende heals the others.
Gohan goes to punch, but Xicor kicks him in the gut. Gohan slowly begins to float down.
Xicor: What's wrong? Losing power? HAHAHAHA!
Gohan: What did you do to me?
Xicor: You did this to your self. Super Saiyan 5 quickly drains your energy. Thanks to my god like
powers, mu Ki is continually restored. Soon you'll be nothing, not to mention dead.
Gohan: RRR!
Gohan begins to power up. The ground below him begins to crack. Sparks and lightning
surrounds Gohan. Gohan begins to power a huge Kamehameha Wave.
Gohan launches the Kamehameha at Xicor. Xicor reflects the blast back at Gohan. It his Gohan
and exlodes.
Pan: Daddy!
Gohan falls tothe ground. Xicor stomps on Gohan's stomach. Pan flies at Xicor.
Goku: Pan, don't!
Pan: Stop it!
pan punchinf Xicor across the face. Xicor grabs Pan by the hair.
Xicor: Well Gohan, You'll get to watch your daughter die just before you will.
Just before Xicor blasts Pan, Gohan blasts off Xicor's arm, allowing Pan to escape. Gohan
summersaults up and then flies through Xicor's stomach. Gohan is covered in blood. Gohan then
blasts Xicor, destroying his body. The smoke clears and Xicor is gone and is not reappearing.
Gohan flies up to the look-out. Xicor's blood on Gohan begins to bubble. A blob of the blood falls
off of Gohan and begins to grow. It continues to grow until Xicor is reformed.
Xicor: You forgot a few cells!
Xicor knees Gohan in the face. Then kicks him into the ground.
Gohan: This is it, I have no more energy to give.
Xicor drops to the ground and kicks Gohan into the air. Xicor blast Gohan and Gohan explodes.
Gohan then waskes up to find himself at the check-in station in the otherworld.
King Yama: Back already?
Back at Earth, the smoke clears and Gohan is gone.
Goku: That monster!
Narrator: Gohan has met a tragic fate. Will Gohan's death be avenged? Who will stop Xicor
before any more damage can come to the Earth? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 27: Gogeta's Revenge

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Ball AF, Gohan fought hard against Xicor and just when everyone
thought it was over, Xicor striked back, sending Gohan to the next dimension.
Goku: RRR! I'll make sure you pay for that!
Goku begins to power up. He transforms into a Super Saiyan 4.
Goku: Now this is your last fight in this plane. This is for all of those who've died by your terror!
Goku continues to power up. Off in the country side, Bulma's ship is flying around.
Videl: It should be just....Down....There.
Bulma: Videl, is something wrong?
Videl: Gohan, I can't sense him anymore. I have this bad feeling.
Back at the battle field, Goku stops powering up. Goku charges at Xicor and kicks Xicor in the
face. He then begins punching Xicor in the gut. Xicor grabs Goku by the hair and punches him in
the face. Goku flies back a bit. Xicor kicks Goku back onto the look-out tower.
Goku: Vegeta, let's go!
Goku & Vegeta: FU...SION...HA!
Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta. Gogeta punches Xicor down to the ground.
The blast hits Xicor and explodes. Gogeta flies into the cloud of dust hovering just above the
surface of the ground. Gogeta punches Xicor in the forehead. Xicor slides back a bit. Xicor grabs
Gogeta's arm and turns it around. Xicor grabs Gogeta's other arm and knees Gogeta in the back.
Gogeta front flips and ends up kicking Xicor in the groin. gogeta then punches Xicor in the face.
Xicor: RRR! Hold still you little cheap shot prick!
Gogeta: Cheap shot? Look at what you did to Broly!
Xicor launches a blast at Gogeta. The blast hits creating a little explosion.
Gogeta: AHH!
Back in the Northern Wasteland, The girls are looking the the last fusion earing.
Android 18: Hey! I found it.
Android 18 brings it to the others.
Bulma: Now we just need to bring these earings to the others.
back at the battle field, Xicor and Gogeta are holding eachother's shoulders and kneeing
eachother's knees. Xicor knees Gogeta in the gut just as Gogeta headbutts Xicor in the face.
Gogeta gasps to catch his breath.
Xicor: Well Gogeta, you've put up a good fight. Unfortunately for you, I am going to have to kill
Gogeta: I won't let you get off easy with what you did to Gohan!
Broly flies over to Gogeta.
Broly: I'll take it from here.
Gogeta: No, He's mine. Gogeta pushes Broly aside and begins walking towards Xicor. Gogeta
begins to power up as he walks.
Xicor: (Thinking) He sure is persistant.
Gogeta then runs at Xicor and punches him in the face. Xicor tries to punch Gogeta, but Gogeta
blocks and then punches Xicor in the face. Xicor tries again with his other fist, but it ends in the
same result. Gogeta punches Xicor in the gut and Xicor bends over a bit. Gogeta backflips,
kicking Xicor in the chin, sending him into the air. Gogeta follows Xicor into the air as Xicor
launches three Kik balls. Gogeta manages to dodge two of the balls, but is hit by the third. The Ki
ball pushes Gogeta backwards into Xicor's elbow. Just as Gogeta hits Xicor's elbow, the Ki ball
explodes. Gogeta falls to the ground onto his hands and knees. Gogeta then coughs up some
blood. Xicor floats down to Gogeta and looks down at him.
Xicor: No matter how much you power up, no matter how many people try, there will be no end to
me! Hahaha!
Gogeta: Hahaha.
Xicor: What's so funny?
Gogeta: You're wrong.
Gogeta struggles to his feet and begins to power up some more.
Xicor: What!? he still has more power?!
Gogeta stops powering up.
Xicor: RRR! You're becoming a real neusence!
Gogeta: Glad to piss you off.
Gogeta launches a small Ki ball at the ground infront of Xicor, sending dust into the air. Gogeta
charges into the dust and punches Xicor out of it.
Broly: (Thinking) That was a good move, considering Xicor can't sense power levels.
A ship lands on the look-out.
Narrator: Now that the secret weapon has arrived, will it work? And which 6 warriros will be willing
to sacrifice their lives for the entire universe? Will such a fusion even be able to compare to
Xicor's incredible power? Find out on the next evolutionary episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 28: Three Way Fusion

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, Goku, enraged by the death of his son, Gohan,
took on Xicor on his own, and after fusing with Vegeta, Gogeta was vitually unstoppable. Now
that bulma, Videl and Android 18 arrived with the fusion earings, it's time to fuse.
Bulma, Videl, and Android 18 exit the ship as Broly lands on the look-out.
Bulma: Trunks, Goten, we need you to fuse!
Goten & Chibi Trunks: FU...SION...HA!!
The two fuse into Gotenks.
Bulma: Where's Goku and Vegeta?
Broly: GOGETA is down below fighting.
Videl: Where's Gohan?
Pan runs up to Videl and begins to cry.
Pan: Daddy's gone.
A tear falls from Videl's eye.
Bulma: Broly, can you fuse?
Broly nods and signals to future Trunks.
Broly & Future Trunks: FU...SION...HA!
The two fuse into Borunks. Bulma gives a fusion earing to Borunks and Gotenks. She gives the
third one to Borunks.
Bulma: Put these on, but give one to Gogeta and hurry before Gogeta's time is up!
Borunks: Right.
Borunks and Gotenks each put one earing on and rush down to Gogeta. Gogeta is punching
Xicor all over his body.
Borunks: Gogeta! Put this on!
Borunks throws the earing towards Gogeta. Xicor flies into the sky. Gogeta catches the earing,
but then it slips out of his hand and falls into a crack in the ground. Xicor begins to power up an
energy attack. Gogeta punches into the ground and grabs the fusion earing. He pulls it out of the
ground and puts it on. Gogeta's, Borunks' and Gotenks' bodies pull together and collide. A
Blinding light shines from the three warriors.
The blast is launched towards the three. The light fades and the blast is deflected into the sky.
Standing where the blast was deflected from is a person dressed is Saiyan boots, purple pants,
gloves, a white shirt with a torn, blue vest over top.
Xicor: What?! Another fusion?! Who are you supposed to be?
No reply.
Xicor: Oh, the silent type.
Hitsorashi: The name's Hitsorashi. Now enough chattering. I'm here to fight.
Xicor: Do you really think you stand a chance?
Hitsorashi: If you expect to win, i suggest you give it all you have, and more!
Xicor: HAHAHA!
Hitsorashi: Enough trash talk! Time to show you my true power!
Xicor: You won't get the chance!
Xicor flies down at Hitsorashi. Hitsorashi kicks Xicor into the near by forest. Hitsorashi then
powers up into a Mystic Saiyan. Xicor explodes out of the forest and it catches on fire.
Xicor: You'll pay for that!
Xicor flies towards Hitsorashi and starts punching. Hitsorashi dodges all the punches with ease.
Hitsorashi: To make things interesting, I'll only use one leg.
Xicor:Which one?
Hitsorashi kicks Xicor in the gut.
Hitsorashi: That one!
Xicor recovers and begins punching and kicking at Hitsorashi. Hitsorashi dodges and blocks with
his leg. Xicor jumps back and launches a Ki blast at Hitsorashi. The blast explodes on impact and
the smoke clears. Hitsorashi is still floating there as if nothing happened.
Krillan: Man, he rocks!
Piccolo: His power is imense, like nothing I've ever seen before.
Hitsorshi punches Xicor to the ground. Xicor gets back up.
Xicor: I thought you were only using one leg?!
Hitsorashi: I was getting bored.
Narrator: Now that the fusion has worked, it only leaves the Z Warriors to find a way to defeat
Xicor, but can something like that be done? Or will this fight for life continue forever? More to
come next time on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 29: Hitsorashi VS Xicor

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, Hitsorashi, a new three way fusion of Gogeta,
Gotenks and Borunks, took on Xicor. After knocking Xicor to the ground effortlessly, Hitsorashi
showed his true power as a Mystic Saiyan.
Hitsorashi and Xicor are floating in the air.
Bulma: What's he waiting for? This fusion isn't permanent.
Xicor charges at Hitsorashi. Hitsorashi zilches above Xicor and kicks him, sending Xicor far into
the ground. Hitsorashi launches a blast into the hole where Xicor is. A huge stream of lava flies
out of the hole and into the sky like a gyzer.
Hitsorashi: (Thinking) The magma should destroy what's left of his body.
Suddenly, Xicor floats out of the lava gyzer looking all crispy. the crispy pieces begin to crack and
then explode off of Xicor.
Xicor: There will never be an end to me!
Hitsorashi: Bullshit!
Hitsorashi kicks Xicor back into the hole where the lava is coming from. Hitsorashi begins
launchin blasts at Xicor in the hole. The explosiong make the hole in the ground bigger as the
lava rises higher. Xicor explodes out of the lava gyzer and begins to power up. The whole Earth
begins shaking as dark clouds invade the sky above.
Dende: AH! Their combined powers are too large for the Earth. It's only a matter of time before
there's nothing left of this planet!
In cities everywhere, building crack and crumble as lightning falls from the sky. Tornadoes,
volcanoes and tsunamies begin appearing all around the Earth. The forest fire near the fight
blazes out of control. Xicor stops powering up and flies towards Hitsorashi. Hitsorashi back hands
Xicor onto the magma covered wasteland. Xicor tries to attack again by punching. Hitsorashi and
Xicor's fists collide. As their fists collide a second time, a huge tornado falls upon the two warriors,
trapping them inside the tornado. Dirt and debree flying around inside the tornado begin to cut
Xicor and Hitsorashi. Hitsorashi flies up the tornado and above the clouds.
Hitsorashi launches the blast down the tornado. The blast spiral down through the tornado. The
blast hit Xicor. The explosion distorts the tornado, making it disappear. Hitsorashi then dropd to
the ground where Xicor is waiting for him.
Hitsorashi: Still think you stand a chance?
Xicor: Still think I don't? HAHA! Once this planet explodes, you'll die with it, but I shall live on!
Hitsorashi: Do you honestly think an explosion that small can destroy me?
Xicor: Even if it didn't, the lack of breathable air would surely be your end!
Then Xicor notices that Hitsorashi's cuts were healing.
Xicor: Who?! What?! You...You're...
Hitsorashi: That's right! i have the blood of 3 immortals flowing through me.
Xicor: 3?! I thought there were only 2!
Hitsorashi: That's my little secret.
Hitsorashi punches Xicor away. Xicor flies up into the air. and begins to power up a Ki attack.
Xicor: This will be your undoing!
Narrator: Two half immortals fighting for the lives of everyone in the entire universe, but even with
Hitsorashi's power, can he find a way to defeat Xicor? Or will he perrish by Xicor's next attack?
And how much longer can the Earth withstand these two incredible powers? Find out on the next,
unexpected episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 30: Xicor's Decision

Narrator: Previously on Dragon Ball AF, Xicor find out that Hitsorashi was immortal. The Earth
shook and crumbled as these two powers collided. Hurry up Hitsorashi, time is running out.
Xicor is powering up a Ki technique. Hitsorashi flies up towards Xicor.
Xicor: Take this!
Xicor launches the huge blast at Hitsorashi. Hitsorashi zilches out of the way, but Xicor continues
to launch the blast.
Hitsorashi: No! The Earth!
Hitsorashi instant transmits himself into the blast's path. The blast hits Hitsorashi. Lava begins to
pour out of the Earth below him, hitting him in the back, as he tries to stop the blast. Lightning hit
Xicor, making him stop launching the blast. Hitsorashi deflects the blast into space. Both their
wounds begin to heal. Xicor floats down to Hitsorashi.
Xicor: You're powerful, no doubt, but you can never defeat me before this planet is gone.
Hitsorashi: Stop worrying about this planet and worry about yourself.
Hitsorashi begins to power up even more. Lightning falls from the sky and strikes the red hot
msgms, throwing it into the air. Hitsorashi launches a blast at Xicor, but Xicor zilches out of the
way. When Xicor reappears, Hitsorashi swings his arm at Xicor's waiste, chopping him in half.
Hitsorashi grabs Xicor by the neck and launches a blast at his head. Xicor's head is destroyed.
Hitsorashi throws Xicor's upper body into the air and launches a blast at it. It too is destroyed.
Hitsorashi watches Xicor's legs fall into the lava.
Hitsorashi: Now to do away with the left overs.
Hitsorashi belly flops into the magma, making a huge splash. In the lava, Hitsorashi is looking
Hitsorashi: (Thinking) He's in here some where. I can't sense his energy, so he must not have
healed yet. Maybe if I try to hit something, I might get lucky.
Hitsorashi launches dozens of blasts off in different directions.
Hitsorashi: Huh. Nothing. Wait, I sense something.
Hitsorashi turns around and a Ki ball hits him in the throat. Hitsorashi holds his throat and coughs.
Hitsorashi swims out of the lava and begins to catch his breath. Xicor appears infront of
Xicor: You almost had me that time.
Hitsorashi: You were lucky that time, but your luck has run out.
Xicor: Luck has nothing to do with it. It was pure talent.
Hitsorashi: Yeah, if you call healing to die a talent.
Xicor: RRR!
Xicor flies at Hitsorashi and goes to punch, but Hitsorashi zilches out of the way. Hitsorashi goes
to kick Xicor, but Xicor zilches out of the way. Xicor reappears to get his arm blasted off. Xicor's
arm grows back.
Xicor: We're two immortals locked in battle, possibly forever. I lost someone, and so have you. So
why don't we say we're even?
Hitsorashi: Because if I don't put an end to you, I'll lose everything!
Hitsorashi punches Xicor into the dark clouds. hitsorashi follows Xicor. They grab on to each
other's wrists and begin kicking at eachother. Lightning strikes them each time they make contact.
hitsorashi, still holding on to Xicor's wrists, kicks Xicor as hard as he can. Xicor's arms rip off as
he flies backwards, but they grow back. Xicor: I have a propositionI'd like to discuss.
Hitsorashi: No, I won't join you.
Xicor: I know, but I'd like to join with you. What do you say?
Narrator: Can it really be true?! Does Xicor actually want to join with the Z Warriors? Or is this a
plan to catch them off guard? And can the Earth be restored before it's too late? Find out on the
next explosive episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 31: Return The Dragon Balls

Narrator: On the last revealing episode of Dragon Ball AF, Xicor and the new fusion, Hitsorashi,
were fighting over a crumbling planet. Xicor decided to join the Z Warriors as he realized that this
was a fight he could not win.
The two float down out of the clouds and land on a remaining mountain.
Hitsorashi: But why join with us?
Xicor powers down to the Normal Saiyan level.
Xicor: Because here I'm with others that are like me,a Saiyan, and I don't really have anywhere to
Hitsorashi: Well, both of us won't have a home if we don't find a way to stop the Earth from
Xicor: What do you suggest?
Hitsorashi powers down aswell.
Hitsorashi: The dragon balls. Come on, to the look-out.
They both fly up to the look-out tower.
Hitsorashi: Bulma, I need the dragon radar.
Bulma gives him the dragon radar. he turns it on and it shows the seven balls.
Hitsorashi: Okay everyone, pick a ball.
Xicor, Hitsorashi, Piccolo, Krillan, Android 18, Pan, Bra, and Videl fly off in different directions.
Hitsorashi stops over an erupting volcano
Hitsorashi: Oh great. Why in there?
Hitsorashi dives into the volcano. he flies out of the magma holding a dragon ball.
Hitsorashi: That's one.
Off in a farming field, Pan and Bra land on the ground.
Pan: Hey, I see it! It's in that bird nest.
Pan is just about to grab it when a tornado sucks up the dragon ball and the two girls.
Bra: Ah! My hair is getting messed! RR!!
Bra transforms into a Super Saiyan,grabs Pan and the dragon ball, and flies out of the tornado.
Off in the Northen Wastelands, Xicor is flying and then stops. He sees the dragon ball lying on the
Xicor: This is too easy.
Suddenly, the ground cracks and tares apart, creating a canion. From out in space you can see a
crack appear on part of the Earth. The dragon ball rolls into the canion.
Xicor: Huh, spoke too soon.
Xicor drops into the canion.
Xicor: It's too dark in here.
Xicor becomes a Super Sayan, lighting up the canion. Xicor grabs the dragon ball and then the
canion begins to close.
Xicor: Oh shit.
Xicor begins to fly up. he is almost out and he reaches up. The canion closes on him, leaving only
his hand sticking out of the ground. Then Xicor explodes out of the ground and flies off. Up in the
Arctic, Videl is flying around in a blizzard. Then she hits an ice berg and notices that the dragon
ball is frozen into it. Videl begins launching blasts at the ice burg until can pull the dragon ball out.
She then flies off with the ball. Android 18 stops flying over a boiling ocean with dead fish floating
on the surface of the water.
Android 18: I have to go in there? I'm gonna need a shower after this.
Android 18 dives into the water, grabs the dragon ball, and swims out.
Android 18: Damn, that water might be hotter then me.
Android 18 flies off. Piccolo flies into a fire and flies out with a dragon ball. Krillan flies into a field
and picks up the dragon ball.
Krillan: Haha! I got it!
Back at the look-out, 6 dragon balls are glowing on the floor. Krillan begins waving the last dragon
ball in the air as he runs up to the others. Kirllan puts the dragon ball on the ground.
Dende: Senron, I call upon thee!
Shenron emerges from the dragon balls.
Senron: What do you want now?
Hitsorashi: We would like for you to restore the Earth to the way it was before the fighting started.
Back from a space view, the Earth is red and begins growing orange cracks. Suddenly the orange
crack dissappear and the Earth returns to it's normal colors, blue and green. Senron's eyes stop
Shenron: Your wish has been granted.
Narrator: The Earth has been fully restored, but does Xicor still pose a threat to the planet? Or
could there be a threat yet to come? More to come on Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 32: The Wish For Gohan

Narrator: On the last Earth shattering episode of Dragon Ball AF, Hitsorashi agrees to let Xicor
join the Z Warriors. Once the agreement was made, everyone set off in search of the dragon
balls, and with a single wish, the Earth was back to normal.
Shenron: What is your next wish?
Krillan: I don't think we have another one.
Hitsorashi: Wait, we do. I wsih for Gohan to be brought back to life.
Shenron: Your wish has been granted. What is your thrid wish?
Tien: Hey, It's Tien. King Kai is letting me talk to you all. Don't worry about wishing Yamcha or me
back to life. We like it better here, and besides, we weould only get in the way. No hard feelings
now. See ya.
Shenron: I haven't go all day!
Piccolo: Should we wish Gohan back to this plane?
Dende: No, I can teleport to the other world's check-in station. All Guardians can.
Shenron: I'm still waiting, but my patience is growing short.
Hitsorashi: Is there some way we can save our last wish for later?
Shenron: And make all my waiting be for nothing? Fine, but next time don't expect me to wait
patiently. I bid you farewell until we meet again.
Shenron returns into the dragon balls. The balls stop glowing. Mr. Popo picks them up.
Mr. Popo: I'll put these in a safe location, beside the black stared dragon balls until you all think of
a wish.
Mr. Popo carries the dragonballs into the temple. Back in the otherworld, on the planet of the
Kai's, Gohan is training as A Super Saiyan 5.
Kabito Kai: Gohan! i have great news.
Gohan powers down.
Gohan: Huh? What's that?
Kabito Kai: You're friends, they must have wished you back to life.
Kabito Kai points to above Gohan's head. Gohan looks up to see the halo gone.
Gohan: Alright! This must mean the fighting's over. Can't wait to find out how they defeated Xicor.
Kabito Kai: Do you need me to transport you back to Earth?
Goahn: No thanks, I can manage on my own. Bye now.
Gohan flies off.
Kabito Kai: Bye! Good luck!
Kabito Kai waves good bye to Gohan as he flies off into the distance. Gohan is leaving the planet
on the Kai's and sees a long snake like cemet road hovering over yellow, puffy clouds.
Gohan: (Thinking) That must be Snake Way!
Gohan reaches Snake Way and follows it as fast as he can. Back on Earth, Hitsorashi defuses
back into Gogeta, Gotenks and Borunks.
Gogeta: I thought a fusion with the porta earings is permanent?
Bulma: Porta earings? no, these earings were made by my fater and only last five hours. Give me
the earings and I'll recharge them for next time.
Gogeta, Borunks, and Gotenks hand Bulma the earings. Just as they do so, all three of them
defuse again. Everyone then waves good bye to eachother and heads to their homes.
Goku: Xicor, you can stay at my place.
They all fly home. Back on Snake Way, Gohan stops at a building besdie the road.
Gohan: Is this the check-in station? No, can't be.
Gohan goes Super Saiyan and continues down the road. He finaly gets to the check-in station
and walks in to see Dende standing there. Gohan walks up to Dende and Dende transports them
port back to the look-out tower.
Gohan: Thanks Dende. Bye now.
Gohan arrives back at his house in the middle of the night and walks in.
Narrator: Now with Gohan back, how will he react to seeing Xicor in his house? And how would
Chichi react knowing that her son's murderer is sleeping only one room away? Find out on the
next episode of Dragon Ball AF!

Episode 33: Chichi's Crazy

Narrator: On the last episode of Dragon Ball AF, the fight between Hitsorashi and Xicor ended
with Xicor joining the Z Warriors. Everyone rushed off to find the dragon balls to wish the Earth
back to normal. Their second wish was for Gohan, bringing him back to life.
The sun rises and Gohan wakes up.
Gohan: MMM. Something smells good.
Gohan walks into the kitchen to see Goku, Chichi, Goten, Videl, Pan and Xicor having breakfast.
Gohan: What?! Xicor?! What are you doing here?!
Chichi stands up.
Chichi: What?! You're Xicor? You're the one who killed my son?! RRR!! I'll get you!
Chichi tries to hit Xicor, but Goku and Goten hold her back.
Goku: It's okay, he's decided to join the special forces.
Chichi: Oh! Okay.
Chichi sits back down.
Xicor: She's crazy
Chichi stands back up
Chichi: Who are you calling crazy?! I'll show you crazy!
Over at the Capsule Corp, Vegeta just gets out of the gravity room. He walks up to Bulma and
starts kissing her.
Bulma: Oh, someone missed me.
Vegeta: Uh, no. I was just hoping that if I was nice you might put dinner on the table early.
Bulma: Well, I thought I could call up everyone and we could all have a picnic to celebrate the
Vegeta: Fine, but I refuse to eat near that slob Kakarott.
Bulma: Why do you still have that grudge against Goku?
Vegeta croses his arms and walkes out of the room, ignoring Bulma's question. Bulma picks up
the phone and dials
Bumla: Hey Chichi! Do you feel like a picnic this evening?....Great!....Yes, that's a beautiful
place!...Okay, see you then. Bye.
Bulma hangs up the phone.
Bulma: Vegeta, Trunks, Bra, Trunks! Get ready, we're going on a picnic!
When Bulma and her family get there, Chichi and her family is already there swimming and
cooking on the barbeque.Bulma gets some food set up on a cloth. Krillan and Android 18, along
with Maron arrive.
Narrator: Will this peaceful moment last forever or will it be ruined by a powerful enemy? Find out
next time on Dragon Ball AF!