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Dead Poet's Society

(1989, Drama)
Words and Expressions that You may not Know
OK boys, settle down! calm down! The four pillars of Welton: Tradition, Honor, Discipline, Excellence fer ent ded cat on !ass onate or ntense thr ll n" ceremony a way of say n" that a fam ly member you are be n" com!ared to, #ou ha$e some !i" shoes to fill! d d an e%cellent &ob n sth you are "o n" to do yourself apori#er l ttle de$ ce that !roduces steam to hel! deal w th a cold $oo%s li%e a stiff! slan" for a dead body, or n th s case, an una!!eal n" !erson Don't m nd h m! He's !orn with his foot in his mouth! "nore h m, he's always tal( n" stu! d)fool sh tra esty an m tat on* +ommon !hrase s ,a tra$esty of &ust ce, !ootlic%in" +rude ad&ect $e for a !erson w ll n" to do anyth n" to !lease another &aledictorian student w th the best "rades n class* -e usually !resents a s!eech at the "raduat on ceremony extra'curricular act $ t es act $ t es outs de of classes you should drop the annual ,to dro!, sth s to " $e t u!, ,the annual, s the annual boo( of the class Tell him off! ,to tell someone off, s to yell or curse at h m . ur"e you not to test me on this point! don't challen"e me

(r) Keatin" arri es to teach poetry) The !oys find themsel es with a ery passionate and re!ellious teacher in a ery conser ati e school)
*+h, captain, my captain!* ,to d s!el, s to el m nate* ,To fester, s to "enerate !us, or to rot a -. pound wea(l n" $ery wea( They were throwin" /yron in my face! he d dn't really understand /yron */arpe Diem!* ,se 0e the day, or more "enerally ,l $e l fe to the fullest, We are food for worms, lads! we w ll all d e and our dead bod es w ll feed worms full of hormones body chem cals, often mean n" se%ual hormones The world is their oyster! they can do whate$er they want a"a n, a reference to the fact that all !eo!le d e and return to the now they're fertili#in" daffodils "round* 1ert l 0er, s food for !lants and ,daffod l, s a flower* the r le"acy to you sth handed down to future "enerat ons 2et's "o, hustle up! hurry u! 0'll second that! . a"ree w th what was &ust sa d Suit yourself! do whate$er you want he's the spittin" ima"e of h s father loo( &ust l (e dispel rumors, so that they won't fester nto facts

(r) Keatin" explains how to appreciate poetry)

Excrement! 3oetry s not 1merican 2andstand! 3ip it out! 4 famous T5 show n wh ch !o! mus c ans san" the r son"s ) to remo$e t by tear n" t out a ,casualty, s an n&ury or death* ,6oul, s the !art of you the casualty could be your heart and soul that s s! r tual or not !hys cal (theoret cally l $es fore$er) you w ll learn to sa or words ,to sa$or, s to smell or taste w th much !leasure or ntens ty Huddle up! come to"ether n a t "htly !ac(ed, small "rou! the !owerful !lay "oes on and you may contri!ute a erse

. ne$er pe""ed you as a cynic

re"ard sb as sce!t cal

The !oys disco er *the Dead Poet's Society* founded !y (r) Keatin" when he had !een a student and they decide to recon ene this clu!)
7r* Keat n" was a hell raiser sb who causes a lot of trouble and commot on they were ded cated to suc%in" the marrow out of the !ones of life! wanted to l $e l fe to the fullest !oetry rolled off our ton"ues l (e honey we eas ly created and s!o(e !oetry th s stroll down amnesia lane a ,stroll, s a rela%ed wal( demented mad men, cra0y a famous 9uote by the 4mer can wr ter Thoreau, 83eo!le lead l $es of 9u et des!erat on: m!ly n" that !eo!le are $ery unha!!y w th the r l $es

Despite his father's wishes, 4eal decides to follow his heart and !ecome an actor
o!en try'outs to meet enem es undaunted We're not lau"h n" at you, !ut near you! o!en aud t ons not scared not lau"h n" at you, but w th you

Todd disco ers that in e ery shy %id, there is a poet tryin" to escape)
say t, e$en f t's "i!!erish nonsens cal words as you wail and cry and scream ,to wa l, s to cry n a h "h ! tched $o ce Knoc% it off! be 9u et! or sto! t! the sa%o!hone s more sonorous !leasant sound n" the r own stride th s refers to the way or s!eed of wal( n" to llustrate the !o nt of conformity ,conform ty, s the !rocess of act n" l (e e$erybody else the herd (may "o) !eo!le act n" n conform ty the road di er"ed and . too( the one less tra$elled ,to d $er"e, s to se!arate

*The Dead Poet's Society* faces its first crisis as the school disco ers what is occurrin"
expulsion from th s school a collect call th s s darin" the act of be n" e%!elled or ( c(ed out of an or"an 0at on a tele!hone call n wh ch the rece $er !ays for t t ta(es coura"e to do t

4eil faces his own crisis in decidin" whether to act, or follow his father's wishes)
!ut someone u! to to encoura"e h m to do t you're !lay n" the !art of the dutiful son obed ent or $ery res!ectful you're not an indentured ser$ant !erson who must wor( a lon" t me to !ay off a debt act n" s not a whim for you a sudden dea or des re he'll let me stay w th t, f . %eep up the school wor( cont nue to do t

4eil's father learns a terri!le lesson, and Welton 1cademy loo%s for someone to !lame)
Why do you ns st on defyin" us; he w ll !e missed we ntend to conduct a thorou"h in5uiry That's t! We are all fried* -e's a fin%! #ou th n( they'll &ust let t blow o$er; 6chools "o down for th s They need a scape"oat -e's a rat! 7r* Keat n" put us up to t #ou<$e &ust s "ned your expulsion papers! o!!ose or res st n de!th n$est "at on n $ery b " trouble one who tells the author t es about the m sdeeds of others f sth ,blows o$er,, t "radually fades away w thout ha$ n" any lon" term conse9uences are destroyed a f n( (see abo$e) act $ely encoura"e us to do t

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