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Job Schedulers Software AUTOSYS verses CONTROL M (Batch Scheduler)

How it is better tha CRON TAB Comments (users)

Control-M is hands-down the best tool, as matter of fact, because Autosys's user interface, functionality and architecture are so archaic, there is actually no comparison! I have always felt that Control-M is a more robust, efficient and scalable tool in comparison to Autosys Autosys is more robust as it is command line and the end user doesnt have to worry about just another heavy java based application consuming des top!laptop resources" Autosys offers more fle#ibility and varied job types and conditions as well as the interfaces that integrate into $%&'s li e 'A& and &eople'oft are good

A simple comparison between UC4 vs AutoSys would be the way in which they handle jobs. AutoSys treats each job as a dedicated entity, effective, yet somewhat restrictive if you need to deploy the same housekeeping script to !! servers. UC4 overcomes this by hosting the script, and deploying it to the re"uired servers on e#ecution, removing the need to deploy the same code to !! servers, then mainitain version control over each instance of the script.

htt!"##$ob%scheduli &'or&#rubri(ue)**'ht+l ,ts !ri ci!al role is the se(ue ce o- batchs. with de-i ite hours whe the whole o- the co ditio s are -illed' These co ditio s are &e erall/ criteria o- dates. statutes o!redecessors0 (hat is autosys) (hy do we need to use autosys)
Autosys is a product from Platinum it is a job scheduling software. Most basic job scheduling is done using unix - Cron (or windows - AT which is time based it will fire the job based on the cloc!. "owe#er in real business you need to fire jobs not just based on scheduled time but also based on e#ents (li!e an arri#al of a file and based on the success or failure of other jobs. Autosys is a total job scheduling solution that allows you to define these e#ents dependencies time schedules alerts etc ma!ing it a complete data center automation tool

Autosys is a job scheduling software li e Control - M and cron with the help of autosys we can define the runtime day date wee and which script or program needs to be run" *he main advantage of using autosys w"r"t crontab is that it is has a +ava front end too so a person do not need to be a ,ni# champ to create or change a job in autosys" the attributes of A,*-'.' /

+ob0name / script / owner/ machine it has to run on / day/ date/ wee / error log / output log / alarm /