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com Marketing Strategy

to Relaunch in the Market with
Better Prospective

Marketing Management-I is one of the failure

organizations, which is struggling in the

present market for its existence. It was
one of the best in its initial stage, and
number 1 matrimonial service provider in
the non-Internet space with its primary
focus on offering the best match making
experience. It was helpful in finding their
most suitable partner in the shortest time.
And we have to gain its popularity once
again by renovating the strategy.

Strategy to be
Define Marketing objective:-
"Increase visibility of Centre in its territory for potential

customers and strengthen presence to retain existing

National Advertising Campaign:-

We will use 360° plan (flexible plan) which can attract

potential customer in the remote areas too. We must

include a full-time national marketing department to
develop customized marketing plans based on individual
market needs and the media outlets available in specific
Regional Marketing:-
Strategy should be quite different at the regional

level. Our national advertising campaign should target

towards increasing brand awareness, while our
regional marketing program generates more customer
traffic at the local level.

Some Promotional Activity:-

 Tie ups with leading publications.

 Direct marketing activities.
 Outdoor promotion - hoardings, road shows,
 Poster Display and Fliers Distribution at Pulse points.
 Advertising on Electronic media - Cable Ad, Radio &
national TV.

6 Cs of happy marriages (Defined by
A successful marriage requires a mix of Compatibility,
Chemistry, Commitment, Community, Communication
and Compassion.

 Compatibility - A set of interests and values that
establishes a common ground between two people
 Chemistry - Indefinable attributes that make two people
'click' with each other
 Commitment - An explicit and implicit understanding
that both partners are dedicated to making the
relationship work
 Community - A network of family and friends to support
and nurture the relationship
 Communication - An effort to express feelings and
share experiences with each other
 Compassion - A human quality that becomes all the
more important for developing a successful
What I have got with their 6 C’s is 'common interests

are the key to compatibility to fulfill the common need

Mission, Vision &

of the customer’.


Our Mission
The mission of Matrimonials will be to

fulfill the customer satisfaction with a superior

matchmaking experience by expanding the
opportunities available to meet potential life partners
and build fulfilling relationships. We strive to do this
through superior technology, in-depth research,
valuable matrimonial content & services, and above
all the highest quality of customer service delivered
Our Vision

 Our vision will be a world where the search for a

life-partner is as fulfilling as the journey with
a soul-mate.
 Display more relevant matches than any other
matrimonial service.
 Provide exemplary service 24 hours a day.
 Protect our member's privacy vigorously.
 Offer our services in a safe, friendly and
courteous manner.

Our Promise (by
“Our research, mission and objectives have all combined to

deliver to you the Promise.”


We will continually attempt to provide you with more relevant

matches for every search that you conduct than any other
matrimonial service provider. We will work with our customers
to understand their needs and provide solutions that meet
those needs through superior technology and superior service.

In fact we believe so strongly that is the right

match-making solution for you, we even back our promise with

an unconditional guarantee.”


Now, the product is ready to relaunch in the Market to attract

its potential customer.

Thank You