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-Submitted To: Dr. Darshana Dave Madam

-Submitted By: Jyotipriya Das Roll No: 12 !2 Division B

September 1"# 2 12

Bhavnath Temple Case Study

Intr du!t" n
$%ter &ndia 'ot %reedom# 'overnment diverted their attention to all round e(onomi( development. Resultantly# the Bombay provin(e (ame up )ith a proposal to build dam on *o+mata and Sadmata River in north ,u-arat. $%ter detailed analysis# studyin' the %easibility aspe(ts and loo+in' at better prospe(ts# the 'overnment de(ided to relo(ate the people o% a%%e(ted area and ta+e (are o% their livelihood. *ater# the 'overnment (ame up )ith 2 nd proposal )ith a thorou'h te(hni(al study )hi(h )ould %urther in(rease the bene%its o% so(ial and e(onomi( development. But the opposition %rom people )as a problem as a very old and an(ient temple o% Bhavnath )ould 'et submer'ed i% the dam is built )hi(h )as stron'ly opposed by the villa'ers.

Build Dam on *o+mata and Sadmata River %or e(onomi(al# a'ri(ultural and so(ial development. &n(reasin' .(onomi( development throu'h a'ri(ultural development and in(reasin' a'ri(ultural development by in(reasin' irri'ation %a(ility in North ,u-arat.

Pr $lems
/omplete submer'en(e o% 10 villa'es and Bhavnath Temple and partial submer'en(e o% 12 villa'es. 1rotests %rom villa'ers be(ause o% un(ertainty o% proper livelihood# emotional atta(hment )ith land and reli'ious sentiments atta(hed )ith Bhavnath Temple. 1rotests %rom traders earnin' out o% tourism at the temple# sin(e the temple is an(ient# it must be a tourist attra(tion. *oss o% publi( support %or politi(al party i% they don2t ta+e (are o% the people2s sentiments.

C nstra"nts
No relevant (onstraints %or this (ase.

September 1"# 2 12

Revenue .(onomi(# $'ri(ultural and So(ial Development Tourism

Pr" r"ty
.(onomi(# $'ri(ultural and So(ial Development Revenue Tourism

Alternat"ves and Evaluat" n

1. &mplement plan 1. &t2ll evo+e protest. The 'overnment has )or+ed out the %easibility to relo(ate the people to ta+e (are o% their livelihood. The 'overnment has a'reed to ta+e steps to prote(t the temple by buildin' 'ates on the )ater )eir so that %lood )ater (ouldn2t rise over temple. The pro%its )ould be as sho)n in anne3ure. 2. &mplement plan 2. &t2ll evo+e mu(h lar'er protest. &n this plan the Bhavnath temple has to be relo(ated at other pla(es. 1eople are adamant in their demand to save the Bhavnath temple. The pro%its )ould be as sho)n in anne3ure. 4. &mplement either plan %or(e%ully in (ase people are not ready %or ne'otiation the 'overnment has ri'ht to nationali5e any property )hi(h it %eels as 'ood %or the nation2s development. But this option )ould (ertainly attra(t a lot o% unpopularity %or the 'overnment so they )ould not 'o %or this option.

September 1"# 2 12

A!t" n Plan
The 'overnment should 'o %or plan 2 as there is more pro%it and development involved in it. They (an provide shelter and livelihood %or the people as planned earlier in plan 1. They (an brin' in a %e)# popular )ith the masses# sa'es to (onvin(e the people to shi%t the deities o% the Bhavnath temple. Tourism (an be developed alon'side. The temple (an be shi%ted to one dire(tion o% the dam and on the other dire(tion they (an have musi(al )ater %ountain sort o% sho). The )ater in bet)een (an be utili5ed %or boatin' purpose. This )ould in%luen(e tourism and the lo(al vendors or ha)+ers )ould also not lose -obs. The )hole s(ene )ould loo+ li+e this:

C nt"n&en!y Plan
The 'overnment (ould al)ays 'o %or plan 1 )hi(h does not have a lot o% (ompli(a(ies a%ter the temple has been saved %rom submer'en(e.

1lan 1 89 ":2 ":! ! 1 1.9 (rore :2 a(re 1".04 la+h 4 8 tonnes 189.98 la+hs $%%e(ted but 'overnment )ill provide all )eather a((ess by buildin' 'ates 1lan 2 "9 ":" ! ! 1.: (rore More than 1lan 1 More than 1lan 1 More than 1lan 1 More than 1lan 1 ,overnment has to shi%t temple deities to another lo(ation

6ater Million /u 7t 7S* ;7* /ost &rri'able $rea Revenue &n(rease in $'ri(ultural 1rodu(tion $'ri(ultural <alue Temple

September 1"# 2 12

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