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QUIZ 1: 1. Define Petroleum.(2pts) 2. Discuss the biogenic and abiogenic theories.(5pts) 3.

From the chemical composition given below, the convention for hydrocarbons is showed in this format: Cn, where C is the symbol for carbon and n is the number of carbon, assuming that it is saturated with hydrogen.

a. Explain why petroleum fluids found in reservoirs mostly consist of saturated hydrocarbons.(5pts) b. What is the C7+ fraction?(1pt) 4. What is API Gravity?(2pts) 5. Is there a relationship between porosity and permeability?(2pts) 6. Discuss surface tension?(2pts) 7. Describe undersaturated, saturated and gas-cap reservoirs. (6pts) 8. What is the 5 classification of reservoir fluids (Fluid System)?(5pts) 9. Describe the bubble point and the dew point for a single component system.(2pts) 10. What is the state of a pure compound when the pressure and temperature are increased above its critical point?(2pts) 11. Discuss the difference between the ff: Pure Compound VS. Two-Component System(2pts each) a. Critical Point b. Critical Pressure c. Critical Temperature